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Thrip Damage?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by waynekerr, Aug 28, 2012.


    waynekerr Active Member

    Posted this on another thread but got no reply. Is this thrip damage?
    I'm assuming so and have been using a combo of Azatrol and Spinosad. Alternating them.
    Will my girls bounce back or is it to late?

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    I don't see anything that looks like thrip damage there...

    Notice the silvery streaks on the leaf on the left...that is early thrip damage, progressing to the damage seen in the leaf on the right.


    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    What the frick is thet? Bud root outdoors?

    waynekerr Active Member

    Metasynth, Haven't seen any of the damage you show.

    SSupplies, No indent.

    MrGetto, It's not rotting but the white hairs are going brown and the tips are getting hard.

    Whatever it is is causing the lower leaves to die of fast.

    waynekerr Active Member

    And it has spread through my whole garden, White Diesel and Blackberry show far less damage.

    waynekerr Active Member

    Thrip damage.jpg
    More of the same.

    Coho Well-Known Member

    How hots it getting?

    waynekerr Active Member

    I'm Fresno area, in the hills but been pretty consistent 90-95 days for a while. My buddy in Aurburn area has the same probs and some of his girls came from here.

    nitrobob1786 Well-Known Member

    i cant notice anything what am i lookin at it just looks like they are maturing to me sorry pal its too bad im an indoor grower and them lil thrip bastards piss me off livine rent free in my tent they even get 12 hrs free heating soon am gonna send in the eviction notice lil cunts how do u get thrips indoors i always thought the eggs come in some soils is that true
    im not a noob got a good few grws under my belt but far frm a pro im leveled out at around 2.5 oz tops in 1.2m x 1.2.m x 2m tall tent start with 10 plants n always get 1 hermi 10 hermis if im usin seeds frm king of crappabis assjan frm ghs very rare i get good seeds frm them ruind a few crops with there seeds buy 1 or 2 to throw in with the othere supposed to be 99.9% fem bullshit always gettin full blown males frm them fem seeds not a fem flwr in site jus pur male luckily this time i really wanted super lemon haze i love the stuff and they no1 for that strain when it actually finishes and guess what 2 out of 2 fems 3 wk into 12-12 not a bean in site touch e-wood

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