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north country seeds? sister site to vancouver seeds?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by bdt1981, Aug 21, 2012.


    bdt1981 Well-Known Member

    found this place and wanted to know if anyones messed with them? are they in canada?

    bdt1981 Well-Known Member

    So has nobody heard.of.them. I probbably messed up making a purchase from them. I hit the link to pay with credit card option on Vancouver seed banks site which I later find out is probably not going to send me shit. Although they did tell me one of the strains was out of stock and I could wait or pick something else I also tried to cancel that purchase by way of email. They said they would but still haven't. Only time will tell sucks my first time tryin to order seeds has.sucked the big one bad. My stupid cc company wouldn't approve a transactino from any bank in the UK or Amsterdam because of a history of fraud. Then I find van in Canada and think hell ya, then I read the reviews afterward. Ouch. Cc company wouldn't stop payment so here I sit short 200$ and hoping something good happens.

    bdt1981 Well-Known Member

    k they gave me a refund on one order and sent shipping conformation on the other. so far so good.

    bdt1981 Well-Known Member

    I give them five stars very fast good communication and good looking seeds.

    ExileOnMainStreet Well-Known Member

    I just ordered from them.
    I got a single seed pack as a test because of the negative review on here.

    When you order from Vancouver Seed Bank with a credit card, you are actually ordering from 'North Country.'
    I ordered on Thursday night, got a shipping confirmation and tracking number on Monday, and had the package by mid week.
    The package had been damaged and repaired by CanadaPost and the seed package itself was empty.
    I sent them pics of the packaging as I opened it, but I don't really expect anything since it seems to have happened in transit.

    I would buy from them again, but I will do it in person next time I'm in Vancouver.
    No complaints about communication or shipping.
    Obviously I can't speak to the seeds themselves since I didn't get them, but the packaging was pretty plain (that's a good thing) and robust.

    They offered to resend my order for free, which is beyond anything I would expect them to do since it wasn't their problem. I'll definitely buy from them again with no hesitation.

    HighTimesJudge Member

    Im going to order $150 worth of seeds from them tell you how it goes! :D Wishes me luck and good seeds!

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    i ordered some beans from north country and got them in a week in the states without any problem at all

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