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When to add Molasses

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by BoganGrower, Aug 19, 2009.


    BoganGrower Active Member

    I have two beautiful AK47 queens that are 6 - 7 weeks through flowering. I'm going to start flushing in about a week. I've heard molasses has a huge impact on the taste and weight of your bud. I would like to use it to see the effects. Can I feed the girls molasses now if yes how much and for how long???:leaf:

    northwoodsmoker New Member

    Oh yes feed them molasses right now.. If there not sleepin. Its supose to fatten up the budz n make them more dense but i dont know for sure yet either cuz i just started using it bout a week ago.. It calls for one or two tablespoons per gallon of ph'd water.. You can also add it when u use ur nutes..goodluck..

    BoganGrower Active Member

    thanks dude. I was also wondering if i should start flushing now. Can u still feed them molasses whilst flushing??

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Be very careful with this substance it can cause seriouse damage to the plants.I have come across a forular that seem to work though.1st things first mallases attrcts little insects from a thousand miles away.So he is ho ifeed it wait till the plants are realy dry.That dry that the pots are realy light you should be feeding like this anyhow for bigger root mass,Bigger root mass bigger yeild.First i would make a tub of water up with the water ph of around 5.0/5.5 then add to the plants put them in a bath this will mean for a less messy process.Keep adding this untill the plants are wet through and the run of is clearish.Now it is important to leave the plants in the bath to get rid of most of the run of water.While this is going on about 20 minutes before the time of the run of is finished i would be makeing some new nutrients up make sure ther is water in the bucket b4 you add the nutrients.I also forgot to say leave the plants in the bath for around 3/4 hours before adding more.The nutients that you have just made up should if done correct have you normal regiment of nutrients in give these a good mix still.Get the ph bang on what you have been useing all the way through the grow 5.5/6/5 is about right.Just before the water running into the tub of nutients is full i add 25 ml per 18 ltr this has always been fine for me.Now the nutrients have been in the bath with the excess water running off put in the nutients that you have just made up.Before anyone says it no you will not be over watering the plants re~peat the process 1 week later and you areflushing and feeding at the same time leave them in the bath for a hour or so to get rid of some of the run off.Put at least 3 ltrs of nutrients into every plant.But it is most important that you do not feed in the following days leading up to the week before re watering.Buy feeding this way the plants will get rid of any excess salt,But the nutrients that you are putting in will be 100% bang on the money they will not have been left lieing around this give the feed up and down ph reading.There will also be no chance of the plant haveing what some guys and gals call nutrient lock out.It has not been proved that there is such a thing has nutrient lock out but i don't know.I used to make big batches of nutients but if you are only growing a few plants there is no need.A little more work but it is well worth it in the long run you will see when it comes to yeild.

    simpsonsampson420 Well-Known Member

    damn.. that is a lot of work..

    i used molasses from start to finish in almost all my soil grows.. veg and flowering

    the molasses feeds the soil beneficials, acts as a natural fungicide, and feeds the plants trace elements through all phases of growth.. during flowering it stands to densen up and thicken up your buds....

    i used 1 to 2 tsp per gallon during veg

    1 to 2 tablespoons during flowering..

    yes you can use it all the way through flush.. it gives the plant and soil beneficials something to snack on while there is nothing being fed to them...

    just make sure, and this is the most important part, get UNSULFURED MOLASSES... make sure make sure make sure its unsulfured...

    i didnt notice or have any trouble with pests while using molasses.. spider mites (minimally).. but those can happen anytime and dont live in the soil anyways... some to think of it i never had any issues with soil bound insects...

    you can start using the molasses now until harvest.. you should see somewhat of an affect.. but obviously not as much as if you started from the beginning of flowering...
    Kid Gro

    Kid Gro Member

    i wanna talk to sampson! Fly into the moon!

    good info!
    im gonna try it

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