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Wax THC/CBD/CBN Content

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by BCOGYODA, Nov 7, 2013.


    BCOGYODA Well-Known Member

    Can Y'all help me with some Q's?

    1--What are the averages of THC percentages in non winterized wax/honeycomb. I know they vary depending on strain etc..but just wondering what the range is for the higher thc level strains

    2--Same question as above but for winterized wax/honeycomb?

    3--What about CBD? I understand CBD has medicinal benifits. What %'s are good to have in a wax/honeycomb sample.

    4--So if you were to send a sample of wax/budder/honeycomb out to a lab for testing what %'s would you want to see it come back with for THC, CBD, and CBN?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I have no idea.. most of us aren't able to get our stuff tested..at least not that I'm aware of, if someone knows how to test in a non med state I would do it immediately...
    Personally I would want almost no cbd and minimal cbn...I like cbc and thcv a lot, want those up there...would also be cool to test for terp retention or flavor loss...gotta have some terps too...I really like myrcene, I know its the one most people have heard of but it really does change the high slightly trippier. Love them ripe mango sativas

    mrcryce Well-Known Member

    IME high would be above 80%. Winterized should be at least 70%, but someone please correct me if you have more accurate info. This is based off my knowledge of what I see in CA dispensaries.

    If you are dabbing recreationally you probably do not want CBD as it is known to antagonize the effect of THC. Sorry I cannot answer ur question regarding the ideal ratios for THC, CBD, CBN, but I imagine it largely depends on what use the it is intended for (medicinal or recreational?) For example, there are some users who would ideally prefer 0% THC and high CBD for medicinal benefit without psychoactive effect, to treat ailments like epilepsy.

    BCOGYODA Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I'm gonna try to find a lab I can send some to

    Dubeez New Member

    Green Cross Society Of BC will do lab test's at 100 a go

    SaybianTv Active Member

    Dubz I never got an answer on if they test oil, do you know by any chance? If I could get even the most basic wrong test it's good enough to get me motivated to get po box to send oil to analytical from within washington.

    BC take a comparative look all from one lab all from multiple extract artist in the pnw.
    Easy to read version here....

    BCOGYODA Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks Dubeez I'll check them out.

    Saybian the Facebook link you posted doesn't work.

    So I don't get this...On that analytical 360 website all of their BHO results they posted from the Secret Cup range from 39-63% How the fuck is it then that some of these dispensaries here in Vancouver are posting THC readings of 80-90% on their BHO they are selling and I've seen guys on Youtube posting their BHO THC lab results in the 80's and 90's THC?

    Is there some false advertising going on?

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