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RI Compassion Centers Opening Soon! Slater Center accepting Patients NOW

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by Bean401, Jan 29, 2013.


    Bean401 Member

    The Compassion center in RI seem to be coming close to an opening date! Will anyone else be adding the compassion centers as CG's. In addition to my caregiver and my own garden I think I am going to add one and see what they have to offer. It can't hurt to atleast have that option if I run out or my Cg does too!

    I here that the The Thomas C Slater Compassion Center is adding patients for registration starting today! Their establishment looks really nice too! Besides that I am really interested in the various FREE hollistic services that are going to be offered. I already pay for some now so getting them for free would be a huge perk for me!

    What do you guys think?

    Here is TCS's facebook page: Check out their place and They claim to have announcement soon on an opening date

    Hobie Well-Known Member

    free massage is always welcome , but tip yr massuse

    LBH Well-Known Member

    Definitely tip. I think right now they are looking at massage, acupuncture/pressure and reiki for ancillary services. I believe they will also have a nutritionist on hand.

    (Hey Hobie!)
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    BrewsNBuds Active Member

    They want to be ready for March 4th from what I heard. They're also going to need to procure a good amount of meds since they don't have anything cultivating right now. We'll see what happens as it unfolds...

    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Open for march 4th ?! Like patients getting meds by then? Seems really soon lol

    LBH Well-Known Member

    As far as selling to the center, I was told to get my grow group ready, very close. Expecting an announcement on the group page some time this week. Of course, I'll come here and post it when the call comes for those also looking to help fill the shelves

    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    LBH, im not facebooker lol... please follow up on here!

    Jersey'sFinest Active Member

    Ditto, I de-FB'd myself. I'm w/ Ricky; Please post here as well.

    LBH Well-Known Member

    sure, no problem.

    employedmale Member

    My caregiver said they want to really buy cheap. I am just sticking with the CG I got. I have been very satisfied with Turtle Island. Plus, I just germed 5 Tahoe OG's for my cabinet. As far as running out of meds, I stocked up on lollie pops. They will get me through any dry times. Further, I recently killed my lungs, caught a nasty infection, and have begun to rethink the daily smoking through a bong. I have never used a vaporizer. Are they the cats caboottle?

    dv0h Member

    Exciting! anyone go on a tour yet?

    LBH Well-Known Member

    We all met up down there a few weeks ago. If you go down to register, I'm sure they would be happy to take you around real quick. Ask for Joel, tell him RICH Budz told you to come down

    LBH Well-Known Member

    Update for the guys waiting for the procurement green light, Friday is the final State Police inspection and they are trying to bundle the DOH in with them so they can bang out all the paperwork at once. Hopefully we will hear something by next Monday. I'll be sure to post it up here the minute Joel gives our group the thumbs up

    Fun2Grow Member

    I am a newbie to this site but this is some incredibly exciting news. Thanks for the updates I have been looking back to the thread. I am really interested in any news of the center buying meds from other growers and how that whole ordeal is going to work out. I am ready to grow and sell my meds to them for when they run out of meds for the patients as i am sure many other growers out there are ready as well. any news keep posting thanks.

    Franklinstein Active Member

    I called them today. Surprise answer? TWO WEEKS. sigh

    On the up side, they said that they passed the DOH, so the two weeks is for sure this time, Rocky... You may take that with whatever size grain of salt you feel appropriate.

    I'm just hoping they actually have some bubble on hand when they open...

    Pilotdog Member

    Hello. I am new to this board, but figured I would post here as I am the Director of Cultivation for the Thomas C. Slater Center. I will also be the person in charge of Procurement for the Slater Center. As already mentioned in this thread, we have just completed our final Department of Health and RI State Police inspection last Friday. We are expecting the registration Certificate to be issued this coming Friday, and anticipate opening in approximately two weeks. Feel free to ask me if you have further questions...

    LBH Well-Known Member

    Welcome P-Dog. Yup, thats ur new name my man,lol. We appreciate you coming here personally to keep everyone in the loop. 2 questions

    1. Will you be looking to the caregivers at that time or prior to?

    2. Is the schwag in yet??? I need gear! Hoodies, tees, etc,...stocked yet?

    A glimpse of the future, a RI bred, Slater exclusive, medical strain.



    Pilotdog Member

    LBH, to answer your questions...I will be reaching out to the community for excess meds once the license is in hand (hopefully tomorrow)...and we do have T-Shirts, Hoodies,etc. for sale now...I'll put aside a couple of "smediums" for you, haha

    Franklinstein Active Member

    I'm now signed up. Looking forward to the opening!

    NoBarriers Well-Known Member

    Pilotdog, for edibles and tinctures do you test them or does the provider test them? For thc,cbd content etc.

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