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will 5-8 grams make good brownies?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Maximusx, Aug 14, 2008.


    Maximusx Active Member

    well at least decent ones that will get me high?? its some pretty good bud.. high mid

    nirvanaphreak24 Well-Known Member

    id say make 5-8 cookies
    5-8 grams in brownies....they will be spread out and youd have to eat all the brownies, i like brownies and all but i couldnt eat the whole thing at once

    LiveVibe Well-Known Member

    I recommend half a batch or about 4-6 big brownies - 8 X 8 cm.

    Ganjaglutin New Member

    If You make a small batch with it! :D

    john.roberts85 Well-Known Member

    You might as well just smoke it and then eat some brownies.

    imaginativethinker New Member

    i agree, but i dont really like eating bud

    jamieisdope Active Member

    we used a small batch and we put roughly 6 grams in and rolled up a blunt for after in case we didnt feel it and shared between bout 5-6 ppl and i had a big chunk left still and they were pretty high n i was feelin it too .. it was some good mids lol

    but more the better right

    Wretched420 Well-Known Member

    yes it will me and m y buddies used a quarter oz of dank on 2 stick it got us really stoned..brownies is best man

    MikeTarr Active Member

    What is considered a small batch?I just made a box of betty crocker fudge brownies that called for 2/3 oil. i cooked 6.1 grams into 2/3rds of oil, and used that for the recipe. I baked the brownies in a 8x11 glass pan, and they came nice and thick.

    Is this considered pretty weak? Average?

    Ganjaglutin New Member

    :D It Wouldnt Be Strong.

    Jobo Well-Known Member

    You would have to eat a very large brownie.

    If made correctly, .5-1 grams is all you need to get really high per serving.

    snakecharmer Active Member

    When I make them, I put about 5g in with a regular grocery store box of brownies and divide the whole batch up into about 8-10 servings, works just fine.

    Jash1297 Well-Known Member

    im going to let you in on some brownie advice. ........strong batch of brownies=stoned..........strong batch of brownies + munchies + eating more brownies= WAY STONED

    MikeTarr Active Member

    Hey guys, well I gave out the brownies, and everyone enjoyed them. Though, most of them were already high when they ate them lol so ya. But for me, I'm a light weight with anything, and I ate HALF of a brownie that I made( 6 grams, 15 squares) and I was so fucking stoned, I felt locked down, like a 1000lbs. Good stuff. Anyway I'm gonna make some brownies again with about 10 grams in it this time, should make for some better brownies.

    stunta600rr Active Member

    it all depends on how good the bud is.......if u have some really good kind nug 4 to 8 grams should do the trick. But if u got some swag i would recommed a half ounce. Good luck

    420weedman Well-Known Member

    i dont know what you mean ..... you cooked 6 grams into oil ?
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    It depends on how potent the herb is, how long you cook the weed, and at what temperature. Your recipe would work best with prime bud if you are using 6 1/2 grams, but it's pretty much what i do minus a few details. If you have mids i would use at least 8 or 9 grams, and a good half oz. of the garbage to an average sized box of whatever brownie mix you like best. The busier and richer the flavor the better because it will balance the nutty flavor if the weed out. I like the Ghiridelli (sp?) I prefer to cook w/oil as opposed to butter because butter (although tastier and more rewarding) is much more of a pain in the ass to babysit during cooking. I use the amount suggested on the box plus maybe a hair to compensate for loss during cooking. My rule of thumb for cooking the oil is that I want to cook it at as high of a temp as i can get it without seeing any smoke or excessive bubbling, about the high end of the "low" setting. (I have a gas stove so that part is not so bad to maintain). I basically cook it for as long as i think i can get away with without losing any oil, (so if i see that i screwed up a few times and smoke happened here and there i make sure to take it off sooner because smoke=oil burn/loss) I try to leave it on for a good 25-30 minutes if possible. The longer the better because you can squeeze more of the good stuff out until just before you start to burn it. I then strain it back into a GLASS measuring cup through a metal mesh strainer (the finest i can find. little sink strainers work well. 2 together if the holes are big.) I mash the hell out of it HARD until the plant mush is as dry as i can get it, and it should measure what it originally did. I like to pour no more than 2 tablespoons of whatever tasty sounding liquor i have lying around. It helps separate that last bit of precious oil from the goop and it's tasty too. (I reccomend sambuka or good ol' captain's) Then the oil MUST cool for 15 min or it could cook the egg in the batter when you mix it in. Then i just proceed with the directions on the box...
    WOW sorry for the book but i hate leaving things out. I got excited..

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