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Young seedling/plants falling over

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by GreenGro, May 6, 2007.


    GreenGro Well-Known Member


    I have just got 3 of my seedlings sprouting upwards out of the rockwool plug, one grew much faster than the others and is about 2 inches tall now, but when I looked this morning it seems to have bent over under its own weight - it seems to look healthy in all other respects other than it wont stand straight up. For now I have pushed a piece of copper wire into the rockwool plug and wrapped it around it to make it stand straight (ish).

    Is this a problem, why wont it stan up by itself? Also some of the other stmes are purple (ish) is this anything to worry about.

    Oh and one more thing, the tap root has come through the bottom of the rockwool plug in all 3 by about an 1/8 inch is it now time to put the rockwool plug into the rockwool cube or should I wait until roots come through the sides of the plug.

    Any help absolutely appreciated, I don't want my babies to die so young :cry:

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    alot of users/ growers experence this. your plant is streching for the light. get the lights closer to minimize the stretch. and to help support your lanky plant slit a straw and wrop it around the stem and place down into the dirt. this can sta till your plant can hold itself up again

    UserFriendly New Member

    put them in cubes now. get a fan on them now.you don't have to prop them up at all. they will just be curved at the bottom when they get bigger. no worries.

    GreenGro Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help guys

    I'll transfer the grown ones into the the cubes now then and set an oscillating fan on them - I haven't got my proper ventilation system up and running yet, I didnt think it matters too much at the moment, does it?

    and we'll see what happens from there


    UserFriendly New Member

    ventilation is always good, but when they are that small they have very few pores anyway. just fan them and you'll be good for a few weeks.

    GreenGro Well-Known Member

    The only thing is they seem to have gone from looking droopy to looking half dying.

    Not sure whats with them being 1st time and all, perhaps nothing I hope. theres a bit of white on 1 of the leaves and the others are real droopy?

    Any ideas - I have been wicking water into the rockwool and the water is ph'd


    I'm off to have a spliff to see if it makes anymore sense :joint:

    UserFriendly New Member

    white on leaves = suspect. you should worry about that. wicking = suspect. you should worry about that. Worm's Way - Ozone Compact Fluorescent Bulb<~~~ a link to an ozone generating cfl you can use for mold/odor. wicking is just too damn passive. you can do much better.

    GreenGro Well-Known Member

    Please enlighten me.

    UserFriendly New Member

    you can build a rubbermaid ebb/flow or a crazy good bubbler for way cheap. rockwool needs to drain. if you haven't noticed, it holds water VERY well. VERY. wicking may be okay for young plants, but larger ones will certainly not thrive. build you a bubbler with mad air power, and thank me later.

    GreenGro Well-Known Member

    I have an ebb and flood table but I am just trying to get these seedlings up first, I thought I needed to ge them grown some before I put the rockwool cubes in pots with clay pebbles and starting the flood cycles?

    The one that was the biggest now has totally drooped over and the leaves at the top are all but dead, although the stem is still white.

    Another one of them still has leaves but they look as though their wilting away.

    But one of them looks lovely and healthy, nice straight stem with a lovely set of leaves on top.

    The other 7 seeds haven't germinated (which is a right piss off at £50/10) but lets just hope I can at least keep the one alive and shes a bitch (please please) then with a decent mam I'll have endless cuttings.

    Anyone offer any advice on the sorry state of my seeds?


    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Stop watering! VV

    UserFriendly New Member


    GreenGro Well-Known Member

    Great that

    GreenGro Well-Known Member

    My rockwool cubes keep drying otu so im misting with 5.4 ph water to keep them moist - surely i need to do this?

    Can anyone at all help and let me know what to do

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    yeah sounds like way to much water like victor said.
    I would let the cubes dry out and then water once dry.
    I would not use wick on such young plants.
    For seedlings you water them and let them dry out then water again.
    Alot of people will use a propagation chamber (plastic cover).
    They will mist the inside of the plastic chamber for humidity..

    GreenGro Well-Known Member


    Well I don't know about over watering them because everytime I visit them the rockwool seems to be bone dry so I have been just misting a bit just to make them damp again.

    When I last looked last night there was one which was still looking quite healthy but when I got up this morning it seems to have wilted like the others. It looks like all that seed money was wasted. Theres no chance their going to spring back to life is there?

    Could anyone go through step by step what I should do from germing the seeds through to planting into plugs then up to the blocks etc. how should I water, how often. I could really do without this happening right now.

    Think I should norder some cheap seeds to practice on for now.
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    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    dont get bumed out bro its not a big deal. i have a feeling the white on the steams is powder midew and even though the rock wool is not wet you are still spraying them with water which will facilitate growth. if you have seen this on all the seedlings you will want to start over. even if you do get it under control(if it is mildew) the spores will still be there waiting. compost them, buy/get seeds, start them in a paper towel folded in fourths wet but saturate with 5.5 water and stick in a ziplock or on a plate with saran wrap over. put in you dish cupboard or ontop the fridge. wait atleast 24h before checking. they should all come up by 72h after that watch for midew and mold. when you see the root tap coming out of the split shell. stick them in the rock wool plugs with the tap facing down. in 24 more hours you will have seedlings. as soon as you have a descent root system, transfer them. dont keep them in the propagation chamber. for the next few days spray them from the top and the roots will search. then start you flood cycle. your once seed are now thriving plants in just under 2wks. how big is your ebb and flow? you might want to pick the best seedlings and put them in soil, or a bubbler like userfriendly suggested and mother them. take a clone from each to determine the sex. then pick the best female. then clone her for your flowers. if you dont like spendeing money on seeds or the overall experience of germination. then mother/cloning might be the best option. mothers in soil are alot more low matainance but grow slower the hydro. so depending on your setup, i just think the germination process is best left for mother or father picking and not for over all budding. works for me, good luck next time.
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    GreenGro, what sort of light are you using?

    What size rockwool cube are you using for the seedlings?

    GreenGro Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply sk3tch3

    Firstly I don't think I said I had white on the stems - I had white when the seeds cracked in the cracks.

    I cocked up in the beginning by listening to an faq on this site and my grow shop guy by trying to germ in a mug of water, which I left for 3-4 days waiting for something to happpen, not knowing any better!

    But 3 germed and I got them into rockwool plugs and they grew up some, I could see a tiny bit of root out of the bottom of them and on someones advice I put the plugs into rockwool cubes which had been soaked then shaken drier. I didn't put these back in the propergation chamber but straight under the light (well 6 inches away - 125w blue cfl)

    I sprayed the larger cubes daily only to keep them moist but one by one each of the three went from looking great to falling over, now the stems have gone really thin and I would say they are well and truely on their way to being totaly dead.

    I have [email protected] 3' x 3' flood trays and the plan was to grow all the seeds up then move clones to the other tray to sex them and pick the best ones for mams.

    I do intend to go down the mother/cloning route but first I have to get them from seeds to plants.

    I only wish I had spent a bit less on my 1st pack of seeds to iron out these problems, they were like 50 quid which is about $100 for 10!!!

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    the white on the leaves. was that powdery mildew?

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