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Sickmeds William's Wonder: grow journal. review and all things Wiliams Wonder

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Jogro, Nov 21, 2012.


    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Ordered 2 packs just now. Also Federation Seeds ISS (I know the seeds are like 5 years old). Kickin it old school.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Nice. As you can tell, I'm also stuck in the 1990s. . .;-)

    I think you'll like these. The breeder has told me that his plants all appear similar. Given how similar my plants were not only to each other, but also to the breeders, I'd be pretty surprised if yours turned out any different. The remake does appear to be an inbred line.

    Please do me a favor, if/when you grow these, I'd love to hear your opinion on the final smoke. Its just because I know you've grown and posted about some of the other strains I'm interested in (eg Sannies), so I value your comparison. You could just post it here.

    In the meantime, I did try rolling up a 0.5g joint. . .and of course it was pretty strong.

    For what its worth, I didn't really get "couchlocked" the way I did the first time I tried this 15+ years ago. Don't know if that's because I'm older and have more tolerance now (probably), because the strain is different (don't think so), less potent (doubt it too), or because at only 65 days I harvested it too early (again, doubt it). But I definitely didn't want more.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Will do, it might take years, although I'll be honest and say they are higher up the list than most based on this journal.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    These will be one of the first things I pop when I get my new place next spring hopefully.
    M Dogg

    M Dogg Active Member

    Hey bro, you at all interested in Mikado? That's an old-school Federation strain that I don't see available anywhere, she's still a regular of ours, killer bud!

    Gonna do some outdoor this summer.
    M Dogg

    M Dogg Active Member

    Germinating 3/5 of the Williams Wonder ceeds. Day 3: one tiny tail, two others cracked but no tails. I'll check them again in about 6hrs and most likely they will go into some dirt then.

    wontazute Active Member

    I would also say 0.5g-0.7g seems ideal depending on your preference.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    One thing I definitely have noticed is that there isn't a linear relationship between dose and perceived effect.

    In other words, double the dose does NOT get you "twice" as medicated.

    Based on my experience with the small under 0.2g "pinner" I was expecting to be totally decimated by a normal 0.5g joint, but it didn't happen. Don't get me wrong, 0.5g was PLENTY, I was just expecting to be so medicated I could barely stand or speak (ie "couchlock") but it didn't happen.

    This isn't true of just this strain, I think its true of most of them to some extent.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    a .5 got you no more stoned than the .2?

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Of course 0.5g was much stronger than 0.2g.

    I was just expecting 0.5 to knock me on my butt to the point where I couldn't function at all, but it didn't happen.

    I definitely wouldn't want to be operating heavy (or any) machinery after 0.5g of this, though.

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Hey Jogro - Did you grow out the male?


    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Good question.

    Story is complicated, but I'll make it really short.

    The "male" plant ended up being a female that unlike its female sibling from this report, turned out to have male-like preflowers.

    I kept it hoping to get some pollen for "chucking" but was surprised to find the plant going entirely female after being put into 12-12. No real loss since I didn't have the space to flower it anyway. At the same time, I also didn't have the heart to kill it, so what I did instead was a compromise. I left it in the small pot from earlier in the report, and pruned it down to only two branches to minimize its "footprint". Then I threw it in the corner of the flower area where there was just enough room to squeeze in the pot, but where it got little light or love.

    The plant ended up making two surprisingly nice small colas (this line is just a producer) and finished just over a week before its sister. Potency, of course, wasn't as good as the bigger plant, but the scent/flavor was identical and I was happy to see how it did given the circumstances.
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    bookbinder Active Member

