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White Spots

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by zoron, Mar 21, 2009.


    zoron Active Member

    I got some white spots on my plants, and the leaves that have the spots are starting to wilt a little. it mostly on the very top leaves and the bottom leaves.

    what im considering to what it might be is heat stress, or over ferting.

    any ideas?
    Krayven Sumhead

    Krayven Sumhead Well-Known Member

    Did you splash any nuted water on the leaves in question??? That'll do it.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    You may have a powdery white mold problem. If that appears to be the case you can try the following.

    To one bucket of water add 7 teaspoons (20 grams) of bicarbonate of soda and sufficient laundry soap to make a rich lather. Stir the mixture to dissolve the bicarbonate of soda powder. Spray both sides of the affected leaves.

    The best thing is to always attempt to head off any possible problems by creating conditions where it is far less likely to have such problems.

    Viruses and bacteria

    Viruses affect plants, not just people, and some viruses can jump from people to plants and back again. Among the most prevalent cannabis viruses are "streak" and "mosaic" viruses that cause swirling white and yellow discolorations on leaves. The discolorations are almost artistic, but soon, the leaves wilt.

    Several species of bacteria also attack cannabis. Most of these bacteria manifest themselves as "blight" diseases that create spots on leaves, wilting, rotting, weak stems, and rapid decay of harvested material.

    High humidity (over 50%) and grow environment contamination should be eliminated. Grow mediums should be sterilized and then treated with beneficial fungi (such as Trichoderma and Gliocladium) and beneficial bacteria.
    Light intensity should be adequate for penetration deep into plant canopy, both vertical and horizontal. Plants should be directly in line of fans and other aeration. In-line charcoal filters and other traps should be in place on all air intakes. Strict sanitation controls should be in place for anyone who enters a grow environment.

    "Bourdeaux mixture" can be useful for controlling gray mold. A spray containing copper, Bourdeaux mixture, and a beneficial organism called Bacillus subtilis is effective against downy mildew. Spraying with bicarbonate of soda, organic horticultural oils, and sulfur can kill powdery mildew. Some growers use sulfur burners to create airborne sulfur treatment against powdery mildew. Bacteria can be controlled using Bourdeaux mixture.

    Viruses are impossible to kill once they have infected a plant. A preventive measure to protect against viruses, other than the generic tactic of preventing them from entering grow environments, is to keep plants' immune systems healthy with proper watering, temperature, root zones, and nutrients.
    If molds, fungi, viruses or bacteria take hold in a grow environment, it may be necessary to remove affected plants completely. Near-harvest buds affected by most insects, pathogens and diseases can be partially salvaged by using them to make water hash. Otherwise, all plants or plant parts affected must be immediately removed and destroyed, and any tools, clothing, or other materials that came in contact with the affected plants must be removed, sterilized or destroyed.

    zoron Active Member

    if this means any thing, i do spray my plants with a water bottle every now and then with a fine mist. an after i posted this i went up to check on them and the i rubbed the spots off(first time i touched them in a while, i dont like touching them).

    so im assuming then that its a powdery white mold problem.

    bossman88188 Well-Known Member

    i have the sman mold issue i just got a sulfur burner that is supposed to solve it.does anyone know how latr into flowerin is safe for sulfur. and do i need to turn of a\c s, fans, dehumidifyer.
    and what is better pellets or powder.

    LilGrowPup Well-Known Member

    you can go to your local hydro store n buy a bomb for that
    mold is airborne and needs to be wiped away.
    you can either wash your leaves as every1 else has
    said or start trimming a little
    mold can quite possibly destroy everything

    CrackerJax New Member

    A pic is worth a thousand words.

    out. :blsmoke:

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