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New to Autoflowers... Advice please

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by PersonalJesus, Mar 13, 2013.


    PersonalJesus Active Member

    So I got an autoflower as a freebie, a Blueberry from G13 Labs...
    Everything is going fine, I threw her in my veg area with my photo-plants and she took off under the 18/6 light cycle. Fast Forward 6 weeks or so... Blueberry is now super frosty and smells dank as all get out. Here is where it gets interesting... half of the plant has the trichs just beginning to go amber, the other half are all still cloudy/clear.
    How do I get the plant to even out so I can get peak trichomes from both halves of the plant?
    I can't rotate the plant, my veg space is crowded to begin with and throwing in the autoflower made it very very crowded. I don't want to harvest some on whatever date and then harvest the second half a week later, I prefer to do it all in one sitting.
    I'm leaning towards just giving it a couple weeks flush and what I get is what I get... unless someone has a better idea?

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    grow space has been the crutch for every inside grower that i know, including myself.. an auto will grow like crazy with the light and room any time you screw with the basic's of an auto it seems to get pissed off so on that note in my opinion i would just let it ride all the way out.look at it like this its a snack before the feast..lol clip the top cola's and let the rest just keep on growin.. unless you want to put it in a big cardboard box all by herself and a few cfl's to give you space and to finish the auto.. i have used a washing machine box to grow in also a refridgerator box. anything to keep it inclosed to finish her out.. AUTO'S DON'T LIKE CHANGE. not even a lil bit..

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