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Medical Marijuana License Card...anyone have one

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Lacy, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Lacy New Member

    I live in Ontario Canada and am in the midst of applying for my MM card. I've spoken to my GP who has made an appointment for me to see a specialist, since mine retired, on November 14th.

    I know I need the Form B with 2 photos for ID cards. The doctor has to sign the back of one of them.

    I'm quite sure I saw this same specialist 11 years ago. If it is the same doctor he looks really 'old school' and I'm not really sure how to approach the situation.

    Should I go in there with my own research to show him?
    Do I have to get my own history records or do you think he will have them?
    I've never heard anyone explain the process and how they came about getting their card and I'm very interesting in hearing about it.

    Also if and when you get the card and you decide to grow your own(naturally:roll:)how often do they monitor or come by for inspections?

    I would really appreciate any imput anyone has to say about this topic beause I really want to be prepared for this.


    Lacy New Member


    Lacy New Member

    Ok well I have an appointment this november 14th and I am going to keep this as my medical mj journal so that others may follow along. It might be helpful to others also.

    Lacy New Member

    I found out recently that Health Canada is not the only one handing out health cards. A lot of the compassion clubs do also so if this new specialist does not want to sign my forms for whatever reason, I will then go back to my GP and ask him to state my illnesses for the compassion club, sign my photo ID and they will get a card for me.

    I am really excited about all of this. In the end of course it is always about the money. Health Canada wants you to get a card because they want to sell their weed to you but the compassion clubs say don't buy from them 'cause their smoke sucks.
    Having one of these cards qualifies you to either purchase pot of grow your own.
    I just don't offer the information that i want to grow my own until after I get the card.

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    Good luck getting your card Lacy! I wish it was legal here to get one. I have a medical problem that would qualify...

    Lacy New Member

    Are you in a state that doesn't allow it?
    Thanks a lot gardenand cats.

    I called Health Canada again today and found some more things out that I need to know.

    I can either go through health canada and become 100% legal by having my doctor (specialist) sign my forms. I 'm not sure if I have seen this guy before BUT he specializes in one of my disorders.

    I am going with my own research proving that mj is helpful to this 'certain' disorder and will ask that he looks at my records as I have a long medical history. Hopefully this doctor is open minded enough to sign.

    I can take a disclaimer but I was told that it is already implimented in the form.

    My 2nd route to take would be to get a health card from a compassion club. I've spoken to one that is hours away from where I live and have gotten VERY POSITIVE reasons.

    All I have to do if I can't get this specialist to sign is to go back to my GP and ask him to clarify my diagnosis. In other words all he has to do is sign stating that I have been diagnosed with said disorder. He signs the back of my identification photo card and it gets sent in nto the compassion club. I then have an mm card.

    both cards give me the option to either purchase from anyone, health canada, compassion clubs
    OR GROW MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then if all the above fails I still have the option to grow for other people.
    I enquired extensively about this today and found out that although canada has made these new law changes as of august 2007 they don't have the man power to 'inspect' these growers.
    I asked how often they visit to inspect and was told that they don't have anyone yet. They haven't hired anyone!!!!!!!!

    Soooooooooooooo! Another Bonus.
    Eric nash of medicalmarihuana.ca has a big marijuana corporation out in BC and have been growing for 6 years supplying health Canada and other medical patients and have never had an inspection. :shock::clap::clap::shock::clap::shock::dunce::lol:

    Ok I don't know about any of you out there BUT does this not scream oportunity NOW!!!!!!!

    shamegame Well-Known Member

    I don't know what your 'certain' condition is- but it seems you are just trying to cover your grow. Sick people who need it for relief don't say stuff like this. They don't worry about how often they will be inspected. The don't worry about " bonuses " like that... They don't use medical MJ for profit and see the " opportunities " that you are eluding to. Sick people are just looking to make their pain stop ( or lessen ).


    Lacy New Member


    Micheal Kelso

    Micheal Kelso Well-Known Member

    When I got mine I had to jump through some hoops... my GP wouldn't sign it for legal reasons even though he agrees that it helps my condition.

