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Pot Friendly State To Relocate

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by Spoc, Nov 15, 2009.


    Spoc Active Member

    Hey all, thought I'd start a thread if one doesn't exist already. I'm going to be moving out of CT before I go through the last of my savings. This a great state to raise a family, not crops. I can transfer with my company to any state in the US. I'd like to move somewhere out West preferably over the South as there are fond memories while serving in the Military.What are some pot friendly states to relocate to? What has been your experience with the state you live in? The town I live in is run by the Gestapo so can't wait to bail. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Peace

    ReAVeR Well-Known Member

    Oregon and Cali

    InsaneInTheBrain Active Member

    Isn't also basically legal in Colorado?

    chitownsmoking Guest

    i used to get some bud like 8 years back from a connect in oregan and the shit i got from that dude was the sickest array of shit i have ever gotten in my life i shit you not i used to get it in big ass pickling jars, and it was expensive has hell for that time period at 3800 a p but well worth it. oregan has sick ass buds

    guitarzan420 Well-Known Member

    med mj in New Mexico as well.

    ford442 Well-Known Member

    northern cali - don't muck about with LA.. ;)

    ReAVeR Well-Known Member

    Colorado is decriminalized, but nowhere near the statue of Oregon. If I wanted to move to a state where MJ was legal, and didn't wanna live in Cali(I Surf so I'd def move to San Diego or Newport) but.... It'd be Oregon. Nugs are awesome, and so are the cultivators

    Spoc Active Member

    How goes it ReAVeR, lived in Cali and love that state but the cost of living exceeds where I am now. Oregon is high on my list but don't have any info on housing or economy. Anybody out there from Oregon? Probably going to start phoning their chamber of commerce. I'm sure tons of kind come out of that state; more acrage than people.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    I'd move here if I didn't live here aready. Finding a job now sucks everywhere though doesn't it? Plan on staying unemployed or vastly underemployed but you might be happier here in the long run.

    The pot force is strong here, very strong, but you won't find dispensaries that's the main difference. Cost of housing is cheap I think, 1200 and up per month for a small home, 500 and up for a small apartment. 1600 a month or so for a 3 bedroom in a upper middle class neighborhood with good schools. Homes start around 200k these days 350k in the nicer neighborhoods.

    Spoc Active Member

    Thanks for the info OregonMeds; sounds like it's a little cheaper to live than CT but not by much. Need a good chunk of land where the nearest neighbor is a mile away. Can't do apartment living anymore. Read a brief article about the unemployment rate skyrocketing in and around Portland. People flock there unknowingly only to find out that they will be living off savings and or the government. Going to Seattle Hempfest in August so maybe I'll rent a shit box and cruise down Oregons coast. Props to your Avatar, Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on the tube right now.
  11. Nebraska is the third most pot friendly state to recreational smokers.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member


    fureelz Active Member

    check out colorado, more so east of Denver...good luck!

    ReAVeR Well-Known Member

    making an Oregon thread, just found some sick info. stop by if interested

    2822bubba Well-Known Member

    If you don't want the better weather I would'nt come to cali. Even in the counties where you can grow more than other the crime is getting worse, they are not smart enough to grow themselves so they steal shit. I hear bend is nice , economy sucks but there is a lot of open land for fun stuff (hunting, dirt bikes/fishing)or growing>

    Grass Valley in cali is pretty much out of the way though and nice area.

    tyrent2000 Well-Known Member

    Grass Valley in cali is pretty much out of the way though and nice area.[/QUOTE]

    :bigjoint: i grew up there, nice place, cost of living is kind of a handycap though

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Not to be nitpicky but alaska has that spot for sure, if not above us. Cultivate a couple plants and possession of small amounts is a ticket.

    Then there's hawaii too.. The only state in the union who's LEGISLATURE legalized for medical use. Every other state was forced by voter inititives.

    jbaliberti Member

    Michigan,,,,also- NJ,

    Farfenugen Active Member

    Taxes are lower in Oregon too

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