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Proper way to use a vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Mr. Bud, Sep 4, 2007.

    Mr. Bud

    Mr. Bud Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question, but I need some clarification about how to use a vaporizer.

    I picked up a vaporizer after hearing time and time again that they were just the best way to smoke, and that they get the best high yada, yada, yada.

    I have the Digi-Vaporizer which is similar to the one in the attached picture.

    I've read that THC vaporizes at 392F, so after reading that I've set the temp to ~400F. Only the first few hits would produce any type of notable hit. (Effects wise)

    And after the 4-5th hit it would catch on fire, producing a pretty nasty smoke, and if you're in rotation and get stuck with the 4th or 5th spot, you're going to walk away not very high at all.

    I've heard from several people that the proper temp should be roughly ~180F, for the reason that, 180F is all it takes for the THC to vaporize.

    So for the questions.

    1) What is the correct temp for a vaporizer?

    2) How much weed should you put into a bowl in a vaporizer (is overfilling it bad basically?)
    e.g. should you pack it up or just put a little bit in to cover the screen?

    3) What kind of velocity of a hit should you take in order to maximize the use of the vaporizer?
    e.g. A fast, deep hit (doing this drops the temp of the vaporizer from ~400F to ~160F per hit) - or - Do you take very slow hits trying to keep the temp at 180F?

    4) Roughly based on answer #2, how many hits should you expect from a bowl in a vap?

    I don't want to sound noob but I've heard too many different methods of how to use it and proper technique from too many sources.

    It really hasn't impressed me so far, for the last 2 weeks I've had it.

    Or maybe I was just expecting more from all the hype I've always heard of when they are mentioned.

    Mr. Bud

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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i have the same one but without the temp gauge. i have to guess on my temp. i like it so the first hit causes the weed to lightly brown. i hit it very slowly. watch the tube at the heat source. hit it very slowly then pause , you should see vapor inside the glass. i get about 3 good draws then i stir it and get 3 more. hope this helps.:peace:
    Mr. Bud

    Mr. Bud Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply fdd.

    Roughly how much weed do you put into the bowl?
    Micheal Kelso

    Micheal Kelso Well-Known Member

    Break the weed up real good, it really doesn't take that much in the bowl, but if you use a grinder it seems to make it vaporize better.

    I think you have the temp way to high, I think THC burns at the optimum temperature of 365F/185C

    Check out this link.


    mattso101 Well-Known Member

    I ussually vap at a higher temp, acctually about 420 f. funny eh? it produses a much more potent hit

    cnl491 Well-Known Member

    i have one like that..with the digital temp guage..lol i did the same wit mine on 400..
    dont do it..it burns up!! then u just have a big o cherry in it!!
    i set mine on 300 let it warm then put bout little less than half a bowl..then
    just get a steady stream going ..dont suck to hard.. n just rember to mix the bowl
    or one side gets all burnt!! lol

    bluegal420 Active Member

    I was thinking about getting a Vapir. I saw some listed on ebay for cheap. has anyone ever used a vapir before? whats it like
    Mr. Bud

    Mr. Bud Well-Known Member

    I have one. It works pretty damn good I'd have to say.

    Worth the $100 bucks from the local tobacco store.


    []D[][]V[][]D New Member

    Check this site.



    "Cannabis (medical use only, see below): 170C to 185C (338F to 365F)"

    I set my Vapir 5.izzo to 338 and let it flow......i take slow deep hits. Plug with thumb, hold, exhale....chill...like a jays goin round, then hit again....and repeat.....if you got good erb, than yo azz is goin for a ride....


    Mark - Carcinogen free!

    SuperDaveJr712 Well-Known Member

    With my volcano I start at ABOUT 320-350 And end at about 420.

    []D[][]V[][]D New Member

    So let me ask followup questions.


    • How long do you get out of your herb disk?
    • What should the cashed contents look like? Brown?
    • How do you know when cashed?
    I use it for about 5-10min a disk, then its cashed.

    Is that about right?
    Micheal Kelso

    Micheal Kelso Well-Known Member

    That's about right I would say. It's funny that all the ashes kinda look like mexiweed (not racist we just call it that here) - You could probably go slang my vaporizer ashes with the crackheads downtown,...

    []D[][]V[][]D New Member

    Right!! :-) Cool, just want to make sure I am using properly and not throwing away good herb...

    THCBTP Member

    -Volcano solid valve kit ($119)
    -Makita heat gun hg1100 with ceramic core ($75.99)
    -Steinel wire protection tube for the top of the heat gun($15) (there are 07403 and 07402, they both work, couple of snips to fit the heat gun, holds the valve kit while bag fills)

    preheat heat gun high and drop to 1.8 on the dial and on low fan setting. Fill the solid valve kit, throw it on the heat and enjoy!

    BongJuice Well-Known Member

    This is the one I have, and I love it.
    I pack around a half a gram into the bowl.
    I can usually get about 10 - 12 bags out of one bowl full.
    When I say a bag. It's basically a turkey oven bag.
    By the 8th or 9th bag I'm pretty fucken wasted.
    I never use the whip unless I break it out for a party.
    The bags filled with vapor, is what I think works the best.
    I start the temp at around 376 degrees and work my way up to 412 degrees.
    When it's cashed, It looks like brown nasty shit.

    cabinboyyo Member

    Same here. I prefer higher temps and in the Extreme, not once has it combusted even when I was getting even bit I could out of the product.

    TheDifferenceX Active Member

    I know this post is old, but I've had a vaporizer for a little over a month and i'm finally getting the hang of it... For 3 weeks i thought it was not worth the investment ($90)... It's a digital one much like the original posters pic...

    I set mine at 380 degrees, i've tried going higher and lower and feel like 380 is just about right... I've probably smoked about 50-75 bowls out of it..

    I load anywhere from 1/2 gram to a gram (only if it's a group smoking).. I like to let the vaporizer warm up for about 2-4 minutes before I even put the whip on it.. Then i plug the hole on the end of the whip and let it sit there for another 1-2 minutes.. I just suck slow and once done correctly, you can feel it in your lungs... I've let it build up for as long as 5 minutes, and it was able to give 4 people huge hits back to back!!! I think covering the whole on the whip prevents vapor from escaping... maybe?

    I agree w/ a previous poster, if you have some good weed, you're going to get pretty lit from smoking the vap... I'm actually smoking it right now, taking hits in between... :mrgreen:

    I've taken 5 hits (stirring once after 3 hits, normally stir after every 3 hits) and i feel like i've smoked a blunt to my dome... lol...

    i love the vap!! :hump:

    Woodstock.Hippie New Member

    I lost my virginity to a volcano god last week.
    I loved it.

    edit: so are you saying that 420 sparks a cherry?

    What is "spark a cherry" anyway?


    Woodstock.Hippie New Member

    Do Volcano Gods Enjoy Earthquakes?
    Straight up G

    Straight up G New Member

    Yes they do Matthew

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