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Nice homemade bong (Instructions on how to make)

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Troglart, Dec 29, 2006.


    Troglart Well-Known Member

    So I made this two or three weeks ago when my friends bong killed me from strong ass hits after we matched each other on two bowls each.

    I needed my own.. and now I have one.. it works wonderful, and ill tell you guys and girls how to make it.

    Needed material :
    - Gatoraid bottle.
    - Plastic cigar tube
    - Aluminum foil
    - Pin
    - Tape

    Instruction on how to make :
    1. Take the gatoraid bottle and heat it up so it makes a whole from the heat
    2/3 down from the top (or where you think it looks right, remember the stem is going to get real close to the bottem of the bottle). The hole has to be smaller then the diameter of the cigar tube.

    2. Cut the Cigar tube down at the side away from the opening so it is just one long, fat tube. This is now your stem

    3. Push your stem into the whole (remembering the hole is smaller then the cigar tube in every way) so that it streches just enough that its completely air tight. This step is very important to get right because I dont have a way to fix un-airtightness except if you use your light to melt a little bit of plastic and push it togeather when its all in place.

    4. Take your tape and tape the stem pointing as far up as you can so no water ever gets into your bowl. The bottem of your stem should be close to touching the bottem middle the the bottle, a centimeter or 2 should be far enough away.

    5. Take your lighter and burn another whole an inch to an inch and a half about the top of the first whole, make the whole about the size of your pinky finger nail, a little bigger or smaller depending on the person making it, this is your carb.

    6. Take your foil and cover the top of the stem, then push the foil into your hole in the stem so it goes into the stem, make it deep enough to hold a good bowl, about 2-3 centimeters deep, around the depth of a water bottle cap if my estimations are bad.

    7. Take a pin/needle and poke a good quantity of small holes, your going to want alot of smoke to go through into the stem into your chamber, I personally do alot of holes myself because my chamber fills up very good, also i sometimes double or triple stack my foil so the holes dont eventually cake in too much and rip in togeather, but they do so its good that the filer is very inexpencive.

    8. Place a single wrap of tape around the foil hanging around the side of the stem at the bowl to make it stay on and in shape better and keep it mostly airtight.

    Just a few extra things about the bong, first it hits great for a home made bong, fill the water up to about half way to the top of the hole that the stem goes into, change your filter once and a while, and last you need to take your finger off the carb before you stop sucking, most people do already because its what your supposed to do to clear the chamber, but I destroyed a bowl in one hit but since I sucked the entire bowl my lungs were filled and I never took my finger off and I guess since the water was mostly sucked out of the stem and when the water went up it pushed burning weed out and i burned myself, i guess taking your finger off lowers the pressure and slows it takes the pressure off.

    Also im going to post a few pics of mine when i clean it up later, my stem has alot and alot and alot of resin in it, I need to retape mine up because the tape goes down over time if you didn't tape it up good like I didn't, and I need a new filter because mines completely caked and holes are starting to come togeather.

    Bigbud Well-Known Member

    Sounds like something I made when I was 14....lol

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    to fix air tightness, take the tape that you have and cover the exposed area. lol anyways when i was growing up and had nothing to smoke out of, I would do the same thing but use a bic pen take it apart and use the tube as opposed to your cigar tube. take a 5/8 socket and tape it on there. bigger bowl=more tokage. later in life I realized what the fuck I was doing and bought a water bong.

    Troglart Well-Known Member

    i made it with specific sizes in mind for better tokage, im just helping cash challenged people

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Hubby made a power hitter using a plastic bottle. This way can enjoy a joint without having to handle it.

    FallenHero Guest

    I think all of us tokers have made ghetto smoking devices. i still have a 2 liter air tight gravity bong that i crafted years ago and it's still rolling.

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    didn't know mogie was a female. sorry for calling my trees bitches. I will not do it again

    Troglart Well-Known Member

    Here is a bad qual pic of it

    Attached Files:


    oggunna Active Member

    ahh thats terrible!!!

