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When To Start Nutrients For Coco Coir?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by bob the fabricator, Apr 30, 2011.

    bob the fabricator

    bob the fabricator Member

    I just started 2 seedlings in coco coir, i ordered General Organics nutrients but they were back ordered and will take about 2 weeks to get to me. I know with soil you dont feed for the first weeks, is it the same with coco or would i need to find some temporary nutrients to get me thru the first 2 weeks?

    IVIars Active Member

    What type of coco?

    Id feed from the beginning.
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    sgt d

    sgt d Well-Known Member

    Yep, you'll need some nutes right away. Straight coco has no food in it that you didn't put there. Any full spectrum nutrient will do...Since they've JUST been planted, I'd dilute the nutrient by about 25%, feed, observe, and adjust accordingly, to avoid any possible nute burn. If it's not impractical, I'd also add a little B vitamin to the water for the first few waterings, to help cushion the shock of transplant.
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    decrimCA Active Member

    You need to feed from the beginning with coco.

    I'd use Sensi from Advanced Nutrients. That works for me everytime.

    good luck!
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    My420 Active Member

    Its not really about percentages that does not tell you anything about the water that they are actually drinking from. It is all about PPM's. I use Cocoa Core and Perlite 50/50 Mix. Started feeding the day I put them in but I watered from the top and my PPM's started at 350. That was I ppm'd my rez to 100PPM with Cal/Mag and then added nutes. If it was to high I took water out and added fresh water from my Reverse Osmosis. TO bad I cant upload a Video of mine at 8 days old. But seedlings about 250ppm-350ppm depending on strain. Also make sure to PH at 6.0 in Cocoa core. That works the best with that mix. Check out some pics from when i started out at about 3-4 days old and some from a few weeks into flowering.

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    bob the fabricator

    bob the fabricator Member

    Thanks for the info guys, i still have not gotten my coco nutrients but i am feeding her a 10-10-10 1/4 strength dilution of some liquid fertilizer,+ a molasses tea with some mycorrhizae. Im hope this will keep them happy till i get my GO.

    TheLastWood Well-Known Member

    Actually regardless of medium, plants have all the energy they need for the first 2 weeks (sometimes more). Besides tap water (290 ppm) I don't feed any nutes for the first 2 weeks or until I see the first sign of yellowing.

    Coco doesn't have nutes in it, but ph 6 tap water should be all you need for the first 2 weeks. Before then, its very easy to over nute, and at 2 weeks I start with just grow nutes and tap water, working my way up to using cal mag and that's it. 1x a week I use liquid karma.
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    cequi New Member

    Hi guys im in the same situation as bob. My seedlings are 2weeks old they look just fine only gave them tap water until now. I have the general hydroponics flora bloom/micro/gro trio and calmag. I was wondering if i should start all 4 of those at the recommended dose for seedling right now or start with less then go up. Thanks

    Scaccia450 Active Member

    Don't feed them for 2 weeks until you see the true leafs come out because it has all ready nutrients in the seeding it self

    Johnnygrows420 Well-Known Member

    You can use the Lucas Formula With GH Flora series except you don't use the Flora grow. The Flora micro has enough nitrogen in it to handle vegitation. Lucas Formula is 8ml Micro 16ml Bloom start to finish if your running autos I would start at 4ml Micro 8ml Bloom .....

    VACAVILLE,CA.GROWER Well-Known Member

    I now this might be a old thread. But I am growing 2 autos in coco. I have GH nutes, so at what week would I start feeding 4/8?

    Johnnygrows420 Well-Known Member

    This is my first grow with coco and autos but yeah it's dialed in....I use GH Flora Nova Bloom GH Cal-Mag AN Bud Candy and the first 2 weeks GH Rapid Start. ....Lowlife Auto Hindu Kush 20160302_211638.jpg

    mypassion Well-Known Member

    I'm on my 3rd attempt on coco. Fail, fain and probably fail again. How much should I let the coco dry? First day I feed 500 ml... Sensi Voodoo B52. I'm feeling I overwaterd it every time.

    Lukester New Member

    Hi huys eney1 still here? Wondering if any1 could give me any info on coco coir natural soil,weather i should start giving my seedlings eney nutes yet they was 2weeks old yesterday just been fed plain ph 6.5 tap water so far so good except for one or twon of the seedling are now showing abit of a light yelllowyness to the leaves meaning there in need off nutes right ? "Soil"(coco-coir-natural) grow ligt starting off with is a 250w cfl then switching to a 250 hps but also geting a 600w led to chuck in there ,also will be using bio grow and bloom throughout the grow light 24/7 first 2weeks started a 20/4 yesterday ,,any info would be great nice1

    Growdict Well-Known Member

    yes, since you are past 2 weeks, the seedlings should be fed. you will need to start out at 1/4 strength or as per seedling directions on bio website.

    Lukester New Member

    Sorry for late reply, okie dokie mate nice1 for the info ill start them off tomorrow with sum grow nutes also wen should i switch to budding nutes wen i see growth start to dramaticly drop ye ?

    MiStUrX Member

    Start just like you would hydro very first week, 200 to 300 ppm and slowly work your way up from there. Ph should be around 5.8-6.0. Add a little cal-mag in the beginning. It is also very important to flush your coco coir in warm to hot water several times before using it to flush out salt from coco coir. If you notice your seedling start to turn yellow or grow real slow this is possibly due from too much salt in the coco coir. Best way to flush out coco coir is to break the coir brick up and leave it in a tub of warm to hot water over night. This is the best way ive got my sodium ppm down
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    Swims_GD Well-Known Member

    i pre load my coco two weeks prior to use, i use organics so i dont know if this will have any relevance to you. if your using chems then your nutrients will be readily available. and i would only start using them at first signs of deficiency.

    DirtyEyeball696 Well-Known Member

    I've used coco for years
    I use a 2 part formula
    I feed everyday 6.0 ph
    1.8 EC for Veg
    2.0 in flower
    Excellent results & would never go back to hydro or dirt.

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    Growdict Well-Known Member

    do you use straight coco or cut with perlite? do you reuse it?

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