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san pedro tea

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Microdizzey, Dec 2, 2007.


    Microdizzey Well-Known Member

    i pulverized some san pedro cactus and slow boiled it in acidic water (put some lemon juice in distilled water) for about 4 hours.

    i'm gonna boil the pulp 2 more times to get all the alkaloids out, but will the first extraction have enough alkaloids to take effect? seems like most of it came out already

    also is this a good method for consuming these nasty cactus's?

    and how much do i need to drink?

    Ethnobotanist Well-Known Member

    Eh, it's highly variable. Tea can be either effective or ineffective. Acidic water is not the method I'd go with, as it is a relatively weak way to extract it. But first thing's first: how big was the cutting you used?

    If I were you, I would just down the sludge if you feel minimal effects from the tea after about an hour. I assume you're trying to avoid nausea, but if you can hold it down for an hour or so, it's unlikely to come back up.


    Microdizzey Well-Known Member

    i had one cutting that was about a foot and another that was around 5 inches,
    and yea i'm trying to avoid the nausea cause i can tell it's gonna be bad lol :spew:

    i'll toughen up and take down the left overs if the tea doesn't do anything

    thanks for the info :blsmoke:

    Kassidy Well-Known Member

    tell us how it goes after you try it.

    Microdizzey Well-Known Member

    will do :blsmoke:

    i'm still waiting on evaporation for the dmt :-?

    aattocchi Well-Known Member

    Be prepared to drink what tast like your own vomit, hehehe.

    FaCultGen Well-Known Member

    lol i don't think you want to boil it... the best way to do it is to:

    use a 12-14 inch cutting thats 3 or 4 inches thick. keep it in a dark box for 72 hours before using.

    1:peel all of the green plastic like skin

    2:de-spine, by cutting in a 'V' shaped cut to remove all spines and spine "roots"

    3:cut into 1/4's the long way

    4: remove the white spoungey core and throw that out (it contains very little mesc if any)

    5:blend the remaining "sticks" of cactus, for a very long time until it is liquid, only blend 1/2 of a stick as it will make alot of foam (and make sure to keep the foam)...

    6:pour all of this nasty ass goup and foam into some container. that will hold that much shit

    7:take a bucket (like a 3 gallon would work the best), wash it out because it is gonna have you yummy drink in it, and then strain all that goup through a T shirt, and make damn sure you squeeze it very tightly until you end up with balls of paste. throw out that nasty paste...it has mesc still in it but trust me you have enough and eating that shit is not hardly possible.

    8: pour this thin/thickish sludge into a cup, you should prolly have about a pint to a quart of this shit and you could mix some shit with it...but it doesn't really help, and it just adds more to drink.

    so just slam that bitter sour fucking nasty ass shit as fast as possible (don't throw it up or all this work will be for naught).

    you will not feel good for like 15-20 minutes but after that the taste and stomach ach goes away , then a hour or hour and a half... well you get it.

    U WIL B FUCT ^

    i love to do this once a year or so, it's a unique experience.

    Weezy F Baby

    Weezy F Baby Active Member

    what does it do?

    how do i acquire some of this stuff :D

    FaCultGen Well-Known Member

    i use san pedro, but you can also use peruvian torch,
    (tricotorous pachanoi) (tricotorous peruvianous)

    it's legal... get it from any enthobotanical garden... or some shit like that,

    it's mescaline, it make you trip balls, it in the same family as peotei.

    a 12-15 inch cutting is good for 1 person.

    and do some research on any drug you do before you do it or els you just become one of those stupid drug addicts who put anything into there body...

    not to say that i refrain from taking just about anything... but i do and have done alot of research on everything i have ever done...which is just about everything, research chemicals were my favorite when i was a teen...i'll never be the same.


    Microdizzey Well-Known Member

    i never put new drugs into my body until i research plenty :blsmoke:

    btw, i screwed up my cutting so i gotta get more :neutral:

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