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XXX420 Cannabis Cup Winner Ontario Seed Bank- Grow Log

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Bigol'Bong, Dec 21, 2009.


    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    Strain-3x xxx420 from Ontario Seed Bank.
    (Cross between Afghan pure indica and a Grapefruit x Blueberry)
    Grows to be about 2.5-4 feet tall, bushy.
    Done flowering in 7 weeks.

    1x Unknown Purple strain seed.

    Lights- Veg: These seeds are sharing a small grow box with my other plants The size of the area is 2'x2'x2.5' tall and has a mix of 12 CFl's 43w,29w and 26w. Light cycle is 20/4
    Bloom: For the Flowering Stage i have a 150w Hps lamp.12/12 light cycle

    - My grow box has one 80 cfm outtake fan in the veg part and a passive intake. The Flowering room is passive intake and outtake. Because my cab is open to my attic the cooler temp of the attic keeps my grow box a good temp.Temp stays around 80 when lights are on, 70ish lights off.

    Grow Medium-
    I am using a soil mix of generic soil i buy from walmart, was about 4 bucks a bag, and i mix 5 parts soil, 2 parts perlite and 3/4 parts peat moss. Ive got some Vermiculite now instead of the perlite so im going to be using that for these plants, also ive got about half a bag of MG organic soil. Im going to try using that to replace the soil for half of the seeds. Pot size is a small starter pot until its root mass is established, then 3L pots for the rest of the plants life.

    Nutrients- This grow is all Supernatural nutes. I was using shaltz in my veg cycle for a long time but it was causing more problems then helping the plants. Ive got the Grow Terra, Bloom Terra, and Super Boost. Grow is used for the veg cycle once i plants them into the larger pots. At the beginning of the flowering cycle i Flush the plants well and let them dry out in the flower cab, then start with Bloom Terra. Super boost is used in the 2nd last week along with molasses. and then the last week is just plain water and molasses.
    DSC00904.jpg DSC00905.jpg DSC00906.jpg

    Seeds Have been Planted into peat pucks as of Last night. Currently on my computer in a zip lock container staying warm.

    Just a sample: White widow, About 2 weeks old.

    If any1 has any incite as to why the leaves curl like this, I Flushed them 2 days ago and after the flush they looked amazing. The leaves were all perky and looked huge then i fed them again and they started to curl again, no signs of nute burn but they don't look nearly as good as they did after flush.

    Here are some new WW clones that were planted into bigger pots on December 20th.

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    do u know ur ph
    damon bradshaw

    damon bradshaw Active Member

    They need water

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    the soil looks pretty moist and he said he flushed them

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    yeah they were just recently watered, so its not under watering. The Supernatural brand auto adjusts the PH to 6.2 i believe.

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    u should check ph just to be sure ir thats it, also try letting the soil dry up a bit make them want to be watered, those are the only 2 things i can think of is the issue, also mabye it could be the soil what does the ph say on the bag, im not an expert at growing but i knowquite a bit hope this helps

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    im gonna try and flush them out again tonight maybe, then lay off the nutes for a while see if that helps

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    ok so i flushed my plants a few days ago and they still look healthy just droopy and a little bit curled at the top. Im wondering if anyone knows if a PH chance would do this or not, i checked my tap water, which i used to flush with, and the ph was almost 8. I know SuperNatural brand nutes auto adjust the solution to the correct ph of around 5.8-6. Would this change in PH cause them to curl like this?

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    Seeds were planted strait into jiffy pucks on the 20th, and already one of the XXX420 seeds has its cotyledon up in the air, 4 days only. So far ive got no complaints about the seeds, ill post a pic when all have come out of pucks

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member


    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    Today is day 6 from seed and one of my plants has got a decent sized root coming out of the puck along with a plant that has stretched a little bit because i kept it in a humidity dome father away from light source. Second set of leaves are already starting to poke there way out. asnd plant is about 1 inch tall. I tied it to a tooth pick right off the bat as i have very bad luck with seedlings from seeds rather then clones. They always topple over on me and i just waste my money. Im going to try and get some pics of the seedling up tonight, aswell as a pic of flowering room. I was working out how many plants would be able to fit inside both of my rooms. Using the 1 gallon pots i have and assuming im going to lollipop i could fit 12 in the veg box and 12 in flowering. It looks very nice when its full i must say, Im bummed out i didnt just spend that extra few dollars and buy mylar to make it look even bigger just for my personal viewing pleasure.