    Thanks so much for posting this report, as it brings much hope to us old fogies who know M31 all to well. If I can add my experience? WW was very uniform from seed to seed & I was puzzled by Mr. Schoenmaker "pick the one" instruction & not one male in the pack, kinda of a jip. It sounds as though improvements have been made as I had big problems with mold at harvest as the buds were extremely solid and mites loved this shit but "outdoors" (another puzzling instruction) was not an issue W/ either n talk 'bout baseball bats. also naners plenny o naners late into harvest, as for two people couldn't finish one well that was the beauty of WW it didn't devastate. Some of my reg customers were digital animators for industrial light & magic n skywalker ranch and had to function well and others were lawyers who were dysfunctional anyways-WW was a connoisseurs smoke. once in an elevator bagged like three times get'in it to one of my lawyer friends on the 30th flr every one gravitated to me like a laundry soap add sniffin' away that was the only downer bouts WW it stank big time. I came by this great strain by accident as SSSC had run out of what I ordered (m39) what a great mishap. lets see I'm missing something-oh the smell n flavor. It smelled like a skunk dipped in honey died in your pocket no pineapple or any other fruit, it was strange & unique. Taste, ah how to describe - Hell I can't it was also unique thick n rich, a small bito winy fruit n skunkiness n a tad of sweetness, that really doesn't cover it. I grew WW for 20 years n never found its rival. I miss her terribly, tried other brands Rez close but no cigar (boy dude's in love w/himself) BCBD forget bout it, Reefer dude (what was dat about) then tried to breed myself and way overshot. had the taste, smell, even the mold because of the density but the high was just too much, like da wings fell off the plane or somehting just paralyzing. Some kids (twenty somethings) were krazy for it in oaktown. Well thanks again for posting this grow report it was wonafull.
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  14. Just finished a grow of this fantastic stuff. We flowered it under 500w hps for 7 and a half weeks ( landlord discovered grow, actually worked out well ) and had to chop em down early. Bad ass plant structure, short and buff, thats the only way i can describe it. it never once sagged, dropped, leaned or otherwise wilted in anyway, even when we had an emergency outage and it sat in below 50 degree temps for 9hrs. its stems and leaves are robust and grow almost at a 90 degree angle from the stock and encompass each bud, making an almost perfect bowl shape resembling flames around each nugget. The one negative was that it was prone to white mildew, a trait that my mentor said started with the first clone he ever received :/ so we lost a few nugs, which is a shame, because they are super dense, sugar coated, and after 2 weeks of curing, knock you on your ass strong. Im fucking serious, one of my patients, a 270 lb man, greened out on it on my couch lol. I don't really puff down heavy like I used to, but I took a snap of this at the two week mark for ceremonial purposes and instantly regretted it. At first I thought I hadn't drained it enough because the expansion in the lungs ( my term for a fuck ton of spicy yummy THC in the lungs ) doubled me over in a coughing fit. Then I ate 6 pieces of pizza and passed the fuck out. The white mildew was definitely a pain, but for looks, smell ( mine smelled piney and zesty, similar to when you take an incense stick and sniff it right next to your nose ) and potency alone, i'd rate it 9/10. This is for people who need to sleep, eat, or be high as shit :eyesmoke:
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    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the insight/experience, guys. I'm also interested in what other older growers have to say about this particular strain.

    For the both of you, do my pictures and descriptions match up with your experiences with the old M31/SSSC Williams' Wonder? I had smoked this once in the 90s, but never actually grew it before.

    Now that I've had this curing for more than a month, I will add that the sweet tangerine/grapefruit scent that the flowers had while growing is tough to distinguish in the jar.

    Instead, when you open it, you get a distinct (and somewhat unusual) floral scent, mixed in with a strong dose of conventional weed funk. So that's a little bit closer to what I remembered from the mid 1990s, and also probably could be described as "honey skunk". The citrus smell does seem to come out again on the actual grind.
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  16. Yes absolutely, it all looks and sounds very similar, and when it is ground or split, that sweet citrusy side definitely comes out. And yeah, as far as I can tell, you got yourself a real M31 there. Have fun with that one, she's definitely a keeper,

    Fonzarelli Active Member

    I did the same thing a year ago to take microscopic photos and then the other day I saw a product in one of those science gift catalogs were they have a rubber phone sleeve that's attached to the magnifier permanently. $40 something like that.

    It's not super easy to do otherwise when you gotta hold the phone and magnifier both with a 5 ft reach and try to focus it with your third hand.
    Unfortunately I'm not the one making millions off the idea. Lol I guess it wasn't aliens reading my mind after all!

    BTW, I haven't read through yet, but did you have even one single female plant entirely without bananas?

    Or did every female have at least one of them somewhere?

    I've had a few seed packs(different strains) where some of the females will be mutant and show a few bananas, some plants real bad and some plants very little, but sometimes will still have a few females that have ZERO bananas.

    I know some strains are guaranteed to put out a few bananas here and there, even the most pure Sour Diesels(AFAIK) will be guaranteed to put out a few if they get stressed. From what I've read online anyway.

