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New setup question...

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Kejiua, Mar 25, 2013.


    Kejiua Member

    Hi All, I'm going to buy a new setup for 20 plant, for now I look for a Quantum Bad Boy 16 Bulb Ballast (16x6500k) and a kit for flowering (16x2500k) in a Grow Tent 4x4x7 should it will be ok? or not enough light or too small tent? thanks for the reply!

    Seed are Green House Big Bang x18
    Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon x2
    10 Inch pot x20
    In soil

    ScoobyDoobyDoo Well-Known Member

    As long as you keep the plants short by flowering them almost immediately you should be fine. Those 16 bulb lights are called T5's. I'm assuming that you are referring to the 4' ones? T5's are perfectly fine to grow with; you just don't want the plants to be big because the bulbs don't have the penetration through the canopy like an HPS or MH bulb. If you are gonna squeeze 20 plants under there you will need to keep them small anyway. Sounds to me like you will be doing what is called a SOG (Sea of Green). Good luck.

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    yea listen to scooby

    keep the plants small and bushy, a SoG or Scrog or a lot of LSTing is a must with fluorescent light IMO

    T5HOs as the Bad boy keep is the best Fluorescent Tube you can get (tho there is a VHO type as well) is way superior to T12 and better then T8 (tho high output T8 can match normal T5s)

    T5 have the longest life time and the least light loose over time compared to T12 and T8 and the HO type (high output) will give you 30-50% more Lumens then T8 the VHO (very high output) will give you even more, but also produce some heat and need a fixture with fans build in ..

    only real problem with fluorescent light is penetration, even the T5HO type wont produce much useable light after 10 inch`s after 12" my light meter don't show much and only at 2-4" they provide very strong light, IMO enough for flowering, so if your going to flower with T5s you better use a grow method that keep the Bud sites with in 2-6 inch`s of the tubes (I would suggest a scrog)


    and I would mix up the Tube`s so I run 2/3 6500K and 1/3 2700K in Veg and viseversa in flowering (weed plants use all color of light all grow, just more of the Blue spectrum in Veg and more of the Red/yellow in flowering)

    Slipon Well-Known Member


    Im guessing that its a 4 ft. fixture we are talking about and not the 2 ft.

    even with the 4 ft. it might be a bit to much with 20 plant`s 8-12 sounds more like it to me, also the tent might be a bit to small for the light, the tube`s is 4ft, the fixture will be a bit bigger and its also nice to have a little space to work with (fan`s/Ducting aso) so a 5 ft tent might be sumthing to look at instead of a 4 ft or make a DIY cabinet/closed/box so you can build it to fit and maybe also safe some money ?

    onefortheroad Active Member

    20 sounds good saying it id cut it in half personally i can grow 10 or 4 on a 4x4 tray 1 1000 and have the same yield 4 is just less work and easier to tend look up bushmaster you add it to your water and it throws the fucking brakes on all vertical growth its pretty pimp but $$ in your situation its worth its weight in gold or you could just remove a few to get more space cut lower branches to eliminate the popcorn unless you plan on making butter good start though your buds will lack density prob with that floro 2500k but you should be fine bro good luck...OFTR

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