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Nirvana seed bank?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Jayke, Oct 15, 2010.


    Jayke Member

    Hi to all readers, I'm needing seeds, I was told Nirvana seed bank was able to help me out, though that leads to this question;
    If marijuana is illegal, than how can they sell seeds? Whats preventing the police from tracking my mail and coming to my house to arrest me?

    Please fellow stoners, I trust your alls opinions on this matter, if you know anything please reply or private message me. Thank you.

    goldenone Member

    It's not illegal for them to sell you seeds as they are in a country where it is legal. There are MANY threads here about this already and how to avoid getting busted for it. Usually customs will confiscate the seeds if they find them and will send you a package with a letter telling you so. Usually no action is taken.

    bigslama912 Well-Known Member

    All these sites clain that they sell the seed as "souvenirs" and that it is illegal to germinate them.

    However in certain places it IS illegal to have seeds.

    I have bought from Nirvana seeds and attitude seed bank. Both are great and the prices are good too.

    Nirvana tends to take longer in the shipping department(when shipping to usa)

    Both are very stealthy and give no indication of what is inside.

    --- Also the reason that Nirvana does not give tracking numbers is because you must provide a description of the contents with tracking numbers, and of course it's a paper trail

    Attitude seed bank on the other hand will give you a tracking number but that requires you to add a Tshirt or something so they can describe the contents as what is really in there.

    Jayke Member

    Sweet, thanks.

    Hekinsieden Member

    When I ordered my Fem Fullmoon seeds from nirvana they sent them in a little tin of Potter's black licorice mints.
    Love the shirt I got from attitude when I ordered my autoflowers from them though... probably the nicest shirt I have....

    I wonder if Cannabis was legal if the banks would lose a huge chunk of their customer base?

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    If I may also add.. (if nobody has already beaten me to the punch..)

    I want to add also.. the fact that.. the cannabis seeds you order.. are merely nothing more than a "souvenir". So, therefore... its not illegal to buy the seeds.... its only illegal to "germinate" them.. and grow them. ;)

    Its a backdoor.. to bypass the legalities of buying and possessing the seeds. ;) So again, you can order seeds all day fucking long.. and you won't be breaking any laws. But as soon as you start germinating.. and start growing them.. that's when your actually breaking the law.

    Trust me.. I know this. My father is a well known and respected judge.. and my brother in-law, is a very well known and respected lawyer.. and litigation trial expert. They know their shit.. :)


    RC7 Well-Known Member

    Well said everyone. I have used attitude many times and nirvana once so far. I can say they are both excellent and you can't go wrong with either. In my opinion Nirvana was alot stealthier the way they hide the seeds, but ive only ordered once so far as my last order. Their seeds are also cheaper in general if ordering a few at a time...in bulk im not sure you might be getting better deals with attitude. i think attitude might ship a little quicker but they are about the same. Dont worry about them getting confiscated, people order all the time.
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    thanks for keeping it stealthy

    Jayke Member

    lol nice :leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf:

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