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yellow bud leaves?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Nova_Grower, Apr 10, 2007.


    Nova_Grower Well-Known Member

    leopic000_0027.jpg hey my plants r 9 weeks wit the light on 12-12,and the bud leaves r turning really yellow,but the hairs arnt turning red ,and the trichomes still look clear.I know there supposed to turn yellow ,but should they be that yellow???WHEN WILL THEY BE DONE?there takin forever any help would be great!thanks everyone.

    delta9 Well-Known Member

    those look great! it does look like at one point it got a fert burn (tips of leaves) just keep an eye on the trichs and the pistils for maturity

    btt Well-Known Member

    It looks like nute burn on the leaves. What is your feeding schedule like? What nutes do you use? pH?

    Nova_Grower Well-Known Member

    yeah ,they definitly got burned ,my ppm got a little high rite before i started striaght water 4 days ago,thanks for help.

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