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Secret Basement Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by lvfrmtp08, Aug 29, 2008.


    lvfrmtp08 Active Member

    Within the next year after funds are collected me and some friends have gone ahead and agreed to do a secret underground grow room. Our goal is about 10 to 15 pounds per month. My question is how big would the basement need to be overall with a one veg room, two flower rooms, supply room, and prep and drying room. Sounds crazy but my fav motto is if you just put your mind to it nothing is impossible. Budget is around 40 to 50 grand. the room will be located under a garage with hydraulic lift to a smaller room with vault door access to grow room.

    buckwheat1085 Well-Known Member

    dude not to be a downer but you are spending 40 grand and you are not educated in marijuana enough to know how big this room should be and why would you post is on the internet..... cops are too lazy to bust people growing a few plants but a secret basement producing 10-15 pounds a month plus how is the electricity not gonna look suspicious if you do this grow make sure you use gas generators so the electricity company doesnt notice. im not a genius but this smells bad. but if you pull it off i will take back everything I said. a better idea would be to buy a plot of land but make sure there are no choppers that search in the fall and just grow the pot outside and make sure no little shits steal them

    imtylerdammit Well-Known Member

    This sounds like more of a james bond setup then anything else. If you plan to have a large basement grow with a 40-50 thousnad dollar spending limit, turning out 10-15 lbs per month...then good luck. Id say youd need two 20ft by 10ft grow rooms. 10ft 10ft drying room, 20ft by 20ft veg room. Defaintely invest in generators, climate control(dehumidifier, ventilation systems with filters to filter the smell). A large grow like this is defaintely not something you would want to tell anyone about, whether on here or to your friends. All it takes is for the wrong person to find out and your you to be federally fucked in the ass.

    Having said that, good luck and be careful!

    makinthemagic Well-Known Member

    you are going to need a large house, at least 2000 ft^2 plus the basement, to support an area that size and it would need heavy modification to control heat/humidity/critters. difficult and expensive, yes. impossible, no.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    i hate to sound like a ass but this aint even the right move to make at this time.
    You need to read n learn.
    Start smaller then go up to the big grows.
    As tyler said it only takes one person to get you tore off.

    Group Ops like this always end badly after time.
    Either ya girl snitches on u.
    Boy gets tore off n snitches on whole OP.
    Vault door won't keep police out if found out about.
    this is y u would need gas generators like someone said.
    Cause you'd be pullin shitload of power.

    Fast cake is cake you cant spend.

    If you do jump all in be easy is all i can say, n let the pple u doin dirt with be the only ones that know anything about it.

    lvfrmtp08 Active Member

    Well first off I just wanna say that i love how you guys are willing to speak the truth about what could wrong.misprint in the first thread I meant 8-12 to pounds per month. As for being not educated in growing I have lived off this forum for a couple years pre-18 till now. So I have a vast knowledge about growing but certain aspects right now have me at home for the next year. Power issue is not really a problem likes it sounds. The counter move to this will be a solar power system mostly a 4kw system as the flower rooms will be staggered with eathier 4 0r 6 1000w hps lights. so I wont have any big power surges for only 12 hours a day. We do have a 3 acre property that a friend has inherited through a love one. As for the question about room sizes i onl ask becuase i know you can fit a grow in anz size room if needed just wanted a few figures thrown around to see what you guys thought. No one will know where the room will be except for me and deals will go through a couple of trusted friends who still wont know where the room is. A flase garage with the kind of lights will be added to the property so that a big transfromer can be installed and power company will know that large power consumptions from this property will be because of this garage. Feds wont find room through therm image becuase the room will have a 2 foot concrete roof with a reg car garage on top of it.

    whulkamania Well-Known Member

    I do not mean to rain on the parade but.....


    How much electricity do you plan on using......Do you even know anything about growing?

    This guy will be arrested in the fucking vegging stage from having possession of plants.

    speedhabit Well-Known Member


    I love how your like "Iv lived on this forum for a couple of years...vast knowledge" So have you grown before or not?

    Its funny to me you think this will cost 60grand, If you sold the property you couldn't come anywhere near the cash you would need. And how about this, you think that 18 year old kids that cant move out of the rents are buying 100s of thousands of dollars in concrete, hydraulics and chemical equipment. (Hello homeland security)

    I LOOOOOVE how your gonna use solar power. Explain that one to me again.

    This project sounds like it would be a half million easy, its just not that cheap to build and off the grid underground growbunker. This is the reason that you never see off the off the grid underground growbunkers around the neighborhood, or that you ever here of 18 year olds with NO GROWING OR CONSTRUCTION OR INVESTMENT OR BUISNESS experience buiding off the grid underground growbunkers.

    I suggest a greenhouse. Try that first please.

    Edit: How you gonna move that weight without getting killed smartass?

