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Poppy seeds at walmart

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by chrondizle91, Mar 13, 2008.


    chrondizle91 Active Member

    are these the plants that you can get opium from?

    Taipan Well-Known Member

    most poppy seeds like the ones you get on your bagels are from the opium poppy its confrimed that if you eat poppy seeds before a drug test you can show up positive for Opiates, one of my dads friends at work almost lost his job because of it.

    aintgottabhwd Well-Known Member

    is it the same thing though?

    Barrelhse Well-Known Member

    if the variety is papaver somniferum it is an Opium variety. Anything else. like papaver orientalis or papaver californium, are worthless. Check the name in italics, usually under the name. Or try McCormick poppy seeds on the spice rack. It's Tasmanian papaver somniferum- i grew some last year. If you have a local florist, check for dried pods for floral arrangements. These are all Opium poppies, usually Dutch, and contain viable seeds. E-bay is full of sellers, I've tried a few with mixed results.

    aattocchi Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my buddy grew tons of McCorrmick brand poppy seeds with good results last year.

    pinklemonmoosek2 Active Member

    ok i know all the details on the plant and opium up to cutting the pods , like what do you do to it after that to have smokeable opium..?

    Conoclast Well-Known Member

    Smoke it in a pipe?
    SWAT Slash

    SWAT Slash Active Member

    I think the key word here is smokable, but i could be wrong.... :blsmoke: lol

    Conoclast Well-Known Member

    Yes but if I remember correctly there is no process to do when you cut the pods and collect the opium.. you just have to dry it then smoke it. If I remember correctly..

    Capita Well-Known Member

    before it opens and put out the seed's i believe you cut the pods the pods. Take something like a razor and make slice on the pod and it excrete a milky white substance collect all the white stuff you can and let it dry out

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    the white stuff will oxidate in a few days time and become black I'm not sure if this is opium but its smokeable.

    stoner408 Well-Known Member

    Smoke Weed

    ShadowHawk Active Member

    How long does it take for the McCormick poppy seeds to propagate or sprout in soil?

    aattocchi Well-Known Member

    1-10 days if the temps are below 80. My friend has great success germinating the seeds in 77F temps! Never even tried to put them in the fridge or what have you!

    Barrelhse Well-Known Member

    Some pointers for poppies:
    In many ways growing poppies is the opposite of growing MJ.
    A) Veg in the flower rm, bloom in the veg rm. Poppies like to veg in short days (12 hrs), and bloom in long- 18 hrs.
    B) the nutes are opposite-low N for veg, high N for flower.
    C) Opium IS water-soluble.

    Poppies flower at 90 days from germ.The pods are ripe about 10 days after they lose their petals- pods are now blue/green with the "crowns" pointing up.At this point they are ready for harvest. With an X-acto or similar tool make VERY shallow incisions. The latex flows immediately, but not in lg. quantities. The latex is pure opium and can be smoked "raw" when dry. The chinese tend to cook it down in H2O, but you probably won't have the quantity to do this. Last year I wiped the late from the pods with a gauze pad. I kept the full pads, dried, and eventually soaked them all to dissolve the O uot, then evaporate the water and scrape up the O.
    Like herb, O loses a lot of volume when dried. It's much better to save up for aweek or two to get a decent amount. Trying to smoke the product of 1 or 2 pods probably won't do it, but if you wait until you have more you won't be wasting it trying to get off on a small hit. (my personal experience) dragonfly.sized.jpg

    aattocchi Well-Known Member

    my friend has been using nitrogen to veg with great results. I don't think you want to reverse the feedings also:peace:

    budmaster512 Active Member

    so i have the poppy seeds

    how do i grow them

    hippietoker18 Active Member

    can i buy these seeds at walmart?? ive been looking into it and im a natrual guy now and i'd really like it for the pain, you know like a spare bag of opium instead of taking vic's or morphine or percs. I'm safe with thing's, to addictive personality in me, but it seems like quite a useful substance. oh yea and i cant order these online where can i buy them in a store

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