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Prep work for first 2013 Outdoor Guerilla, feedback?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Prince Charles, Mar 25, 2013.

    Prince Charles

    Prince Charles New Member

    I'm going to be working with some this season filled with FFhp+of mixed with sunshine #4, perlite and domolite lime.
    What was your yield with 20 gallon smart pot ? -doing 6- Spot A

    Will they compare to an in-ground yield filled with same soil in a 20-30 gallon hole ? -doing 11 in ground- 6 In spot B.. 5 in spot C

    I've already filled all of the pots and the holes with these mixes, just waiting another month before I could be able
    to put them outside. This is a guerilla grow btw

    My grow season is from early-May to mid-October giving me 3 1/2 months of veg and the rest for flowering, starting mid-August.
    and I will be putting out all of them after a 4-week indoor veg so basically giving me 4 1/2 months of veg.

    I will be adding each of the 3 seasonal blends of AN Heavy Harvest throughout the season each 2-3 weeks and also
    will be brewing organic teas for 24hr with earthworn castings, jamiacan bat guano, maxicrop liquid seaweed, molasses, and feed the tea every 2 weeks.. then 1tbsp of molasses per gallon of water during flowering
    Will start LST early then supercrop each, topping after.. all that good stuff, also will have 3ft chicken wire surrounding each for protection
    and organocide and BT for insects.

    Giving all this information and say that no weather conditions or anything eats/rips the plant
    what would you consider a reasonable harvest yield per plant giving such long veg period before flower?
    I know everyone asks yield questions but I just never read about a grow using this type of feeding schedule
    along with my possible 4 month veg time before flowering.

    im banking on this, have around 1500 invested
    Feedback would be much appreciated, thanks !

    5 Barney's farm Red Cherry Berry
    5 Barney's farm LSD
    4 Nirvana Ice
    Og kush
    Blue Dream
    Mazar Kush

    markexpress Active Member

    Looks great, man! Can't wait to see the journal going. Never heard of that Red Cherry Berry strain, had to look it up. I am also doing OG Kush this year. Which company/version is the OG that you have?
    Good luck, man! I put in around $2000 for my project this year as well :)
    Too bad I can't plant outside until late May!
    Prince Charles

    Prince Charles New Member

    4 - Copy.jpg


    markexpress Active Member

    Darn! My OG seeds are by Dinafem. I like Dinafem, plus got White Widow from them. I can tell you ordered from The Attitude by the packaging, heheh. Never tried Barney's LSD because I didn't like the reviews of the high/strong outdoor smell but maybe you can prove me wrong :)
    Prince Charles

    Prince Charles New Member

    Eh, hopefully the plots won't smell to high heaven with just being 5 or 6 at each.. How many you got going this season?
    have you prepared your spots yet?

    SenorBrownWater Well-Known Member

    your spending too much imo...
    why are you feeding twice? (wait...it's thrice... your soil is legit...the spring hh and tea....)
    just asking...

    also i love when a plan comes together!
    you have put in time to do your r and d ...nice bro...
    have you read uncle ben's nute thread?
    sure wish i read that my first grow..

    PROTIP:thinking about yield right now is bad luck...getting an idea in your head and sitting on it for 7 months,then not yielding anything but knowledge,you can get butthurt.....i count on about half of my expected yield...

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    well put sbw lol!!!!!

    markexpress Active Member

    Visibility will be an even greater issue for me this year, so I am only going to start preparing holes in late April / early May. I have choppers fly directly overhead every year, so there is no room for error :) You can imagine the kind of work I have to put to make sure they don't stand out. Also I need to study the sunlight distribution in my area (don't want to plant in dark areas), and see how vegetation will help blend things in. I need to make sure that the ground is not swampy and is stable - can't do that right now as there's snow on the ground still.I am doing 3-4 plots in difficult to access areas. Mostly autos.

    All in all, I'll be making at least 3 long drive trips to assess everything. Holes will then be prepared and camouflaged, and I'll plant everything in one go come first week of June or earlier, depending on how the weather turns out here in Ontario this year! Overnight temps must be at least above 9 Celsius at the bare minimum or else the little plants will get cold damage like some did last year, and slow down their growth in the very-important month of June.
    Prince Charles

    Prince Charles New Member

    I was thinking a lesser strength top dress of HH every 3 weeks and 1 feeding of tea in that 3 week period, would that be too much ? but mostly just because of the soil expenses along with the seeds because I wasn't too sure where to order from or get some top of the line seeds, ph meter, nutes.. also I wasted a few hundred on some strains that I later on figured out would never make it close to harvest because of sativa dom.. all in all it's a learning experience through trial and error, anything I did too much or too little this season i'll be sure to perfect it next time around and at the LEAST im expecting to get close to what I put into this project, i'll be happy with that
    Prince Charles

    Prince Charles New Member

    link of thread?

    SenorBrownWater Well-Known Member

    think this is it...google works better than the riu search...
    also, i get what you're saying...i spent like $900 on nutes my first year...
    wish i got to read that thread before...we all start somewhere...you seem to have thought it out well...but trial and error is expensive...
    find someone on here who is doing the same type of grow and copy that shit...

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