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Romulan…In depth report

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Feb 13, 2008.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    Well I thought it was time I do an official report on our TGA Romulan mom. The plant came to me from a good friend Jem777 and on it’s initial grow I almost over looked her. I budded her kinda small as she grows short and she didn’t get much attention and in the end I got just under 2 ounces of really tasty perfume buds but the plant was just to slow and it also threw a few late stamens. As a breeder of clone only collector strains I am used to this but I didn’t really want to deal with another and combined with the yield I culled the clone I had. The smoked started to cure and I was blown away, this was Dank weed and I asked Jem777 if I could give her another try. He brought me not a clone but a complete cannabis bush topped shaped FIMed and with like 12 top heads. I finished her and got almost 4 ounces of really impressive smoke. I gave Jem777 a jar and he agreed it was as good as anything we grew out that run!!
    So now this is my first run to really focus on her and she what she was capable of.

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    She doesn’t appear at first to like super soil and I had some initial burning of the fans and as you can see the plant looks like hell on the leaves only but the cola size tells me that the plant doesn’t mind being pushed these buds are Huge compared to the first run. She has as much resin as any strain we grow but the heads and small giving the buds a sugar coated look more than a resin coated one.

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    This plant was not overly trained and I did minor LST and some super cropping. Mainly what I did was veg the plant for like 75 days in a 7 gallon pot full of super soil.

    The back drop you see is 6 feet tall as its 2 yards square that’s shows you how large the entire plant is. This thing should top 5 ounces and the main reason is she was given 6 square feet of floor space and no crowding. I now run only 8 plants under 2400 and allow more space between each plant. I hate trimming larf and I simply won’t stand for it any longer. I’d rather grow five footers that give me 3-5 ounces each. All my plants are performing better this way so if you have a split room system veg your plants!!

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    [FONT=&quot]As many strains as I have described this one is one of the hardest. First lets address Joe Pine and his Romulan. I have no idea if it’s the same cut but I have smoked Vic Highs and this plant has the same exotic taste of that bud long ago and I am telling you its in my top 5 now so we can move past Joe Pine.

    [/FONT] We will continue this report with dry buds and a Bubble report over the next week.

    The plant blew me away so much it's now one of our breeding moms and is now being tested through " The Flav"

    Shes awesome yes?

    Thanks Jem777 and the boys in Eugene..


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    closet.cult New Member

    she looks delicious.

    urinmyrice Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt know what to do with something like that haha


    NiceGrow! Well-Known Member

    i want some of that!!!!
    omg! i need it *drool*
    it looks wonderful

    ColaFarmer Well-Known Member

    Doesn't it have a beautiful harvest fan leaf color...? Purples and Maroon.?. Right?

    NiceGrow! Well-Known Member

    yes it does.

    acuboy Member

    hi subcool! I've been a huge fan of your stuff for years and I've grown out quite a few of you strains. I'm looking for a strain that is high in CDB for the medical group I grow for. Harborside in Oakland sells Romulan that they tested at 5.5 THC and 7%CDB. Is this the same strain as your stuff? Have you tested the CDB content?

    thanks a lot
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Yeah, what's the numbers on your Romulan? I know you get your flowers tested ;)

    High CBD strains are the future and as the top breeders out here, I assume you are all over it.

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    omg that is so beautiful. I have no idea how, but your plants are always popping out in their pictures. Like they are cell shaded and outlined in crystals. It has to be one of those anomalies I've read about, where plants just grow differently depending on the grower. As if the plant carries a part of the grower with them.

    Thank you so much for moderating here Subcool.

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