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Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by steven7685, Jun 14, 2011.


    steven7685 Active Member

    I've been looking for a more affordable way to incorporate Mycorrhizae into my feeding schedule, because the ones the hydroponic stores sell are outrageously priced like (Great White) and one that i have used personally (Myco Madness)..

    I do believe that these Fungi are beneficial to the cannabis plant, based upon my personal experiences with the (Myco Madness) product i have used. Plus i've heard really good things from others who have used (Great White) and also other brands of Mycorrhizae, not specific to hydroponic retailers.

    I've never heard of anything bad any one had to say about any Mycorrhizae at all.
    the only remotely close thing i have heard to a complaint is that you can kill the living bacteria in your tap water. which is pretty easily avoidable.

    I stumbled across a couple free samples the other day (@ the hydro store actually)
    of a product called (Mycos Drops) and i haven't gotten a chance to use them yet. the guy at the store said he'd have some in soon. i have yet to see it hit the shelf either.

    but i dug up some site info on the product and a retailer that will ship it to me rather cheap compared to what else i've seen.

    check this out!

    A 1 LB bag is listed at $14.99 USD on the manufacturers webstore. i found it listed at $9.99 on another site... i wonder what the Hydro store is going to charge for this LOL.
    i feel totally ripped off @ about $30 for 4oz of Myco Madness :finger:

    anyway, i was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with the Mycos product or any of the Xtreme Gardening products, with Cannabis of course . and if you have, would you care to share a bit about it?

    Any comments on how another Mycorrhizae product worked for you, or suggestions about the topic are welcomed as well!

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    I have found the most affordable product is from fungi.com, mycogrow soluble. It's $6/oz and very diverse. It is in fact great white without the built in food(biopak). I brew it tea style and it lasts for months and months. I use it for DWC applications for disease control purposes which are discussed extensively in my sig link.

    I don't know your method or goals, but a bag of ancient forest from GH is only $8 at my hydro store, and 1 handful can be used to make 2 gal of microbe tea, which then can be further diluted.

    steven7685 Active Member

    hmmm, the nutrient line i use has a product called Humate. wonder if that is the same thing as the ancient forest you speak of? if not and it helps, maybe ill try it LOL.

    but on the Mycorrhizae side of the conversation. great white is supposed to be some good stuff. but if by most affordable you mean more species of fungi and better results vs something else ive mentioned, then please explain.

    the way it looks, unless it works WAYYY better, the product your talking about cost alot more. $80.00 compared to $9.99 per Pound...

    Tenz Member

    I contacted extreme gardening and asked for some samples. They sent me enough mykos to transplant my entire crop for free. Great company to deal with. Find them on the web. Easy shmeezzzy


    I will pimp a company like that.

    I'm brewing one of the teas they sent me today!:mrgreen:

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    Sorry I was speaking from the standpoint of most diverse and cost effective, without knowing your grow method or goals, and you did ask specifically about myco's. The product you ask about looks to be a top shelf product, indeed they have a type of Glomus that is supposed to be proprietary to them. I can not tell from the ad if this is supposed to be a soil amendment, or inoculation powder. Either way it's not a bad price, but contains only endo-mycorrhizae.

    The powder I suggested is concentrated and makes gallons and gallons of tea, which can then be used to inoculate water at about 1 cup per gallon, depending on your needs. Some dilute to as much as 1 cup per 10 gallons for maintenance doses. I would never purchase a pound as it would be a lifetime supply for me, and I make 3 gal of tea every 10 days. The main difference is that this powder contains endo and ecto mycos along with trichoderma and a plethora of bacteria. The bacteria help to protect and strengthen the roots as well as decompose. This may not be anything you need or care about.

    Tenz Member

    in general terms............ I think the bio activity is heightened by how it is handled fed and taken care of. Similar to the way a good starter for sourdough bread is maintained. The bio must be fresh and healthy. My only reason for making this comment is that a much smaller amount can be used of any product mykos wise if it is taken care of. Use an air stone to brew it up with some sugar source (carbos, molasses, or sweet... carbo load.... ) I use molasses because it is cheap and natural. If mykos is brewed especially in warm water with air. Thumbs way up. The best way to afford and make it stretch is to make it grow on it's own.

    Of course I might be talking out of my ass. But this method works for me. I only use about 1/4 of any amounts of nutes like this.

