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red stems, lime green new growth

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Reb0014, Jan 7, 2010.


    Reb0014 Member

    just starting flowering phase. plant is presenting with red stems as well as an overall droopy appearance. in addition the new growth coming in is far lighter in color than that of older growth. the color is most light between veins. at first i thought it was a nitrogen deficiency but so far foliar feeding a N heavy nute has not corrected. Any ideas?

    wow i tried adding a picture but first it had a problem with its width and higth, and then it said it was too large of a file. so fuck it srry guys

    DankShasta Active Member

    when i see red stems and lime green growth it was usually a light problem. Were they too far from a light for any period of time? What are you flowering with? Telling us what your doing with nutes is so little of the equation.

    Did you know that your nute formulation is directly connected to your lights and thier power? You probably do, lol. Anyway my guess, and this is totally a stab, without more info, BUT...

    I am thinking they had too little light in at least the last part of the veg. Now they are stretching with the start of 12/12 and they are looking pretty beat? If thats it, dont sweat it. Keep your Nitro "slightly high" if you' like. (based of course on your conditions)but prolly just crank up the lights man. DOPE LOVES LIGHT.

    I migth be way off, but i have seen this thing when people had plants in garages for a couple days and shit like that, or under way too little light for a few days. You might see some decrease in yield, OK you will, but they can still be wonderful girls with love. "course i might be way off! Whatever it is the red parts of the stem are permanent, to remind you that you fucked something up, lol. It will grow green when things are corrected, but the red band of "stress time" will remain.

    Reb0014 Member

    makes sense to me, i was vegging on only flourescents, but i finally broke down and go a pos hps 400 watter but have only had it on since right after it started flowering. interesting perspective on the red stem, but ya u definitely seem to have a better grasp on this than I. sadly my best way to tell if im over nuteing it is to look for brow tips on the leaves :(. i have a 6 dollar ph meter i got from home depot but thats my only instrument of measurement lol.

    SatansGift Active Member

    Red stem is usually due to a deficiency, colder then normal temps, or just plant genetics. I've got a chernobyl that has red running up the stems but this is from the genetics as another grower with this same pheno has the same coloration and my Purple Moonshine(sr-71 purple kush x DJ short's blue moonshine) had the same although it was more purple. There's many factors that could cause it.

    DankShasta Active Member

    i AGREE, but the OP also stated he had lime green growth in conjunction with the red. Upon further inquiry he ALSO did in fact have a shitty light set up. Even if it is a deficiency, don't do shit chemically yet.

    Crank up that HPS, you may have a deficiency that is still related to poor lighting! Plants use more nutes, and use them more uniformly in content when they can get enough photosynthesis.

    Again, crank up that light!

    Reb0014 Member

    ya ive got it goin 13-11 instead of 12-12 to try and pump a little more energy to it before it starts to put on bud weight. maybe even a bit more, although i dont want to risk hermi's anyone know the light threshold for remaining in a steady flowering state, but just slowly. Only recently after getting the hps have i seen the kind of foilage that is more reminiscent to a real plant, rather than a twig with 3 leaves on top lol. im pushin the nutes till i see a bit of burn then easing off, maybe one foliar spray every 3 days with 3/4 a dose of the flowering nutes (15-30-15) mixed with a quarter dose of my veg nutes (20-10-10 i think). i also have a little bone meal suppliment (6-9-0) that im not using currently.

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