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The Official House and Garden Thread

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by purrrrple, May 16, 2009.


    Agente Member

    Talk good people !!
    I used various types of fertilizers now I am with some of the line house & garden. I set up a basic table and I would like to know what you think of the dosages. Remembering that it is only the flowering.

    Thanks my brothers!

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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    Looks great! Id dump the roots excel though. Just my view based on me using it and other root enhancers.
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    Agente Member

    I'm taking it in hempy bucket 100% coconut.

    Agente Member

    Thank you my brother!
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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    This is all i use now, I used their whole line up years ago. Oh and i do use the shooting powder.

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    Agente Member

    I'll just use those quoted nutz ..
    The shooting read a lot about the dreads "foxtails" of that product, an hour I'll use it.
    Thanks brother!
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    Agente Member

    I want to be like you in relation to the products. 3 to 4 important products that works. :)
    Less is more.

    we are together.

    Snail1976 Member

    I have a couple of soil questions. I’m just about ready to start my second little auto flower grow of 3, maybe 4 plants total. My first didn’t flower out very well but I had to use potting soil. I know, I know, regular potting soil if no good but I had to go with what was easy to get.
    I have cows and feed them big round bales of hay. Of course they poop all around them so I always have hay mixed with poop that they curn up into mud where the hay ring sits. By the end of the next fall, all of that has turned into a very rich soil. I’ve collected plenty of that soil and am going to mix in perlite. My first question is:
    1-That would be 100% organic soil, right? A super soil?
    2- Will I still still need to feed nutrients?
    3- will this be too rich for seedlings?
    PS: I do know that it should be loaded with nitrogen.

    Gumdrawp Well-Known Member

    i would maybe cut it 1:1 with some worm castings but it should be fine. animal manure should be aged a minimum of a year to be considered good compost i think. then use 1 part peat moss 1 part compost/castings 1 part aeration.
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    GaiaGrower New Member

    Roots Excel used to be the best root growth product on the market. They changed the formula due to something. No one knows and it couldn't be reverse engineered because of the Humid acid in it. I spent about a year along with talking to my favorite H&G rep at all the shows. I personally don't believe it had anything to do with benificial. But since I have no clue I'm not going to say it was an illegal PGR or PGH or Auxin of some type but whatever it was is night and day from the product it once was. I still can remember the old formula smell and the absolutely incredible mass of white health roots and the Humic acid should have gave it a slight brown tint but didn't in old formula. I like the guys at H $ G and they have some great products like shooting powder but the drped the ball big time with the RE or shouldn't have made the original formula with whatever they had to take out.
    And just like Big Mike came out and said it was a better product then anything AN could produce , house and Garden should have the balls and be come out and be honest to all those of us that put bread and butter on their table and let people know what really happened. If they can't tell us the truth than how can we trust them with any other products they sell ??? My 2 cents...
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    Sativied Well-Known Member

    Cool story bro, a classic by now.

    Ridiculous. And so dramatic. Being able to produce something better than AN is a given for most and does not lead to an obligation to respond to a silly rumor. Go fish some plastic out of the ocean.

    kingzt Well-Known Member

    How do you like the multi zen compared to other enzymes?

    Snail1976 Member

    The compost is one year old. Thanks for the tips.

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