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Medical Scrog 2.0

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by teddiekgb123, Mar 22, 2011.


    teddiekgb123 Active Member

    Hello all, I'm back....

    I don't know what it is with me and posting part way into my grow but I'm doing it again. I only started flowering a few days ago though, so ya haven't missed much yet. I added another room this time and I'll be growing Red Dragon and Chuck-D in that one under one light on a rail. My light rail actually broke yesterday. I hope they'll send a new one or I'm just going to move it myself twice a day. Still doing H&G nutes and I added Great White and Liquid Karma to the mix. My plants grew really fast last time, but not quite as fast as this time around. I still vegged for the same amount of time(15 days) but the plants are 20% bigger. This time I will actually fill more of the screen with one less plant than before.

    I decided to go with 2/3 Vanilla Kush and 1/3 Bubba Kush in room 1.

    • Day 10 Veg 000_0965.jpg 000_0961.jpg

    • Day 11 Veg 000_0969.jpg

    • Day 11 Veg (after screen) 000_0995.jpg 000_0993.jpg

    • Day 14 Veg 000_1065.jpg 000_1061.jpg 000_1063.jpg 000_1009.jpg
    Bubba kush in 2nd pic and Vanilla kush in 3rd

    • Day 15 Veg 000_1068.jpg 000_1063.jpg 000_1064.jpg 000_1061.jpg

    • Day 1 Flower 000_1071.jpg 000_1077.jpg 000_1073.jpg 000_1075.jpg

    • Day 2 Flower 000_1085.jpg 000_1088.jpg 000_1081.jpg 000_1089.jpg

    • Day 3 Flower 000_1114.jpg 000_1121.jpg 000_1112.jpg
    Switching from MH to HPS, thought the color difference was cool

    000_1133.jpg 000_1129.jpg 000_1131.jpg

    That brings us up to date on room 1. Here's room 2 000_1026.jpg

    000_1024.jpg 000_1029.jpg

    and my mother/clone tent
    000_1022.jpg 000_1048.jpg 000_1055.jpg

    I'm putting my 3 Red Dragon's and 1 Chuck-D in room 2 in the next couple days once I get the table built. I'll post pics when I get em in there. Until then....

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    JealousGreen Well-Known Member

    Excellent.. count me in.

    Iolite is packed with a fresh chamber of sugar kush and I'm ready.

    NorthernLights#5 Active Member

    WOW is all i can say great setup very well done + rep and subbed

    teddiekgb123 Active Member

    Got room 2 up finally. I sometimes forget how long it takes to set up a room. Busted out a 22hr marathon and got her finished up.
    room1.jpg room2.jpg room3.jpg room4.jpg
    table.jpg res2.jpg res1.jpg

    1 Vanilla Kush(far left), 1 Chuck-D(top right), the other 3 are Red Dragon.
    All except the VK clone are from seed. 3 weeks old I believe, grown under flouros.

    Red Dragon


    Everything is going great with the other room. It's on day 10 of flower and the vanilla kush are flowering much quicker than they did going from seed. I'll update that room soon.

    kindone Active Member

    New room looks great man , lets see her fill up.

    Ganjasism Active Member

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    Jozikins Well-Known Member

    Dude, do you know my favorite part about your grows? The funding. It's good to see someone grow and do it legit from the start.

    teddiekgb123 Active Member

    All is well in room #1. The VK's are budding faster than the cheese did last time and the bubba's are just now starting to bud.

    F+5 000_1172.jpg 000_1169.jpg

    F+6 000_1174.jpg 000_1180.jpg

    F+7 000_1192.jpg 000_1200.jpg

    F+11 000_1234.jpg 000_1238.jpg
    Bubba 000_1239.jpg
    Vanilla 000_1240.jpg

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy
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    JealousGreen Well-Known Member

    Looking very nice...

    Do you like scrogging with that chicken wire?

    Jozikins Well-Known Member

    I can almost see it now. This is going to be a choice grow.
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    Great setup. Clean and efficient, not to mention I love ScROGs. A good friend of mine can really pull it off. Great thing to see.

    teddiekgb123 Active Member

    Well, it's the only thing I've ever used so I love it....I think. I would like to get something that's a little softer on the plants though. They get a little ruffed up by the end of the flowering stretch.

    Room#1 - Vanilla & Bubba

    F+12 000_1250.jpg 000_1251.jpg 000_1256.jpg 000_1255.jpg

    000_1272.jpg 000_1283.jpg 000_1274.jpg 000_1275.jpg

    000_1284.jpg 000_1296.jpg 010_1294.jpg 010_1295.jpg
    Cleared out the undergrowth
    000_1290.jpg 000_1291.jpg

    So everything's going great again so far. I did get a few root aphids that some nematodes quickly dealt with. I'm working on some other bug prevention techniques that do not involve putting anything on the plant or in the roots, such as sticky barriers around the legs of my tables, perimeter of room, reservoir and other strategic places to stop those crawling insects that do most of the insect related damage to our plants. My goal, as last time, is to get away with never using pesticides at any point during flower at least, if ever. It worked out last time without anything other than attention to cleanliness. It was winter though, so it's not too impressive. The root aphids reminded me I'll have to step it up a little as it gets warmer.
    As you can see in the pics, I definitely filled up a lot more of the screen than last time and I got some of those tall perimeter branches I wanted. I think the bubba's are done with stretch and I know the vanilla has a little more even though it has slowed down considerably. I think I'm going to stop training them now and let em be a little bigger than last time since I have the spacing to do it.

