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Where to find peyote naturally in New Mexico?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Legolandon, Jan 5, 2012.


    Legolandon Member

    Where in New Mexico can you find Peyote growing naturally?
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    cannofbliss Well-Known Member

    desert lowlands far away from the forests of course lol ;)

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    You'll probably get shot by drug cartels before finding a stump of peyote. The regions of Mexico that Peyote is located is invested with undercover and drug trafficking. It's not a wise thing down trotting the mountains in search of the holy hallucinogen. However, if you're really interested I would map out a few suggestable spots and see if the terrain is safe enough to explore. I had the same realization about 3 years ago but never sought to take to the outback adventure. :D

    ANC Well-Known Member

    leave the yote's please, they are seriously endangered.
    Get some san pedro or any of the other medicinal trichs. It is still mescaline.
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    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    Shouted like the most sincere Shaman. :D

    Indeed. Let the cacti thrive as much as possible. They were rooted to death by harvesters. Only if they gutted them with care and steer clear of the root. The only difference between Peyote and other Trich's is that Peyote posses a few other alkaloids which aids in the psychedelic process. Peyote tends to be more sedating leading to vast visons as others pose more of a mescaline posterity with a shiny, speedy afterglow.

    canndo Well-Known Member

    If you absolutely must have peyote grow your own, it will teach you patience and all but guarantee you a joyful bond with mescalito. I have friends who began that journey many years ago and they do not regret their foresight. You can obtain seeds on the internet. Cultivated peyote grows far quicker than in the wild, my friends got harvestable specimens in about 5 years, in 7 they were wonderful looking and quite large. You will never grow enough for anything but very occasional use for you and your friends but if you start now.....

    Also, I have heard that one can graft peyote onto San Pedro, I don't know if this is true although I do know that pedro is commonly used as root stock for other cactus. I also don't know if this will do anything for the growth cycle of peyote. As others have said, don't pick them in the wild - even if you can find them - which, without help is near impossible.

    peyote2.jpg peyote8.jpg Peyote11.jpg peyote-cacti.jpg

    ANC Well-Known Member

    If you want to go that route, buy persikiopsis too, and graft your seedlings on for excelerated growth, you can cut them off and root them once they are big.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    Please don't disrupt grandfather. He's almost gone from his home, the only areas where he is commonly found are where responsible peyote gatherers replace every bit of medicine they collect with more babies.
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    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    I strongly agree!

    But besides unrooting mother nature there is a certain degree of salvation and determination that comes along with finding Peyote in the wild. You have hard knock mushroom cultivators who insist on finding wild mushroom strains instead of ordering from vendors. If you do have a good heart and the propagation skills to properly unroot Peyote so it could regrow in good fashion I don't see the harm in taking to the adventure once in your lifetime. There comes a certain reward for one who goes in search of there dreams!

    Legolandon Member

    Thanks for your answers! I found a website that'll ship me some san pedro, i'll just buy that!

    :peace: and :leaf:

    amsterdamus Member

    would I still get shot if I dress up as a geeky camper with full gear? I'd buy some san pedro also, but the adventure part sounds pretty damn sweet (may be I watched too much "The beach")

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    San Pedro & Peruvian Torch sitting in a tree... T-R-I-P-P-I-NG. First comes vomit. Then comes solace. Then comes a Shaman holding an evil spirit! :D

    Lullaby's in the 4th quadrant are of utmost beauty. :lol:
    thanks but no danks

    thanks but no danks Active Member

    why is it that every natural high comes from such wierd plants, that shit looks like it came from another world haha

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    Nature is funny, so are we. Everything has a disguise. As for Peyote the Mescaline that lies within works as a certain kind defense mechanism. Upon ingestion, it' a whole different chemical love story! ​

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    Talking about finding Peyote in the wild. It is known that the Native American Church uses the root of Peyote for tea purposes, killing Peyote in return. I thought the Church would pay closer attention to the care of Peyote!

    mrboots Active Member

    so if you leave the root and cut of the button part the peyote will survive and re-grow new buttons?

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    Indeed. It's quite simple, but many people tend to ignore it! I'm sure they'll pay closer attention now.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    I read an article about the peyote gatherers a few months back. It's so sad that's it's in such decline. I want to grow some just to preserve it. I wish the NAC would allow the use of cultivated peyote.

    therevK Member


    punkenstien Well-Known Member

    Between Thoureu and Smith Lake around 3 miles south of the old Pink Elephant Bar, You can pick it all day every day without putting a dent in the supply. And that is just off the roadside. Or just take a bottle or two of good whiskey and trade the Navajo's for some.

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