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Shroom prices??

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by lukey boii, Jan 16, 2011.

    lukey boii

    lukey boii Active Member

    Hey guys just ordered a couple spore prints of sporeworks.com and waiting for them to arrive. Like marijuana I plan to grow it but not take it, instead I wish to sell and that's all. So could anyone give me a rough guess on what I could sell each shroom at?? I'm not looking for an enzact some but just an in-between of two prices, thanx guys.
    Puffer Fish

    Puffer Fish Well-Known Member

    LOL .... so you are a drug dealer .....right .... profit profit profit ...
    You dont even test your own product .... man ... that is just [email protected]#$d uP !!
    Good luck with your project.

    Balzac89 Undercover Mod

    Shrooms sell roughly for the same price as mids. $30-$35 an eighth. I'm sure you would get the same where you are.
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    What he said. For personal quantities $10 to $15 dollars a gram is not a bad rule of thumb. Anything over a half ounce fluctuates widely, it's very region dependant.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    anything below a quad.... sell A DOLLER A POINT. ( 0.1 grams = $1 )
    so $10 a gram; $35 an 8th; $70 for quads

    then sell half ounces for $80 - $110

    ounces for $150 - $180
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    You have just about my exact price list! O.O I sell Ounces for $150 and Halfs for $90. That's some pretty nice estimates. :)

    Deerhunter617 Well-Known Member

    They're free

    THCBD Active Member

    don't sell psychedelics you don't yourself ingest. they don't like it.

    TallBuddy Member

    Should take your yield and divide it by your cost and sell for that. Trying to pass your product off as norm without trying it first seems unethical.

    shmow52 Well-Known Member

    wow i get 1/8ths for 20. guess its cheap in da bay.

    Balzac89 Undercover Mod

    They knock you on your ass? Last time I tripped balls a 20 bag. The same night my buddy ate an eighth of the same ones and freaked out. lol

    Usually it takes a quarter of shrooms to see someone act like that lol.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Lol I 've seen whole groups freak out with a little finger sized transkei shroom each.

    Daath .

    Hook it up ANC! LoL
    lukey boii

    lukey boii Active Member

    Man maybe u been smoking to much cuz u are one dumb fuck, ever think that maybe I get a mate to test it for me because i get drug tested at work?? Dickhead... And yeh obviously it's all about profit or I wouldn't bother with it, seriously mate if ur gonna make urself look like a dickhead do it on someone elses thread. And srrisoulsy stop trying to be all big behind a computer screen ur a little pussy who obviously has smoked away his last few brain cells and now u look like a total retard... Can't wait for the reply to this, gonna be some real tough guy material, fuckin keyboard warrior
    lukey boii

    lukey boii Active Member

    Cheers to everyone else that just answered the question straight out without the bullshit.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    No one gets drugtested for shrooms....
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    Keyboard warrior. That's some funny shit.

    Not true. If you are on probation because of magic mushrooms, they test for it. If your have a government job, at the federal level, they give some of the most extended screens ever. People do get tested, It's just not on the standard panel, and not on most of the extended panels. It's also only detectable for like 2 days tops.

    MyPalaceIsInside Active Member

    Wow someone feels real big huh?

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    i like how he makes puffer fish sound like a troll.

    YOU sir are a troll. not puffer fish...

    i think they have a few porn websites for your type of fetish so get off this one

    wanabe Active Member

    quartes are $30 here

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