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What's With This Crippy

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by zestay, Jun 9, 2007.


    zestay Active Member

    so florida's dank, kind bud. crippy, kyrpto , ripper. etc etc etc .. what strain is this i cant find seeds for it anywhere. is it just any old sativa? anyone here know what im talking about? ... ?

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    I don't know what you talking about, AND I guess no one else does either.
    sorry dude,

    zestay Active Member

    eh ill link some stuff maybe you can help out than.

    MenaceToSociety6 Well-Known Member

    i know what your talking about zestay i live in Florida too, and ive smoked some of that "Crippy", i tried looking for this kinda seed before but i just think its some kind of weird bud they have here in florida

    shamuszfinnigan Member

    Its not weird bud at all, its good as shit. If any of yall were to look for it, (but it'll be a lil hard to find it in some places) its very easily to determine it from regs or mids. If it has an Unbelievable-Wonderful smell, and really red then there u go. :)

    787PRKRIPY Member

    we have lots of crippy here in puerto rico thats the best shit
    southern homegrower

    southern homegrower Well-Known Member

    most of the florida boys i know call all the good reefer crippy. NO MATTER WHAT STRAIN IT IS

    Xrtnfx Active Member

    I've got some crippy here in central florida. My friend (who sells it) is trying to get me some seeds from it ATM

    kronic1989 Well-Known Member

    Crippy comes from South American Places. Last posters probably right, they just use it as slang.

    anymouse Active Member

    Whatever it is the genetics is great and the growers know what they're doing. For anybody outside of FL, Crippy is a generic term for the highest quality commercial which is almost always the "red haired" kind.
    Oh if you could smell that you would just rip your pants off and... well I'm going a little far there. Now that is not a pic I took because all I've had for a while is schwag but that gives you the idea. Around here when someone says crippy, 80% of the time that right there is what they have. It's never compressed and has a strong head high that I love. The taste is smooth and earthy, usually seems citrusy to me too. Whatever it is I pray for the day that I find that solitary seed from that unnoticed hermaphrodite. I doubt it comes from South America because they would compress it so they can ship more in a smaller package (and it just kills me when I see cannabis treated this way, that's what hash is for) Almost certainly U.S. indoor grown and probably somewhere in FL because it seems to be a FL only thing, maybe Dade county.

    MRHOOD Member

    I'm not gunna lie but crippy sounds like some wierd slang term for some dank/kind bud. Genetics and strains go far beyond your previous ratings of "regs and mids". Perhaps quality can be broken down into different categories based on how well it was grown, dried, and how far from the grower it goes but when it comes to a strain, crippy seems to be a generalized word for kind bud. From my research this slang comes from the strain kryptonite x og kush. Apparently these are some real dense mamas and rather potent. either way regs and mids are something I think we can all move past. If you're interested in growing, its about the genetics and what you're producing, not the generic rating of a nud based on local slang. one bag of your crippiest, crippy please.

    crayc Well-Known Member

    yep thats a slang, i am originally from nyc and i am now in puerto rico. I never heard of creepy until i got here. I thought it was creepy not crippy, i can't understand these people anyway lol. The other dude who said you find it all over pr, where is this man lol, every one told me to go to la perla in san juan. Aint no way a gringo is going to the perla by him self to cop some weed. anyway yeah in florida you have a lot of puerto ricans out there, so the term probably got carried over. from my understanding it just means really good weed. not a strain. seedless too.

    anymouse Active Member

    I did a little digging around and our local (FL) crippy matches the description of OG Kush. Check it's description here and compare it with your experienc. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/OG_Kush/Reserva_Privada/ If it is then it would probably sell better under it's real name instead of a generic slang since that is one of the more popular strains up there with AK47 and Northern Lights which casts a little doubt but still, the picture and description are drop-in. Anybody who is more familiar with the named strains have an opinion on this?

    Edit: I should have read page 2 before posting. MRHOOD, you've pre-empted me. It usually seems more like a sativa high to me and Kryptonite is apparently more knock your lights out indica but of course the crippy in one area may be different than the crippy in another and they both look about the same so that makes it tougher. Again, it would be better to use real names.

    MrDank007 Well-Known Member

    I heard of "Krippy" back in the late 90's. Allegedly it was coming out of Miami and was also called "kryptonic, kyrpto, kryptonic bublonic" and many other terms. I'm am not from FL and it was an excuse to mark up the price. It was kind of a G13 deal where it had all these urban myths about mad genetic scientist and blah blah blah....One of my friends to this day still asserts it was the best shit ever and blew "kind bud" out of the water. I smoked it...it's not that it wasn't good, but trusting drug dealers with names...um

    anymouse Active Member

    G-13 now that's a strain I'd love to sample. I heard of myths of G13 being made in government labs (self sabotage why?) I just googled "Kryptonite crippy" and I see a lot of correlation between the two so that's probably where the name originates. In high school (around the same time you heard the term, Dank) I used to think the name originated from the crips selling it but that idea fell through because I never once bought off of them and it was still called the same. In fact... I seem to recall sometimes kids in school would refer to crumbly mexi brick mixed with oregano (so it seemed) as crippy because when you're that young, schwag is all you ever get.

    highonbud Active Member

    I don't know about Florida but Colorado has some great buds I've figured out its all good and some of it is just how you grow it

    highonbud Active Member

    and G13 is all over Colorado ... Dispensary's sell it and its pretty damn Gelicious

    anymouse Active Member

    Very true. I've been growing a couple of small plants at a time from mexibrick and my result is far more potent and tastes much better organically grown than however the hell they did it. I'm not an experienced grower by anyones stretch of the imagination either. I think they just sprinkled seeds on the side of the road down in Mexico and came back a few months later with high pressure hydraulic press.

    maps84 Well-Known Member

    I thought the general term for good weed in the US was chronic.. where I live they call weed "crippy" from regular to above. "medicinal" or "hydro" are common for the higher grade shit

    dvlzhaze Member

    My beliefs is that yeah the name of Chronic adapted to describe "high grade" but was because at the time there was this strain out called chronic from "serious seeds" that was a banger so when people wanted high grade" weed they would ask for chronic because they didnt know any better they really should be asking for sinsemilla. SAme thing with crippy now I don't know what exact strain it is but man oh man this is not ur average shit. I have never seen such a magnificent wonder. This shouldn't be called weed its at another level. YES CRIPPY Is real. I haven't seen it in Miami since late 90's early 2000. Let me break it down; little balls of FLUORESCENT FUCKING GREEN!!!!!! (I mean it fucking highlighter shit) BRIGHT RED HAIRS covered in disco balls (glistening trichomes). One hit ur done...TWO and ur fucked. The high is like ur brain
    Is about to go into a seizure. U are not high u are on some shit. U start fucking sweating with this stuff then when it hits u it's like the first time u smoked. Your chilling 5 minutes later u hear something from a distance but can't comprehend it sounds far but u can't focus because ur thought at the moment is so deep u can't snap out of it when u look up you see how green the grass is and how
    Blue is the sky that's when u notice that u are higher than a building and try to call ur friend because u think someone put something in the weed but u can't get to him because he seems a million miles away but he's right next to you. I've been searching too and the closes I've seen a pick of is Kryptonite (thinking that's where Krippy came from) or dr grinsppoon because of the little balls (bud)

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