Medical seeds 1024??Good strain??

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Ak Zero, May 18, 2009.

    Ak Zero

    Ak Zero Member

    Can someone tell me if this strain is a good medical seed

    It says its the "perfect plant" but idk yet Its weird how it has no name Just
    Medical Seeds 1024 Feminized

    i just ordered it Yesterday and i think its gonna be a god strain ^^ but can any of u guys tell me ur expierience with this strain?
    Dan Halen

    Dan Halen Active Member

    Well, I don't have any expirence with that strain in particular, and judging by what the link showed, it could go either way. Personally, I recommend BC Cheese from Huge yield, great pain relief, and a fairly fast growing for a Sativa dominant plant.

    ILLEGAL NATURE 420 Active Member

    All high grade green is medicinal in someway imo. Put 22 euro for 3 seeds? Seems kinda high.
    Ak Zero

    Ak Zero Member

    Thanks for the reply and I was thinking it was to high aswell but everyone says medical is the best and so it got me tempted :) im prob gonna take pics of it

    kremnon Well-Known Member

    that was gonna be my next purchase from the attitude seed bank. it claims high thc stats im curious to find out.
    i believe it's a haze cross and i love haze
    Ak Zero

    Ak Zero Member

    Yea thats the reason i chose to buy it because its THC: is 20-25 Usually ABove 23 :D

    pidatious Member

    Has anyone got any tips on this strain.:weed:

    ANK Member

    Mine just finished today,results soon to come within the next two far as grow,WONDERFUL.Tough plant,i'll tell ya that. crystals like i've never seen before!

    NewbGrower^.^ Active Member

    Medical seeds have some serious stuff. Growing Channel + right now and it loves to bush out without any training which I love in an Indica. I have popped 6 seeds from them and all showed roots in 24 hours. Great company! I can't say anything about 1024 since I'm an Indica grower. =/

    Tnugz Member

    Growing this stuff now. 4 plants. 3 1/2 weeks from seed today. One of the plants had the main stem pinched or damaged from seed so she's behind the other 3. Tallest one is almost 11" now. Going to 12/12 on Saturday (4 weeks from seed). Plan to harvest in mid December. Giggity.

    Banefoul Member

    any update on that?

    ataxia Well-Known Member

    I've only tried Medical Seeds Co. once with the Hammerhead strain. The plant didn't live up to any of it's claims, alot of different variations in growth in a fem seed pack ( something i haven't seen before). Only positive thing i can say is that the smoke was VERY interestingly potent. The yield ....... i was not impressed with along with other things...
    Da Kewl Guy

    Da Kewl Guy Member

    I bought one seed a year ago, and I still have some very nice girls out of this great mother that gave me delicious buds, a COGNAC of a weed, strong buzz but awake, perfect for me playing music. If you give big room for the roots, the yield gets stunning, heavy colas with nice shiny dust of abundant trichomes. It is also perfect as it grows fast and strong and the cuttings are easy to get rooting. You cant regret trying this strain, nice plants with subtle aroma the smell is just sweet citrus type, red stems holding nice dark green leaves...

    wallis91 New Member

    was looking for info it to nice one

    wallis91 New Member

    anyone got any pics of 1024 harvest?

    Jolly_Green_Giant New Member

    So why bother replying?
    hellmutt bones

    hellmutt bones Well-Known Member

    But shouldnt medicinal strains have a higher cbd to thc content??

    fatburt Active Member

    bc seeds is a scam site!,why would you recommend a known scam site?

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