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Where Can I Buy Cheap supplies & Grow Lights

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by casimirof, Jan 17, 2008.


    casimirof Active Member

    Any one tell me some good websites to buy cheap supplies such as grow lights soil hydroponics pleasepost and i know htgsupply.com

    Jakebakingcake Chillaxn'

    if you know about htgsupply.com why are you asking this question????if you like being ripped off go to yellowpages.com and look up some hydrostores in your local area. but your rarley going to find better deals than htgsupply.com has..and even then ive heard htgsupply will match prices.. .so unless you enjoy paying more money than you have to than buy from htgsupply... seriously use your brain man! do you think any of us know where you live? how the hell are we supposed to know where you can buy lights and other materials from???...

    creeder Well-Known Member

    Im with jakebakingcake on this htg is real good to deal with. You can find cheap shit on ebay but you get what you pay for. I think htg has a complete kit in a hut for 340 and its everything you need minus the seeds

    CALIGROWN **4*****:****2*******0***

    craigslist.....used lights

    casimirof Active Member

    you stupid i wasnt asking for local locations iam talking about in general online websites !! dont tell me to use my brains

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    Easy brother, he's just letting you know that htgsupply is a great source.

    There's also discount-hydro.com and cheaphydroponics.com, but in my experience HTG has it on lock

    magic Well-Known Member

    I'm as new as can be (first attempt at a grow room still being set up) and I found some goodies from homeharvest.com and plantlightinghydroponics.com. I have no complaints with either. Hope this can help.

    Jakebakingcake Chillaxn'

    well how the fuck was i supposed decifer with that broad of a question???? you asked where can i buy cheap supplies & grow lights. that could mean where can i get them in town? where can i get them online? what stores? anything? i tell you to use your brain because it not hard to type in google.com and do a little research on your own. fuckin eh! see if i ever waste my time trying to help you out again!!

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