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SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX do not enter if SEX offends you

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by StonedPony, Jan 9, 2011.


    StonedPony Well-Known Member

    Ok heres the deal.

    Have you ever walked in on somebody or been out in the woods or whatever and accidently caught a couple fucking......they dont know you are there.......do you quietly walk away. Do you get a better postion to watch..........do you stay for the whole thing..........do you let them knw they are caught or do you just stand there and masterbate and soke a bowl later.

    I caught a good friend fucking this girl we all talked about......she was fat fat fat....but would fuck........nobody in our group would admit to fucking her..........but my best friend did I caught him...........I waited till he was just about to nut and YELLED POLICE and ran LOL......have no idea why I yelled police just seemed funny at the time and he was pissed we made fun of him for a bit
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    2012 New Member

    well there was this one time me and my friend got drunk with this fat korean chick.. anyways I ended up drinking 90% of 26'er of fireball whiskey got so plastered. So she was like digging me an all but prior to hanging out she said she didn't like big dicks and I thought of mine as average.. so my friend is keeping his space from us.. so she drops to her knees pulls down my pants my pecker pops out and shes like toooo big toooo big can't fit in my mowf. so I was like fuck sat down next to the tree passing out.. so she goes to my friend. who I call fat little asian boy. so I decided to go see what they were doing I was basically crawling to them and she was blowing him.. and I was crawling and I got about 10 feet and I was like "lets go home" funniest shit but yea they kept going and I was like dying beside a tree puking.

    StonedPony Well-Known Member

    ROFLMAO good one

    Gafoogle Well-Known Member

    :lol: I like the detail in this story
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    you can just hear the broken english asian accent

    Dominathan Well-Known Member

    There was one time that a friend and I picked up two ladies, and we were chilling at my friends house. Anyways, my friend and his girl started to do stuff, so I tried to coax my girl into leaving the room. She wouldn't. She wanted to stay, and then she wanted to get it on too. So not only did we have a weird open fuckfest in front of each other, but we actually switched girls at one point. We were both drunk, and we have never talked about it since. =\

    Xrtnfx Active Member

    I was fucking in a parking lot outside of a par 3 golf course at like 11pm and some dude has the nerve to pull his car into the same empty parking lot in the space right next to mine. I had just finished when he pulled in so I watched wtf he was doing for like a minute, then he pulled out of the space, drove 30 ft. and parked there for 30 seconds. Then he pulled back into the parking lot about 10 feet from my car and got out. He stood there looking at my car like it was a fucking show, so I turned on my brights and drove at him and just drove away. Good thing I got my nut before he pulled these shenanigans or I would have been pissed

    klmmicro Well-Known Member

    Have not caught anyone, but have been caught...had the wife on the tailgate of the truck up in the mountains on vacation. Thought to ourselves that NO-ONE would be up there. Up rolls the Ranger to make sure everything was okay. Uuuuuhm, it WAS dickweed!

    StonedPony Well-Known Member

    cotious interuptus is hell
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    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    That was FUNNY!

    Usually when a thread lists sex in the title, it references plants. What a refreshing change.

    Once my cousin and I had been surfing all day and were looking for a place to camp after grabbing some dinner. It was pretty late and as we turned left to move up the beach the headlights of his truck landed square on a couple making the beast with two backs.

    This guy was drilling this girl like a fucking jackhammer and never stopped pumping. We drove on up the beach laughing our asses off.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    i'l cut it short , ijust walked to the next door appartment for just a few min. and my sisterinlaw and her boyfriend were at my place and when i went to get somthing i opend the front door and WOW there it waz his brown eyes looking at me while he waz pounding her doggy style......LOL i never shut a door fast in my life

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    Years ago 4 of us drove into an abandoned ball field parking lot to puff down and ended parking next to a car we thought was also abandoned, it wasn't. Bout 3 minutes later we are puffing away and just see this little blond chick poke her head up, BUSTED, she was naked atleast topless. Her man started the car and they sped away. It was quite a good laugh and we got to see some tits, when you're 16 tits are a big deal!!!!

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    i wouldn't say this is getting caught, but i have had sex in a move theater with lots of people around and the girl i waz with waz not quite for nothing...

    Gafoogle Well-Known Member

    wtf...a little self-control?

    are you the person who ruined Tangled for me and all the horrified children?

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    she waz a nemfo i could not controle her..LOL she waz one of those girls that no ment yes....LOL

    420God Well-Known Member

    I had a few friends over after bar one night, me and the wife, a guy friend and 4 other girlfriends. One of the girls was totally shit faced wasted and started making out with the other girls.

    She was asking how an orgy works and I doubt she had even been with another girl before. It didn't take long before me and my buddy were fucking the shit out of the girls which pretty much started the whole thing.

    We wrecked the chick that started it and come to think about it, she never hung around again, lol.

    dankog Member


    "sisterinlaw and her boyfriend"

    So..was her husband around? :)
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    lmao that's what i was thinking. where was your brother dude? please don't say iraq...

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    His wife's sister would be his sister-in-law.
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    LOL! :lol:


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