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    herbdoctor420 Member

    i think im going to use chicken wire after looking at this

    teddiekgb123 Active Member

    Red dragon is a magnesium hungry plant I'll tell you. A few days after I put them under the MH they started showing signs of Mg deficiency and slight heat stress. My ph has been right on so it's not from that being too high or low. So I changed out the res. in case I double dosed part A or B or something and I hooked up the A/C. As of today, 2 of the 3 RD's are still being a little pissy about something, but they all do look a lot better. Freakin MagiCal............it recommends 5-10ml/gal, 10 if you have a deficiency. Thankfully I only added 4ml/gal, being that 4 even raised my TDS 200 points. That just seems ridiculous. Anyone know of an Mg supplement that isn't so hot? The Chuck-D looks beautiful, no problems whatsoever.

    3 Weeks under fluorescent light/3 Days under MH
    The shitty looking, short fellow on the end is a back-up Vanilla that didn't take well.
    000_1244.jpg 000_1247.jpg

    Red Dragon:arrow: 000_1245.jpg Chuck-D:arrow: 000_1246.jpg

    Mg defiencies - Chlorosis / Inward leaf curl and twist(also aided by slightly high heat.83f)
    000_1243.jpg 000_1270.jpg 000_1265.jpg 000_1242.jpg

    Day 6 - Showing pitting in the leaves(RD only)

    Red Dragon:arrow: 000_1305.jpg 000_1302.jpg 000_1304.jpg
    2 of them look like very similar pheno types and the third is a little different. Glad that I have two types.

    Chuck-D:arrow: 000_1303.jpg

    Day 7 - Topped once
    Before:arrow: 000_1320.jpg After:arrow: 000_1323.jpg

    Day 8
    Red Dragon:arrow: 000_1332.jpg 000_1334.jpg 000_1333.jpg
    Chuck-D:arrow: 000_1335.jpg

    Day 11 - Chuck-D far right
    000_1408.jpg 000_1407.jpg 000_1406.jpg 000_1405.jpg

    Day 13 - screen up...
    000_1447.jpg 000_1448.jpg
    000_1450.jpg 000_1451.jpg 000_1452.jpg 000_1453.jpg

    ba..dee...ba..dee...ba..dee.........that's all folks

    OoGaNomiX Active Member

    I dont know about how much PPM it adds. but epsom salt is Mg and usually add 1g/gallon
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    NorthernLights#5 Active Member

    Yet again you blow my mind... very nice

    Jozikins Well-Known Member

    Nematodes huh? I have a friend with a root aphid problem, good tip.

    thrash4ever Active Member

    Subscribed to this thread so I don't miss the action this time around *grabs popcorn. :)

    teddiekgb123 Active Member

    Sry guys, I was pretty sick for a while there and was barely able to take care of my daily "chores" let alone post or take pics. The plants are doing good. A little too good for the vanilla. I don't know what's up, I'm guessing the Liquid Karma, but the vanilla kush hit another period of aggressive stretching and got wayyyyy bigger than last time. The internode spacing is really good though, so it's more like aggressively growing than "stretching". I've also noticed a huge difference in trichome production now that I'm using LK. It's increased the density and size of my trichs pretty dramatically. No wonder the stuff is so expensive. My heart keeps dropping when I look under the leaves and see these random huge trichome heads that appear to be spider mites at first.

    Room#1 - Vanilla & Bubba
    (pic order : Wide, Long, Bubba, Vanilla)

    000_1341.jpg 000_1346.jpg 000_1347.jpg 000_1348.jpg

    000_1350.jpg 000_1357.jpg 000_1359.jpg 000_1362.jpg

    000_1377.jpg 000_1383.jpg 000_1402.jpg 000_1401.jpg

    000_1418.jpg 000_1426.jpg 000_1420.jpg 000_1421.jpg

    Here's the gap from when I was sick. That second stretch for the vanilla also happened in this time and I had to pull a lot of the branches down and tie them to the buckets.

    000_1497.jpg 000_1511.jpg 000_1503.jpg 000_1505.jpg
    Height corrections 000_1516.jpg 000_1519.jpg

    000_1609.jpg 000_1590.jpg 000_1608.jpg 000_1580.jpg
    000_1575.jpg 000_1598.jpg 000_1604.jpg 000_1600.jpg 000_1606.jpg 000_1596.jpg 000_1593.jpg

    Room#2 - Red Dragon & Chuck-D

    F+1 000_1447.jpg 000_1449.jpg 000_1455.jpg

    F+5 000_1462.jpg 000_1467.jpg 000_1468.jpg 000_1469.jpg Last pic is Chuck-D

    Removed one of the Red Dragons that I decided not to keep because of how much Mg it needs, plus the extra room in the screen is nice. Since these are from seed I had to veg them a little longer than I would like so that they would properly transition into flower.

    F+8 000_1572.jpg 000_1570.jpg 000_1563.jpg 000_1562.jpg

    -later guys-

    matatan Active Member

    subbed. love the detail!! i plan on running a scrog flood and drain in a couple months. why you chose topdrip over flood n drain teddie?

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