    Will be interesting to see if I get any out of the pack.

    Thanks for the report!

    Fonzarelli Active Member

    Any bananas in your cutting Mr. O?

    Wondering if it's a common trait or something it was bred with.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    I've found a tripod to be helpful when short of hands, and it also leads to much better pictures, since you can compose them better and it keeps everything still.

    Perhaps by dumb luck, the loupe in question fits right over my camera objective lens, and I'm able to hold the loupe there with one hand, and hold and operate the camera with the other. The camera itself auto-focuses, and seems to compensate just fine for having the loupe on there. So at least for this, it seems to work OK. If I had to, I'm also pretty sure a small piece of tape could hold the loupe in place. In fact, my hand is big enough, and the loupe and camera small enough that I think I could hold it in place and operate the camera with ONE hand if I really had to.

    On cost, again the loupe cost $5. "Marginal cost" is zero, since I'm using the same loupe anyway to inspect the plants. Its definitely not the "best" loupe (ie I wouldn't be inspecting diamonds with it!) but its certainly adequate.

    So far, I'm 3/3 on completed plants throwing bananas. The plant depicted earlier in this grow only really only had a few, but my most recent grow really threw out a lot of them. Pictures of this newer plant will be coming shortly.

    None of the plants were ever light stressed, though because of a ventilation mishap and vacation on my part, this last one was heat and water-stressed, and these were probably contributing factors.

    The bananas really seem to pop up in the last 2-3 weeks of flowering (that's out of a 9-10 week grow). So far I haven't seen any bananas actually open up or make visible pollen, and I've gotten zero ceeds, so they may be sterile. In any case, even if they aren't I'd say 70%+ of the pistils are brown by the time they show up, so its probably too late for them to self-pollinate anyway.

    I've only grown out two different Williams Wonder plants from ceed, though each individual multiple times via clones, and from what I can tell, this one probably falls into the "likely to put out bananas if stressed" category. As a small personal grower, since they come late and don't seem to make ceeds, I don't really care about the bananas, and this issue isn't going to stop me from growing this plant again.

    I'm sure there is a significant genetic component to this. The Green Cracks I grew out at the same time were subject to the exact same conditions and none of them so much as put out even one banana.

    You're welcome. If you don't mind, when you're done, or even along the way, could you post any experiences you've had with this line in this thread?
    EG, whether or not you get bananas, smoke potency, or anything else you'd care to mention.
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    Jogro Well-Known Member

    So. . .remember this?
    Clone day 11.jpg

    Here she is again, after topping, vegging to about 10" tall, opening up the two sides of the "Y" a little bit, then flowering for 68 days at 12-12 under half of a 250WHPS. That's the same conditions as before, just less veg development (that was on purpose, I wanted to see what would happen starting from a small clone here). I deliberately extended the flowering time a few days; we'll see if it makes any different in quality later. Also, didn't strip off the fan leaves prior to taking the images, the way I did last grow.


    Plants is just short, compact, and bushy, with the weight of the lower colas helping to bend the stems down and keep them horizontal. As you can see, the entire plant is only 20" tall at the end of flowering, measured from soil to top, or 18" from the rim of the 3 gallon pot. With a plant this short and dense, kind of makes me wonder why people bother with autoflowers indoors.

    Scent is super strong. . .more intense than last time (and it was pretty strong then). Not sure if its because of increased temps, or longer flowering time, or probably both, but this time it was pushing through my odor control and starting to make me a little nervous. This is NOT a low odor plant!

    Williamwonder (4).jpg Williamwonder (5).jpg

    Yes, got a little bit more purple this time, though it was only on a few colas, and just on the end fan leaves, not the buds. This has to be a nute thing; temps really didn't any colder than last time. As mentioned in the last post, this time I got a lot more LOT more bananas the last 2-3 weeks. Unlike last time where I only had a few scattered clusters, this time all of the large buds showed some at the ends, though again, I didn't see any actual pollen formation or a single ceed and its possible they're sterile. This is probably partly genetic, but I also I attribute it to overheating due to temporary vent issues; temps got into high 80s for a while:


    Williamwonder (3).jpg Williamwonder (1).jpg

    And the "extreme closeup", showing the impressive resin development. This shot was taken a few days before the chop:
    Williamwonder (2).jpg
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