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vapor pens

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by chambray7, Jul 27, 2013.


    chambray7 Well-Known Member

    are there any good pens that take flower i know the mflb is good

    i need some suggestions

    chambray7 Well-Known Member

    come on yall i know yu know some pens

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    I have a vapor max dry herb attachment works ok best for hash though...

    420circuit Active Member

    I started using a cheap ($25) chinese knock off of the Atmos Raw. The Pax Ploom ($220+) is probably the best thing going for herb, but the cheapies will let you know if you are barking up the right tree. Ebay has listings for a lot of pen style herb vapes for cheap.

    Greenwhilley Active Member


    HankDank Well-Known Member

    what you want is the Atmos Raw a bit pricey but its one of the best for vaping herbs in a pen type setup. If the pricetag is too steep, your next best option would be the bUd E Pen from vaporwareRX

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    That's not a travel piece that and people will think you're a crack head... The pen is about the size of a own if a pen were just a little fatter. Slips right in the pocket

    TwooDeff425 Well-Known Member


    thegoodeye Active Member

    When I searched a few weeks ago for pen style vapes that can do weed, the only one was mentioned was the Atmos Raw and most people will tell you that it actually combusts the material. Apparently there is no pen style unit that has been proven to work properly, but I would love for someone to come along a tell me different. The Pax is about as close to an effective botanicals vaporizer in pen form as you'll get, I believe. Davinci is bigger.

    Now if you don't care if it's pen shaped and just want a super stealthy, portable vape, I suggest the Magic Flight if you want better quality and style and don't care at all about spending the $75 - $120... OR do like I did and get the Dragon Lite for $27- $30.

    The MFLB is probably worth it if you are going to be using it socially and out at gatherings and parties. It's a little more rugged to handle different idiots handling it and dropping it and plus it has a classier look to impress people.

    If you just want to get into vaping and save a nice chunk of change, I say get the Dragon Lite. I have had the DL for three days now and LOVE it. I can't imagine the MFLB doing a much better job considering the simple design. I have had nothing but success with this thing since my very first toke. Produces very nice hits and clouds and will get you really high.

    I paid $27 brand new with free shipping on Ebay. It didn't come with the battery/charger but I already have a charger and would have bought a four pack of Powerex 2700nah batteries regardless of whether or not mine came with a battery or not. I just saw the package that come with the battery and charger for $39.99 on Ebay. For the money and effectiveness, the Dragon Lite is the best herb vaping value on the planet in my opinion. They are only $32 with shipping direct from the official website, too.

    Don't listen to anyone who tries to bag on the DL as being so inferior to the MFLB and a piece of junk, it's absolutely is not. Only thing it that you probably want to be careful not to put too much pressure on the sides of the screen surrounding the trench and end up pushing it loose from the edges. One of my local shops has it for $99 - I would never pay that for it but at around $30 it was one of the best buys I've made this year. Vaping gives you a true high and I really enjoy it, it's like going back to when I first started smoking but it's a more engaged and clear thinking high. Your body feels it much better that combusting too imo.

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    vapenow is ok

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    I've never used a vape-pen; I almost bought one from WeirdHouseVapor.com today - they're having a 50% sale; you can get one for $56 including shipping. They look pretty sleek. The vapor does look like smoke; it's way heavier than my volcano classic even at 7 on the temperature dial; so it probably is combusting the material. But it looks fucking cool. I decided not to get the pen; I should pay verizon so I can keep posting on RIU; but maybe one of you will get one and convince me.