    What I had to do was collect copies of all my medical records, from GP - every specialist I have seen and records for all the physical therapy I have had.. I think they charged me like 10 cents a page, it was like $25.

    Then I took all the records to the cannibus club where there is a doctor that will sign after an office visit. As long as everything is there they will sign it for you. In my state it cost $175 for the office visit and $100 to register my grow room with the state. Then every year I have to renew my registration with the state for $100.

    I would find out what doctor in your area is the one signing cards - there are only 3 in my state that are willing to do it. (that I know of)

    As long as you have legitimate records documenting your condition you will be good to go, they just need to cover thier ass so the government doesn't take away thier medical license.

    Good luck.
    Micheal Kelso

    Micheal Kelso Well-Known Member

    Oh yea, if they need someone to drive around Canada and inspect grow rooms I am available, tell them I'll take the job.


    Lacy New Member

    Seriously...apply to either health canada or Canada Medical Marihuana

    Lacy New Member

    My GP also knows that mj helps. His wife has the same condition as me and I suspect that is why he got inot trouble with the law before.

    He's totally cool about it but I don't want him feeling threatened in any way so I am trying alternative routes.

    I have corresponded with some others about going the compassion club route and they said it was a lot easier so if all this fails I will do that. they assured me that I could grow.

    That is one thing I was unsure about was the cost.
    Did they give you a price upfront for the transactions etc????

    To get all my medical records would be some feat but I am willing to do any and all the paper work to make this happen.

    My doctor wouldn't get into trouble for signing it but because of 'HIS' past his has issues.

    I know I don't have to register my grow room but I do need to apply for a separate license for that.

    Thanks so much for your imput Micheal.
    This was the kind of imput I was hoping for.:mrgreen:

    shamegame Well-Known Member

    I really don't care. But as a patient in California it becomes very easy to spot the real patients from the "300" kids. By 300 I mean all the people that go to the few doctors that will sign a rec. for anyone willing to pay their extremely inflated fee- usually close to 300$.

    The language you used in your post sounds more like what I said than a sick person looking for relief. If I am by some amazing miracle, wrong about you I appologize.

    Being the one guy in the room who is willing to call a spade a spade isn't always easy. But someone has to do it. I do wish you good luck on your growing regardless of it's legality:joint:. You have to understand that here in California I would say at least 35% of the people here with marijuana recs in their pockets are from the 300 crowd. So some of us tend to get fed up with it. I really wish California would just skip straight to a basic grower's license. No medical involvment- just pay your fee and grow without issue.
    Micheal Kelso

    Micheal Kelso Well-Known Member

    I have heard that about California, that almost anyone can get a card if they just fork out for it. I am in Oregon and it is stricter here, they just don't give them to anyone - which is a good thing if we want to keep it around for the people who really do need it.

    I would be pissed if I knew someone who had one that didn't deserve it.

    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    very good, but it is our right to smoke weed if we want to and if the government wants to regulate, cutting into our freedoms then we find other ways of smoking legally and thats where the card comes into play.

    shamegame Well-Known Member

    Then just don't advertise it and you won't catch shit from people:mrgreen:.

    Of course I have no problem with MJ- just like everyone else here. And of course I think it should be legal for everyone. But when you are dealing with this issue- and you see the real patients who are in REAL pain, many of whom are REALLY dying, and of all whom would trade their medical privalges for good health in a heartbeat, this issue isn't so trivial. Especially when abuse may lead to the repeal of medical initiatives in certain states/ countries.

    Lacy New Member

    whatever shamegame. you're an idiot.


    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    I come on this site, to just read around, and enjoy the peace that is shared among the growers. I hate when I see threads break out into arguements, its seriously getting rediuclous guys. Im not picking sides, im just saying people reading this arent going to learn anything from reading you guys fight. Now if you guys want to return to the topic of the thread, optaining a MM card, then that might be usefull to the growing community.

    Peace growers... Peace <3

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    that's what i would have said.:blsmoke:

    i love you

    Lacy New Member



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