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Tent Grow 1032w HID w/T-5's Nirvana Blackjack, Let the flowering begin, Pics, Pics,

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by stlmatt, Dec 27, 2013.


    stlmatt Active Member

    Hello: Fellow Growers
    I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would throw up some pics an info of what I have going now.
    I added 2 T5 fixtures (12" X 48" 4bulb) to my tent for a total of 1032w.

    Set up: Glowlab GL120 tent (48" x48" x 78")
    CAP air cooled hood
    6" inline fan w/carbon filter
    420 grow system 5 gallon pots (bottom watering pots)
    600 MH for Veg, 600HPS for flowering
    FF ocean forest + my own add in's
    Temps running 83-85 lights on.

    These Fem beans were popped and veg(18/6) for about 6-7 weeks
    Topped for 4 colas at about week 3

    I ran a 600w MH and the T-5s with grow bulbs until the second or third week of 12/12, then HPS on the 600 and half the T5s blue, the other yellow (see pic)

    So far everything is looking great, Any and all comments or questions welcomed. They should be done at the end of January...these pics are a few weeks behind......more to come, I've been having issues with this site and getting this posted

    puff puff pass: Stlmatt

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