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    Today Is day 13 from seed and so far the one XXX420 Seed that popped up from the jiffy puck is looking good
    XXX420 day 13(1).jpg
    XXX420 day 13(2).jpg XXX420 day 13(3).jpg

    The two other seeds and the one purple strain bagseed did not sprout so i dug them out and cut them open with a razor blade and put them back inside their pucks.

    Clones were taken from the White Widow mother, this time i waited longer to clone so i could take larger ones, ive got 6 clones about 4 inches tall with the jiffy puck. I usually leave the top 3-4 leaves on my clones. People say 2 leaves is enough for a clone but with the extra leaves at the bottom if plant leaves start dying off then at leaves when your plant jumps back it will still have the top 2 leaves in good condition. I also cut the leaves about half way down each finger. This allows each clone to support more leaves because each leaf is about half the size, Once the clone starts growing in Veggatative stages all of the half leaves will simultaniously grow giving the plants a better start.
    clones WW day 2.jpg
    This pics the WW mother that was taken from the outdoor white widow i grew this year. Its great for a indoor plant as it stays small and has no smell at all. Its a g13 White widow for anyone who is curious.
    DSC00958.jpg DSC00959.jpg

    Small Clones that were in the post before now 2 weeks old.
    DSC00960.jpg DSC00961.jpg

    This is what im working with as far as my flower plants, I try and tie down the plants as much as i can right now because i have the room, Once its full ill have im going to let them grow straight up but to get more light in i LST'd. Ive got the 150W HPS in there and temp stay about 75f.Passive intake and outtake.
    Flower.jpg Flower2.jpg
    Flower 3.jpg
    WW Khola.jpg Khola Xbox.jpg

    Some Close ups, This is a party cup of the same white widow grow, Closeup isnt the best but its not to bad.
    THC.jpg THC2.jpg

    Any replays are welcome

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    today is day 14 since seeds went into soil and so far only 1 popped open, still have about 7 more xxx420 seeds that im hoping will pop open because i dont want to have to go back to osb to exchange

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    Heres the mother again, Chopped some unwanted branches off to give the plant more energy to focus on fewer larger branches as apposed to several smaller ones.

    These Two are different plants of the same strain, both 1 week into flowering

    DSC00978.jpg DSC00980.jpg

    Seedling is doing well, little slow but none the less its slowly starting into vegg.

    Heres a few More of the Flowering plants
    DSC00976.jpg DSC00977.jpg DSC00984.jpg DSC00982.jpg

    And here are the Clones from the First post at just over 3 weeks, they are growing alot faster every since i redid my grow cab and got everything under control, i remember back in first grow when plants took 2 months to get big enough to even consider flowering,

    DSC00990.jpg DSC00989.jpg DSC00992.jpg DSC00991.jpg

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    Today is just about 4 weeks from seed for the XXX420 seed that sprouted, Its starting to pick up its growth speed finally. Putting it into its final 1 gallon pot today. Other seeds 2 XXX420 and Unknown Purple never made it.

    CLONE1.jpg CLONE2.jpg

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    Week 4 from seed-XXX420

    xxx 4 week seed1.jpg xxx 4 week seed2.jpg
    xxx 4 week seed3.jpg xxx 4 week seed4.jpg xxx 4 week seed5.jpg

    So far ive got no complaints with the XXX420 strain. Ive transplanted it into its final 1 gallon pot 3 days ago and its taking well. Ive only given it one or two feeding of the grow Terra because its still small. I'm going to start feeding it regularly from now on to start speeding things up so i can see how good this bud is. One thing ive noticed is that the inside of new growth leaves is a reddish purple colour. Doesn't look like a deficiency yet but I'm going to keep an eye on it. I like the node spacing on this plant especially, they are only about 1/4" apart from each other. Ive been moving the pot around alot to get it as close to the CFL's as possible to prevent the stretching.

    Group Shot of all of the flowering and vegg together.

    group1.jpg group2.jpg

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