    Troglart Well-Known Member

    that thing hits fucking hard as hell, me and my friends smoked a bowl of some nice ass shit that my friend gave me (he didnt tell me what strain it was) and we all took one bowl out of it and it was a one bowl stop kind of thing, we were so stoned that we were asked to leave starbucks afterwards because we sat there for almost 2 hours with the same drink laughing our ass' off

    silverwaleed Active Member

    dont smoke alluminam, Im making a bong out of a pipe. my pipe is small and burns eyebrows, my nose, and upperlip hairs. so I'm gonna use it as a bowl and stem.

    another solution is to make a power hitter/bong make a joint that will fit into an empty plastic pen and make a bong using that

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member

    im 16 and i have one just like it :mrgreen:

    xxtatiana Active Member

    I'm terribly sorry but this sounds lyke something i made when i was 16. But oh well i'm only eightteen now anyways.. lol

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    bigbudeddie, this site is reserved for people over the age of 18. just chill on telling your age from now on K? PEACE!

    sharpe Active Member

    Ok well that will get you high and all BUT If your going to bother using it more than once build a better one. I have built damn near a hundred homemade bongs and pipes, out of everything imagineable to the point my freinds joke that im the bong macguyver, give me a stick of gum, a book, and paper clip I can make something. If you want to make a good simple homemade bong PLEASE PLEASE use decent materials.

    Lets Start with the chamber, Any thick (rigid) food grade plastic (contained a bevrage at one time) bottle will work, IMO the short wide powerade containers are a good choice.Thin plastic waterbottles that crinckle if you squeze them are shit, dont even bother.

    For the down stem you have a few options. I personaly think that for the down stem any type unvarnished/painted (on the inside) metal tube is fine, some people say that you should stay from aluminum as it might be harmful but i think that if properly made the tube will not heat enough to release (allgedly) harmfull fumes. I Discourage the use of plastics because they impart a bad taste and become quite stinky after a few uses, and can melt, burn and warp when smoking, and that is VERY bad for your health. My personal choice for downstem is clear vinyl tubing, its cheap, widely available, (IMO) safe and easy to mount the bowl on.

    For the bowl I personaly keep it simple, using either air compressor fittings or sockets. Almost anything will work, as long as its not plastic or aluminum foil. For those who dont have a pack of screens, a the metal mesh from earbud style head phones works great, and who doesnt have a pair of broken head phones? Trim to fit with scissors and insert.

    think you have everything you need? Not quite. You will need a lighter, hot glue and a drill if posible. Insert or attach the bowl to the downstem, the more air tight the better. Then position it so that the downstem is at a 45 degree angle to the side of the bottle about two thirds of the way down. The end of the downstem should be with in one inch of the bottom idealy, and the downstem and bowl should extend no more than two inches past the side of the bottle, cut to correct size if nessasary. Take your drill and put a hole about 3/4 the size of the downstem at a 45 degree angle about 2/3s the way down the bottle, if you dont have a drill ignore this step. Now use your lighter to either make or heat the the hole untill the plastic is soft now quickly insert the downstem and bowl at a 45 degree angle. Use hot glue to make air tight and you will have good bong for a long while.

    wyteboi6 Active Member

    weak u cant hadle the dank u and ur friends need to get your weight up that bong is shabby made better when i was 12 hope u ant some kid who wasted his time writing all that out when u should have been doing your homework!and if your broke use a can or get a job......papers cost a dollar

    x3n0n89 Active Member

    got a better idea i done get a Mountain dew game fuel 16oz metal bottles
    it kills

    StaySafe420 Well-Known Member

    The ONLY person on RIU to put their Myspace info in their sig

    MyNameIsHead Well-Known Member

    yeah dude i have made 100's of homemade pipes and bongs. some of them were really good and i regret throwing them away but i can't have that shit lying around i live with the 'rents. but now that im a grown fucking man (18 lol) and have a job i have bought my own fucking bong that is extremely nice
    so yeah some homemade bongs are nice to have for memories i guess but you should get to the point where you either smoke out of real pipes bongs blunts or joints vaporizer or whatever

    dffgtr Active Member

    ok ive heard a lot of people asking what to use to seal the holes in bongs and pipes. i have found a solution. use candle wax, just smush it around your stem hole and start smokin. i have used it many times and nothing works better for me. time to get retarded:joint: laterz

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