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Meigs County Gold

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ptreaper, Feb 10, 2012.


    ptreaper Member

    Hey everyone. I know a lot of people think that any marijuana grown from Meigs County, OH is Meigs County Gold but it's actually a popular strain from the 70s and 80s.

    I'm actually in Meigs, and I have been trying to track down the seeds for weeks. I know there are some older posts about it, but I haven't heard anything recently of the strain and I live here.

    The information I got from my various connections point to older growers having more information on it. I contacted a few of my uncles that used to grow and they told me the same thing. One of them said that he actually smoked with Willie Nelson a few times because he liked to come to Meigs for the strain. I'm not sure how true that is, but I've heard Willie did like Meigs Gold. Anyway, my uncles said they would ask around but I haven't heard anything yet.

    I finally got a lead recently from a friend to talk to one of my buddies. I was excited at first because the friend he referred me to was actually one of my best friends a few years back. I contacted him but he said he's been out of the game for four years. He stopped growing because he was paranoid of the cops, and he basically said that he didn't want me to grow for the same reason. As a result, I basically got no information from him. What I thought would have been the lead I was looking for, turned out to be a case of over protection. I understand the risks, as do the majority of people who grow in spite of it being illegal. He didn't really care, just didn't want me to risk it. He did tell me that older growers have seeds stored, but I already knew that.

    So now I'm back to square one. No leads, just some talk here and there. I'm very interested in obtaining the seeds because it was once such a prevalent strain and it's part of the history of my county. I know there are better strains out there but this one has more value to me because it's local. I've heard that older gentlemen stopped growing it because they were afraid of commercialization. That's understandable but I still don't think the "legend" should die. Our county isn't the greatest and we don't have a whole lot of money but we do know how to grow our weed.

    I was hoping that someone who frequents the Rollitup community could shed some light as to whether it's still being grown. Of course, a lead to the seeds would be amazing, but I can settle for a simple confirmation that it's still around and being enjoyed. It'd be nice to know if our local legend is still going.
    Devils love

    Devils love Member

    Im from athens area..ive heard of it and its a local legend..as to where to find them youll be lucky to find..few years back i had a grower that had some shit that killed elvis crossed with MG so? idk..best weed i ever smoked.
    karmas a bitch

    karmas a bitch Well-Known Member

    I saw someone on here say it was gone. That dude who was the "only" one with it died in a motorcycle accident. I never heard about this so I asked around. Was told its still around. Alive and kicking. Was told I was welcome to a cut. But passed. Never was really a fan of it. Didn't even ask about seeds. I'll be seeing the guy I spoke with soon. I'll ask him about seeds. And let you know. I agree that it really seems like only the old heads mess with this one any more
    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    MG was a worked sativa, i had it in the early 80's . Can't tell you much about it now though

    jason1976 Active Member

    when i was in gallip[olis i had a strain called elvis supposedly a nl and s skunk hybrid heard of it?

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