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what size hole to cut for 2" net pots?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by srryan2, Nov 25, 2009.


    srryan2 Well-Known Member

    anyone know? iv got 2 2x4 trays for cloning i want to use 2" net pots.

    thanks :bigjoint:

    cruzer101 Well-Known Member

    I use a 2" hole saw then get an exacto knife or razor blade and shave the holes a bit so the net pot fits in snug.

    crossouttheiis Active Member

    Just some advice... Make sure you get the 2 inch net pots with a lip on the edge. I had an aeroponic set up before and it was a bitch when I used the netpots that didn't have the lips, they would just slide in.

    gcvt420 Active Member

    I researched this very question when I was building my first aeroponic tubs and read that I should use a 1-7/8" hole saw so the pots would fit snugly into the holes. This was wrong. The holes were too small and would require too much hand trimming. I ended up buying a 2" hole saw later down the road, and the 2" net pots fit perfectly. Go with the 'lipped' net pots and a 2" hole saw.

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