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What to do with trimmings?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by carter651, Jun 15, 2010.


    carter651 Member

    I have lots of trimmings I need to get rid of, what do you recommend? But just seems like so much work, and hash does too. I guess I'm looking for the easiest way to get use of it??

    Dirtfree Well-Known Member

    CANNAButter is pretty easy. Just add butter and simmer for a couple of hours

    vallilynn Active Member

    then you can make truffles w/the butter, good, or make tincure, recipes in grow bible, or theres a thread here cooking w/cannibus

    chilltown Well-Known Member

    Make hash !!!!

    mconn333 Well-Known Member

    or if u r that lazy throw 'em in a fire, total waste though.......i just make isop hash out my shit it dont take long. put trimmings in a clean pickle jar,barly cover with 91-99% rubbing alcohal, shake 30 seconds, drain through coffee filter on to pirex baking dish, wait a few hours for liquid to evap. scape solid with a razor blade and u r dun....besides the smokin it part

    iscrog4food Active Member

    No iso hash for me thanks. I dont even like to smoke butane hash. I personally like to make bubble hash or co2 hash or sometimes ill break out the old crockpot coldfinger extractor. Bottom line if i wouldn't smoke it or eat it or drink it, why would i add it to something i am going to smoke, eat or drink? If your too lazy to do any of those methods then make cannabutter. Also you could just keep the sugar leaves (no fans) and smoke them in a dry spell or just grind em and add em to some brownie mix

    Kevdogg5555 Well-Known Member

    fill a tube that will fit like 2-4 ounces of trim. Coffee filter on one end and a cap with a tiny nail hole on the other. Run some Vector butane down and collect the hash oil in a pyrex dish. Easy, Fast HASHHH.

    can pm me for detailed instructions on how to make bomb hash oil

    Blunted247 Active Member

    how do i get the powdery hash without using alcohol? lol.....i wouldnt wanna mix that. cant i use a blender with sum water n then strain it with a screen???? or freeze up the trimmings in a bag and then grind em all up with a grinder, scrap it off the bottom n blaze yea?

    i duno anything about hash...this my 2nd harvest but 1st tryin to use the trimmings.

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