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    bigtony Member

    hey can someone explain how some of you guys have these monster stalks how do you go about doing this? I have seen some guys stalks as big as your wrist so i know its gonna produce very well .

    Xrangex Well-Known Member

    African American plants just have bigger stalks... bongsmilie
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    MrGreenTooth Active Member

    long veg time

    facestabber Active Member

    Big roots = big stalks.

    SupraSPL Well-Known Member

    It does vary depending on the variety but the ideal root mass will depend mostly on the pot size. That will result in a given ideal stalk size for that amount of soil.

    If you veg too long and the root mass is too large for the pot it will dry out too fast and be very hungry. If you pot up and switch to flowering before the root mass is established you will end up with a waterlogged, overferted, poor yielding plant with leafy harsh fluffy buds and a small stalk. It may also take longer to finish or never seem to finish.

    For 4 gallons of soil in a 5 gallon pot, ideally stalks end up about the size of a dime. It is in the outdoor systems that I have seen the wrist sized stalks. Results may vary in different types of systems but I am referring to organic soil systems.

    bigtony Member

    I was thinking of planting a vortex in a 20 gallon pot of super soil to see how much will it yield under a 1000 watt light. I would like to go 2 months of veg. before switching over to flowering to see my stalk size and yield. Does anyone think i will receive a pound or more with a big ass stock like that ? Im trying to cut down on the amount of plants growing at any given time with the same yields
    POH Organics

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    Long veg and silica
    Dank Raptor

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    c02 will give you bigger stalks. i gotta say your probably right about the silica also. longer veg time is a given.

    dbdweller Member

    Co2 and never use tap water....

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