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    Your ass speaks quite well. :) J/K. I believed as you do for a long time, that the mycos were multiplying in the tea along with all the other microbes, but according to everything i've read, specifically with mycos, they do not germinate unless they make contact with roots. Furthermore, even after germination, mycos can not multiply in an aquatic environment. What you said is correct for almost all the microbes except for mycos and nematodes. Being in the tea only softens up the myco spores and primes them for germination. If you use them in a hydro method where roots get no air exposure (like dwc, nft) they will germinate and grow, eventually forming a network, but not cycle and reproduce. Otherwise you are spot on. Brewing your product tea style makes it lasts much, much longer, unless your product contains only mycos.
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    steven7685 Active Member

    i use it just the way the directions tell me to,

    when i used the "myco madness" i either sprinkled the powder onto my soil and watered it in, or i mixed the power substance right into my reservoir, and then water with it. or did both.

    i have never brewed a tea from it. although i guess applying it to my res with the air stones and Molasses found in my additives would be a similar approach. and you are saying i could make the same amount i am using go further? :mrgreen: sounds good to me!

    the "Mycos" method seems pretty solid, the instructions say to use it when you transplant, placing the plant's roots onto a layer of the product, filling in with dirt and watering with your nutes. (see pic)

    anyway, i smoke joints that are worth more than what a pound of this costs so it seems like something id like to try. and hell, an ounce of what you use and in the way you have explained seems real cheap as well! so maybe ill try both :lol:

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    Tenz Member

    I love it! Good information.

    I suppose priming the mykos is still a good thing. Interesting this response. I woke up this morning and my tea brew was NOT bubbling the way I wanted it too. I still fed the girls with it; but I know it could have been a better brew. This shit gets spendy no matter how you go about it. I think I just skimped a little too much on ingredients.

    I already love this forum. Thanks for that info. Somewhat humbling but that is how we learn. A hypothesis in the head makes much more sense when many brains are working.


    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    One oz of powder makes roughly 50 gal of concentrated tea, maybe more since I haven't gotten through my oz yet I bought back in January; it's about 3/4 gone. Each gal of tea can then inoculate 16 gallons of water which can then be used to drench soil. Adding a handful of ancient forest to the tea gives you even more diversity and introduces nematodes. Mycos are wonderful, but without the bacteria and other fungi you are missing out on a lot. In any case, if you add organic food directly to a res be careful. Without an already established beneficial colony, the food could end up inviting disease.

    NeWcS Well-Known Member

    Instead of starting a new thread I'll just bump this one; I am going to be making a tea like heisenberg describes in this signature thread using Mykos, EWC and molasses. I'll try and remember to post my results.

    almerrick1222 Member

    yeah myko really benefits more for soil, organic that is. Is take 4-6 weeks for the fungi to colonize the roots and soil. in hydro it certainly won't do any harm and it may attach to you roots in like a DWC, but you'll have to keep adding the mykos which can get expensive. one of the benefits of soil, b/c in theory you only have to add mykos once and they will continue to colonize. its also not useful in teas. that being said you can make fungi dominate tea, but the fungi is not mycorrhizae- although those fungi are still beneficial.

    twistedwords Well-Known Member

    You are talking about using this for organic hydro only correct? I don't believe you can do this with a complete synthetic nutrient program.

    Tmac4302 Active Member

    I've been using Supreme Growers Myco Blast, Soil Blast, and Sweet Myco Tea as my beneficials. It's like $25 for a 5oz powder of beneficials with kelp and works well from what I have seen. It's 5g/1 gallon of water. No brewing necessary, just use their 5g scooper into 1 gallon of water or nutrients and pour into my soil. I think their Myco Blast contains Endo and ectomycorrhizae with some beneficial bacteria. I know their Soil Blast contains a lot of Bacillus species of bacteria that solubilize the organic matter in my soil. The 2 Trichoderma species also works to prevent any type of root rot and bad fungi in my soil. Their Sweet Myco Tea also contains myco's + bacteria + trichoderma. It's a pretty sweet product as far as microbial diversity and product expression goes. I've been thinking about just switching over to their Myco Tea since it seems to cover every species any other product has and then some! I also know it's not filled with filler bullshit like Great White and Mykos. Great White is half clay and still super expensive and mykos isn't pure microbes. There's a lot of filler in their product. All I get from Supreme Growers is microbes and kelp which I love both! :)

    intenseneal Well-Known Member

    I have been using Mycos on my last 2 grows and will not go without it now. I buy it in a small bag and mix it into my soil when I plant. My roots have been crazy huge and thick since using it.

    GranJero303 New Member

    Extreme garden mykos works great..unlike most this one has only one form of active microorganism so suposedly it colonises faster..ive used it several times..mostly when cant afford QUANTUM which to me from my experience is the best..of course every grower has they're opinion:)

    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    I just started using Great White, I bought the 4 oz jar. Directions say to use 1 tsp /2 gal of water and use every 2 weeks. They sell a 1 oz. jar which would have been plenty. It will take me a long time to use the 4oz. jar.

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