    Metalmatt408 Member

    Magic flight box works great, easy design, simple to use. Great for flowers, won't get too hot and scorch your shieeeet.
    That and the IO Lite, the IO Lite takes butane to get the heat started but its pretty good. They have a great warranty and stand by it. It also fits perfect in a sbux cup; stick your tube up like a straw put the lid on and sip on that!! Lol

    Marcus66 Active Member

    I just haven't had very much luck with my MFLB. Everyone is always saying how great it is, but whenever I try to use it, I never feel like I'm getting a very good hit, except for the first toke. I know not to hit it like a bong, and I'm sipping the air out of it for a good fifteen seconds, but still don't usually feel like I'm getting a hit. I might get a head buzz, but never a true high. I typically blame myself and figure that I'm just doing things wrong, but to be honest, I gave up on my Launch Box months ago and now have a high priced paperweight (I think I paid $67 for it on Amazon). I will say, the Magic Flight Launch Box is a really cool item. If I could get it to work properly, I would be in love. It is very solid, made of wood with a battery sticking out 2-3 inches on the bottom. The heating element and herb are kept in place behind a sliding plastic chamber cover. There is an included glass stem that the user can choose whether to use or not (it seems to hit harder "native", or without the stem, but seems to taste a bit better and look more sanitary with the glass) I recommend using the included rubber caps at the bottom of the batteries as it makes the box much easier to use. You then push in the battery with your palm, beginning the heating process. After letting it heat for a couple of seconds, the user begins taking "sips" of smoke out of the stem/box. It's a brilliant idea, and is a HUGE asset in several aspects.

    1. Solves the wasteful outdoor smoking experience-outdoors the wind wreaks havoc on lighters and does not allow for accurate lighting, resulting in scorched bowls and wasted weed. I love being outside, and I love smoking herb. I don't love smoking herb outside. It's just so wasteful. The MFLB in theory solves this. Wind has absolutely no effect on the the MFLB. The loaded chamber is hidden behind the plastic door, so there is no effect whatsoever. HUGE PLUS!

    2. Discretion- This is smooth, sneaky, and doesn't require a ton of privacy to take a hit. It's the first time I have ever been able to take a hit while walking without having to guard the lighter flame or even particularly slow down. It also leaves very little scent. You can carry the box around loaded, taking a quick hit when necessary. It even allows quick guerilla toking in public buildings, as I am particularly wont to do. When I first got the Launch Box, this was certainly the most exciting aspect to me, and I took advantage of it as often as I could.
    3. Health- Well, I have no evidence of this, but I think everyone is starting to generally agree that these vapors are better for our health than smoking. Cigarettes, herb, whatever; all I know is that when I have a sore throat or something, vaping is MUCH better on my throat. I don't gen..erally care much about my health, but vaping DOES seem healthier than smoking.

    I just couldn't learn to use it. I still have it (though just before writing this was unable to locate it), and maybe one day will take it up and practice, but...
    I love the benefits of vaping, and the idea of the MFLB. I purchased the Atmos Raw (rebranded the RX) from Rakuten (formerly buy.com and guaranteed by google) for $52 this week and will review after it is shipped. Until then, I use an eGo-T I got from my home dispensary, with an oil cartridge. Amazingly discrete, looks just like a vapor cigarette, and the oil gives a more intense, instant buzz on the first hit.
    Pros: Most discrete smoking I've ever used. Even used this while on a tour inside the US Capitol building. Really has the same benefits the MFLB has, but more efficient. The batteries last longer, the scent is completely undetectable, and this is probably the best way to smoke outdoors OR in public.
    Cons: It's just not the same as hitting the pipe. The flavor is different and somewhat medicine tasting, the atmosphere isn't the same, etc. The eGo-T is also relatively flimsy and the battery/element often comes apart in my pocket. I always push it back on half expecting it not to work, but so far....(knocking on wood).

    That's just my two cents.

    Marcus66 Active Member

    Another benefit of the EGo-T is that the threads also fit Blu cigarette cartridges, and I use it as my cigarette vaporizor as well, instead of the Blu atomizer.

    ogfarmboy321 Member

    Is the White Rhino DV2 a quality vape?

    Bubbagineer Well-Known Member

    Vape Ape for oil or bubble. Seems nice, but I've only had it a day. Big hits, but the glass bulb would raise eyes and we'll see how it holds up. Otherwise, the Atmos Raw works for bud, but you need to grind the herb really fine.

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