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Things to do on MDMA?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by noodles420, Jun 24, 2012.


    noodles420 Active Member

    Hey guys!

    I was just wondering if anyone would have any fun ideas for things do while rolling with MDMA? I live in Michigan and I am just trying to think of really fun things to do. I heard swimming is amazing on molly so I was thinking about maybe going to the beach with a bunch of friends. I also was thinking about doing it at Cedar Point too which I think would be amazing. Any other ideas?

    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    Sharing with other people in Michigan, like me! I like to do mushrooms with MDMA, and my wife.

    kentuckyboy Well-Known Member

    Just make sure you have some music and good company to roll with. The main thing is to hae some good people to roll with because the environment that you are in helps make a roll trip very fun. Just make sure you aren't around people with bad attitudes because it will ruin your buzz. Back in 1999 to 2000 there was a Rav scene that popped up in my area along with rolls for the first time that I had ever heard of in my neck of the woods. At the time I was selling big weed and had lots of money to spend on whatever. I was 18 at he time. Anyways I went to a Rav with my girlfriend and one of my best friends and his girl, and I had one of the best times of my life. The techno/house/drum n bass music along with all the crazy lights shows and people dancing with glow sticks was fucking awesome imo. I was rolling so hard that my vision was shaking and my jaws were chattering 100 mph. I had Vick's vapor rub smeared all over my face and was dancing like a maniac. Then I would get a masssage from my girl that just felt great. Nothing sexual at that time of that massage. Then I got massages from random girls that I met. I had a blast. To me it is all about the atmosphere and the people you are rolling with that makes it a good trip. With that being said going to a beach and rolling at night while you are walking in the sand or even swimming sounds fucking awesome. Just be careful swimming. It might not be a good idea depending on how hard you are rolling. I've was rolling so hard on 3 Big Macs that I was trying to drink Vick's Vapo Steam thinking it was water. Luckily my friend caught me trying to do it and took it away from me, and gave me a bottle of water. Lol! I also found that swinging on a swing set is extremely fun when you are peaking. Hope that helps a little. Just use your imagination. You will figure something out! Have fun and be careful.

    FR33MASON Active Member

    The original fun thing is to don big fuzzy, brightly colored pants and hat, a wife beater, some glow sticks, a bunch of water and go to a rave or a night club and dance yourselves into a big sweaty heap. Don't forget to drink lots of water.

    Or maybe a night like this:
    Or maybe not LOL.
    Beach and bush parties are always a blast.

    badmojo420 Well-Known Member

    cool story bro, tell it again!

    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    Definitely need to learn your tolerance before going out in public on it. I thought I knew my level then went to a party (pretty recently actually) and obviously ate way too much. I was sweating my ass off just locked in a chair bc I was too scared to stand up. My eyes were bouncing around.

    But then again, I ate a little Friday night and just gamed out on Xbox live until 3am drinking, and then last night finished that bag off while at the bar with some good friends... It has the potential to make everything awesome!

    high|hgih Well-Known Member


    Marktwang Well-Known Member

    masturbate to midget porn?

    for real though go see some live music.

    FresnoFarmer Well-Known Member

    smoke ton of weed and play music really loud.

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    go see a show!... i like candy flippin.. acid/molly... good times if you can candy flip a "pretty lights" show, they are really cool.. ill find a video
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    srh88 Well-Known Member

    god damn this is fucking crazy


    Marktwang Well-Known Member


    Disco Time!!
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    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member


    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    everything is fun while rolling absolutley Everything

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    yup speakin of streets.. :bigjoint:


    couldnt find a good live version on youtube :-(

    secretweapon Active Member

    Make love to a woman
    Scrotie Mcboogerballs

    Scrotie Mcboogerballs Well-Known Member

    I went to pretty lights new years denver, both nights. faded . . . lol i love shows. My homie's a relatively famous producer and that's all i do now.

    voodochild Member

    i just did that exact thing a few weeks ago. best time of my life
    Scrotie Mcboogerballs

    Scrotie Mcboogerballs Well-Known Member

    edit: all i've done for the last 2 years or so. I'm now a recovering show addict. lmao
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    [or bomb music in general]


    that is all.

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