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    i was reading a thread on a uk forum yesterday and this guy was building a growroom by digging a huge hole in his garden shuttering the hole out with concrete walls, looks really good! it was 30ft by 20ft by 11ft tall, hes having to re-route all the services to and from the house, gas elec drains etc. the guy runs a building company and hes got his staff building it! subscribed to that thread!

    imtylerdammit Well-Known Member

    i dont think you realize how expensive solar power is dude. Just setting up your solar system alone would instantly drain all your funds and leave you with nothing else...

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    that's what i wanna know. sounds like some shit in a movie.can be done but its gonna take more than he's got.
    Idk y pple think they can just jump in n move lbs wit no background or standin.
    that's askin to get robbed.
    they gon see 3 lil kids with bitch on their face and gonna get hit up for everything they got.

    drdawson Active Member

    It IS slightly hard to imagine a couple of 18 year olds setting somthing like this up...

    BUT, i think if YOU KNOW what your doing you should prove everyone wrong. There are variables in this that could swing it either way........im not saying much more because who knows. this 18 year old might already have a contruction company (it happens)...or something he has missed out but that will give him a great advantage.

    a duno....im rolling atm so tht says it all.

    good luck m8......

    and be safe!!

    drdawson Active Member

    i did some quick researching....

    'A conservative value to use for a solar panel’s generating capacity is 10 watts/sq. ft. This represents a panel conversion efficiency of about 12% which is typical. That means that for every kW you need to generate, you’d need about 100 sq. ft. of solar panels.'...... you got 400 square ft to put this on m8?...

    'At the time of this writing, the installed cost of solar panels runs between $7 to $9 per watt, so a 5 kW system would cost on the order of $35,000-$45,000 and an 8 kW system would be anywhere from $56,000 to $72,000.'

    .......... now wheres your money for a growbunker and growing supplys??

    make sure you post and let us know if you think you jumped into this to soon w/o research.....or if youve already covered every aspect of it.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    its not that he cant set it up. I wish him the best of luck on it.

    but jumping head first is askin to get swallowed by a shark. the only reason y i said he'd get robbed n shit cause he has no standing n pple would take advantage of it.

    IDC how old u are if u know what u doing u know what u doing.
    my best option is for him to be easy n get way mo money than he got now.

    And the best way to do that is:
    grow small/medium scale(make some money to add to the funds)
    flip da hell out of it
    get ya money up doing that
    got a lil background now..
    go head in.

    Edit: Dont think u cant do it it's just risky even if one person knows.
    thats fed material that u wanna grow, police aint ya worry. Aint no worse feeling than crown vics rolling up at your house for anything.
    thats y i was hard on ya.
    I read u said only friends u were selling to.
    Your names will get out there know that.
    Pple talk urban n suburban lived in both names get around quick no matter what that you got maj connects or some crazy rumor type shit.
    u wanna use a little city elect as possible to stay off da grid as a precaution idk shit about solar power but if it works in a basement go for it sounds costly like fuck.

    It kinda sounds like u wanna get quick money n quit hence u jumping head first. it don't work like that u'd get addicted to the cake real quick.
    it's alot easier to be slingin a couple 16s a month at 5g+ a pop you'll be up there but not major.
    it sounds like u already come from money tho.

    think about it tho.. u got a basement try 2-3 1000w in soil or dro n flip that get set in. do it a while then implement ya real plan.
    you'll have alot mo $ to burn on ya super set up.
    Mr. Maryjane

    Mr. Maryjane Well-Known Member

    DO IT!!!! I beleive anybody can do anything if they want it enough! the question is do you want it enough? but I'd start a little smaller. try putting out just a few pounds at first, and figure out how to use as little power as possible

    misshestermoffitt New Member

    Even if you could pull off the set up and actually grow, it won't take long before the 3 weed muskateers will somehow end up getting mad at each other and then the shit will hit the fan.

    If you make it near a harvest, joe blow will be pinching the nugs and smoking them causing the other 2 to get pissed. A different guy might want to put all profits back into the grow while another will want to buy some spinners for their car.

    Sounds like a bad arguement and a tip off to the pigs waiting to happen.

    mebesideme Active Member

    This thread sounds like a crazy seth rogen movie waiting to happen.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    there gonna be probs tho. mostly ova money.
    thats y u should go in by yaself.. then who u gotta split wit n go over decisions wit? yourself..
    it can work for him tho but its gonna be a pain.

    he can use his 15k (estimate share on wat he said thru total funds). N gorw his own shit make his own money basically do him.

    drdawson Active Member

    mane2008 has said it all. the feds are going to be a definite problem, however close you are to ure friends. word ALWAYS gets out. Sometimes by accident and some not.

    Be safe.

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    mane thats the best statement in this thread mate, weed=money, everybody loves money, we all know what money does to people, and to what lengths people will go to for it, and 15k will get you a schweeeet set up!

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