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Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws?

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by noxiously, Dec 22, 2010.


    noxiously Active Member

    Does anyone know how to put something on the ballot as to how to get medical marijuana legalized in Ohio? Has anyone heard any news as to how far away Ohio is to legalizing medical marijuana?

    BlazedBushin Well-Known Member

    Good luck with that bro. Ohio is like THE WORST place to live in the COUNTRY last i heard. Ohio is gonna need alot more going for it before anything happens imo.

    6t4bit Active Member

    Make a petition get people to sign it, specifically 250,000. and fuck medical just go for straight up legalization. gotta do it by like June for it to be on the ballot for this year.

    6t4bit Active Member

    I'll be your first signature as I live in O-town.

    whitetiger Member

    Ohio Isn't to bad, Marijuana decriminalized with possession of under 100grams only a ticket. Though the people here are vary conservative and closed minded

    6t4bit Active Member

    This is all too true and it's absolutely terrible considering we're the heart of America.

    noxiously Active Member

    Yea the people in Ohio are very closed minded and way too conservative. It's like they are afraid of trying to live in the year 2011. We have to keep reminding them that this isn't 1950 any more, things have changed.

    dukefan1518 Member

    Check out ohiopatientsnetwork.org. You can become a member and help us fight to have it legalized.

    dukefan1518 Member

    Hopefully with a new governor and improved legislation we can see some real change within a year or two, otherwise I might have to make my residence in Michigan lol

    noxiously Active Member

    lol good one Duke. I don't know about Michigan though, I'd rather travel across country to Cali lol Buckeye fan here :D

    noxiously Active Member

    But you know, I'm not sure if I would want it to be 100% legal. If it were, the government would have so many laws regarding it that the average person couldn't grow their own medicine. It would probably be like alcohol, as far as I know it is still illegal to produce moonshine, so who's to say they wouldn't make it so only corporations with special licenses could grow. If Ohio would just have the same laws regarding growing and selling to co-ops and to patients as does California then I think that would be much better than 100% legalization.

    Roll69 Member

    I'm from Ohio also. I think every state should have some type of legalization on the ballot as well. Wether or not it's to become a 100% legal, or just medically; it still should be highly considered. I think we need to work on legalizing it medically, before it's fully legal. The government could profit so much in taxes from marijuana sales, it would give a nice boost to the economy again.
  13. I'm also from southern OH down by the river...

    thexception Well-Known Member


    memagop Member

    contact the director of the norml in Dayton OH. She is suppose to be in contact with a legislator at the capital that want to submit a bill. I am sorry I can't remember her name. Very bad brain fog for several months now, not because of cannabis, but because of LEGAL MEDS BOOO! I thought it was to be submitted in Feb, but I have been looking for it and have not seen it, You might check with her. Good Luck, I will be right there fighting with you. if you decide to do anything let me know. I will be all yours after 4/20/2011 when Overgrow the Government is done in D.C. Check it out here on the legalize matters or on the web site at www.overgrowthegovt.com.


    memagop Member

    Ohio is a decrim state, by state law you can have up to 3 oz and only get a ticket for 150 and get your stash taken away. No drug pipes, papers, or paraphernalia, you go to jail for that. So what good is it to have decrim 3 oz of pot if you can't have paraphernalia? I guess you just have to eat it, then do the utensils that you used become paraphernalia? LOL

    memagop Member

    Check your local laws also, Cincinnati did have an ordinance that over ruled the Decrim, but they got rid of that ordinance a few months ago! But other communities may still have ordinance on the books. Check them out!

    Shrimpslushi Member

    im from ohio northeast youngstown warren area and i would do what ever it takes to help get mj legal here!

    sniffer Well-Known Member

    ohio is just one Big speed trap ,
    i hate driving to cedar point !

    molomuz Member

    Doesn't sound bad on paper does it. Do you know how heavy your plant will be to get 100 dry/usable grams? In ohio they cut the plant at the bottom and weigh the whole thing. Your screwed if you cultivate in ohio. You will also lose your drivers license for 6 months. That tells me its not really decriminalized and ohio wants me to buy medicine off the street instead of provide my own.

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