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what does a mature bud look like?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by vince, Sep 16, 2007.


    vince Active Member

    OK, I've read alot about harvesting, drying, curing. When I go to a dispensary, what should I look for to be sure that I am not purchasing an early harvested plant/flower? If you have pictures, that would be so helpful.
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    heres a pic of some white widow dry. thats dank dank budd the dark green stuff is the strongest, what you're looking for :eyesmoke:

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    vince Active Member

    got a bigger picture? it kinda hard to see. The early buds i clipped seems to look like the ones at dispensaries. For being so new, I ended up buying badly cured, early harvest flowers for like $60 an 1/8. Bad bad business practice. Oh well, someone said ignorance is no excuse...that's what happens when you are new, you get ripped off, taken advantage, and made to look like a fool.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i got a few pics......




    starchland Well-Known Member

    so I know that a magnifier is necessary to tell what the crystals look like and really zone in on the harvest time, but are we also looking for a goal that the crystals are growing all over the leaf, starting at the base?

    vince Active Member


    thedoctorzoidberg Well-Known Member

    when using a magnifier you are checking the color of the trichs..... when they go from clear to cloudy you are ready to harvest.... cloudy will be a more uplifting high, or you can wait till there amber and it will be more of a couchlock high.

    mjjj23 Active Member

    hey im new to growing and i have a plant that looks similar in age to the widow mans profile pix--- Avitar whatever so i was just wondering if those bud looking things actually open and then become the i guess flower or is that for seeds?

    fatso Active Member


    goonZas Active Member

    Hi there Aussie Dude here my outdoor buds are huge and long we r talking over my arm in lengh the way i get huge buds and huge resin glans is to O.D on nitregon for the 1st 4 weeks of budding foliage feeding right threw the processs. huge stinky skunky buds resin glans largest ive ever seen talking as big as your finger nails in places then the trick is to revert over to potassium being the more opritave choice as you need to get rid of that leafy taste. After a few weeks your buds are smokeable but you need to hang on as the cluster fuck effect is about to come. now being 7/8 weeks in to budding you will see the most stickest clusteriest buds reminding that foliage feeding being a must right threw to achive those 2lt aussie size coke bottle buds being 250 ml wide bye a foot long or more the problem with this method is you endup having mature buds in the centers and inmature buds at the top and bottom any 1 ever tryed this method or had a similar experience with the inconsistancey of mature buds on the plant.????

    docjohn Well-Known Member

    FDD, those buds are fake, just like the food shots in menus.

    who did you get to take your shotz?!!


    lovely work

    dduo420 Well-Known Member

    Chill son!

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