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PURE brand glass bongs

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by icepik1234, Jan 10, 2009.


    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    I have been looking at ordering a PURE i found online at: link
    its the clear 3 tree perc flat bottom. I was wondering if i could get some feedback on the company,the glass, what you think of yours or friends. also ive heard of people putting PURE and other brand logos on chinese glass. does this site seem like that?

    i am looking at this with this ashcatcher. he said he could do $250 with free shipping. sound good?

    (-)_(-) Well-Known Member

    nice bong man. and that price isnt bad either. i personally like having a beaker bottom. it keeps it more stable and i think it just looks nicer

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    thanks. i heard bad things about their beaker bottoms being weak in the center of the bottom so i decided the flat bottom was safer.

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    nobody has a pure or knows about the company?

    poplars Well-Known Member

    looks high quality. I'd go for it I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    shameless bump for the overall lack of information...
    Iron Lion Zion

    Iron Lion Zion Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, I have smoked out of enough bongs to know that certain ones a better than others. To me, however, it seems like they are more about how aesthetically pleasing they are. If you like how it looks, and has everything you want in it, go for it. Looking at some of that's attributes I would say that's a good deal.

    Everglow Active Member

    They look good dude, and the sellers feedback is almost perfect--so people must be pleased with the product. Get it!

    DudeLebowski New Member

    i hear they have less drag than the average triple perc trees...

    ...but thats it

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    yeah everyone seems to be happy and the only complaints were at the beginning and were about shipping.

    my only problem is that i am skeptical of where this glass came from. i dont want to be paying for a generic bong with a label stuck on it. i want the real thing. it looks like all the bongs are very similar in make so much so that they could be cheap chinese imitations. what do you guys think?

    DudeLebowski New Member

    fraud is fraud. contact the person that supplies the guy you are buying the tubes off of..ask them if he is a solid customer..tell them you're worried and dont want to get a mislabeled product..maybe this will achieve desired results?

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    are you saying i should contact PURE? i dont know how i could do that as almost no glass companies have websites.

    Mikejuana Active Member

    Thanks to this thread there is a good chance I'm ordering one of those bongs tonight.

    Most likely the black and clear 3 perc beaker bottom one.

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    i was looking at that one as well. they added them recently and i really like all the blacks. let me know how everything goes. also you can talk the guy down on price so make sure you get it as cheap as you can.

    DudeLebowski New Member

    they surely have an email or something??

    i shall search extensively...as ive heard people getting fake roors, fake blue dots, and 1 instance of a fake illadelph...

    however never head of a fake pure.

    EDIT: The closest ive come to finding anything out about Pure's so far is that they are hard to find lol..

    in all seriousness though, i ran acrossed a few claims that PURE was a U.S. sister company to RooR, but all that seems shady since there's RooR Germany Lux Germany RooR USA an Lux USA...

    so the search continues!

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    i read that pure is a sister company of ADS?

    thanks for the help. im pretty skeptical about this guy but i cant find a decent bong in my town thats not rediculously overpriced. his price for the triple perc is the same i would pay for a straight pure tube with no percs here.

    since the whole tommy chong bong thing its hard to find any info on bong companies

    zanstoned Member

    PURE is a knockoff of RooR. yes, they are made in america by americans and are basically just like a roor. and its pretty cheap s

    zanstoned Member

    pure is made in america. its just a RooR knockoff and its cheap go for it

    xXMaslanXx Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt buy a Phx a/c with out a Phx bongsmilie
    ;) see what im sayin? lol its up to u

    DudeLebowski New Member

    i just wouldnt buy a ph(x) lol

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