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Shelf life of nutrients?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Exadus88, Dec 27, 2009.


    Exadus88 Active Member

    Is there one? I use advanced nutrients and I checked there website but didn't see anything.

    serialkiller Active Member

    If its not listed I would imagine its indefenant but exposure to light is not good for them and once its mixed it shouldnt be stored to long.

    Stonercool Member

    i think it's like something you might hvae on a store shelf - the second you break the seal, it starts going bad

    things that are organic will go bad faster since they don't have preservatives in them

    so long as you don't open up a bottle, you can use it forever

    i mean, if you're paranoid, talk to the guys at Advanced Nutrients...their customer service department is really good at answering questions...might want to call em up if you're worried

    don't want to be giving the babies something nasty...


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