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Penalties for Growing in USA

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by midtown410, Nov 24, 2007.


    midtown410 Active Member

    What if for some shitty reason I get caught for growing...what is the limit of plants before it is considered an attempt to distribute and sell...i doubt my little cfl cabinet with 4 seedlings will get me jailed, but you never know in the inssane country we live in....usa is lame

    Mr.Pyrex Well-Known Member

    look up your local state laws

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member


    Mudslide9791 Active Member

    Ouch I'll be up shit creek if I'm caught =) I live within 1000ft of a school =) (Rules of thumb if your not growing for personal use)

    1. Don't sell your shits to street dealers
    2. Don't let anyone know where you grow (even trusted friends)
    3. Keep your fuckin mouth shut to your family
    4. Don't use your phone for orders ( I use web based email, if my "clients" don't have email in 2010 then they can go run the streets for garbage dope)
    5. Don't drop off your shits in the open (I have 4 "clients" that purchase bulk and I go to there homes, they NEVER come to me and have no clue where I live and don't know my published name)
    6. Don't carry large amount of cash on your person (I have a slot under my middle console that has to be pried up with a screw driver in order to find it) Hides cash and up to 2lb of zipped dope.
    7. Always realize cops don't assume your a dope dealer/grower when your pulled over, they assume it after you act like a fuckin idiot. You get pulled over take your fine like a man and carry on (consider it overhead)
    8. Nothing wrong with being paranoid, if someone your selling to says "dude chill out relax, don't feel like you have to relax, your in charge, you've got the shit everyone wants. Your entitled to be paranoid and don't be afraid to walk away from dumb asses. (I've dumped clients who wanted me to deliver to friends of there's who were "cool" with it)
    9. Follow these rules and be mature about your decisions and you will make loads of cash

    Peace from a dealer turned first time grower
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    Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Well-Known Member

    That is the truth! No matter how you may hate LEO, BE NICE! Act and be respectful. A lot of drug busts comes from someone being a dick that gets him arrested and THEN they find drugs. May not of happened if you were nice and respectful.

    Mudslide9791 Active Member

    "Nods his head and takes a sip of beer"

    I've been pulled over in a hurry to make a stack of cash. Nice and polite, yes sir, no sir, the $120 ticket was nothing compared to what I made seeing as how I was let on my way. People think being a pusher of good grass is the bottom end of society. It isn't at all and don't let people make you think it is. Not everyone has the means to produce the quality shit people on this site can produce. Distributing quality shit to the less fortunate and helping American growers continue this beautiful hobby/passion is what it's all about. "America Fuck Yeah" !!!!!! (lining your pockets, keeping happy clients, and keeping AMERICAN production growers in business is a beautiful thing)

    reefcouple Well-Known Member

    Dont drive at night with anything in your car, don't speed, wear your seatbelt..

    Like stated above, be smart.
    Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Well-Known Member

    And I have heard that many LEO prefer to be called "officer" instead of "sir".
    Not sure why that matters, but when I was in the military I hated anyone to say sir to me. Sir was someone who drove a desk, flew a ball point pen, and didn't do a damn thing of hard work.

    I guess officer covers both sexes as I am sure if you slip and call a female sir, she will switch to PMS mode pretty damn quick.

    Mudslide9791 Active Member

    Yep agreed if you can get around it.

    I don't smoke grass and I don't drink and drive. I keep my tags clean. I'm a 100% normal dude with a 9 to 5 job. I'm a red blooded American who happens to make triple what I make at my 9-5. I buy/sell in bulk from a local American producer. The marijuana is 10 times better than whats found on the streets of my town. Bottom line here is don't get greedy, don't fuck with street dealers, promote quality American grown weed, be a normal dude, don't throw stupid ass party's with traffic in and out, and just make mature decisions. Even if you smoke weed dude, don't get cocky about your shit. Good shit sells. I sell to older folk who buy in bulk and probably distribute to their friends. I don't know, I don't ask. it doesn't work that way. get your cash from a trusted client and call it a day.

    Good luck and follow all this good advice and the Po will be one of your least concerns. (My main concern is not having enough weed to fill orders and thats better than worrying about getting caught) =)

    Good luck and stay true to American production =)

    leftreartire Active Member

    i dont know if would trust that website for all the laws. i am sure there are a bunch of other charges they trow in. 1000 feet from school church playground, all that stuff and now a days they hit you with all the attemps and conspericy charges that go on forever. just make sure you are able to put a % of money away for the best lawyer you can afford. may be we should get a union for growers. buy american build american,grow american. i couldnt agree more......unions are the back bone of this country.....set the standard for living.....

    Mudslide9791 Active Member

    If your shit isn't trump tight and you decide to sell from your home or out of your car (I don't advise, thats fuckin retarded) Get an attorney on retainer, you'll need it eventually and if you sell pounds.... Forget it, you better follow every rule I stated above or you'll be a statistic eventually.

    Mudslide9791 Active Member

    SO many variables to throw in... Sorry I'm drunk and on a posting spree..

    I paid cash for my car. I paid cash for a late model sedan.. I didn't buy an Escalade with 22 inch rims like the fag street dealers around here have, I purchased a condo on finance and pay my bill early each month instead of paying cash for a small home. I don't make as much as some people I've spoken with but I do bring in as much as most local attorneys bring in which is pretty damn good for my area. I paid cash for a few toys that I keep out on family property and not at my condo. I hold down a 9-5 job and pay my taxes.

    BAM in the last 5 or 6 threads you got all the learnings to be a good, honest, American marijuana dealer without getting caught. Have fun, enjoy yourself and be smart about your trade. I'm 3 years into distribution and it's worked so well that I've decided to offset a bit of overhead by starting my own 2 room grow. I'm getting fantastic information from this site!

    Am I off thread yet, I'm getting pretty drunk =)

    CalvinMac40 Active Member

    That's what up man! Get your money!

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