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Medical marijuana card or license to grow

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by floridacity2004, Dec 18, 2008.


    floridacity2004 Well-Known Member

    What are the possibilities of retaining a medical marijuana card?
    Now once you get one where is the best place to grow “county?”
    So that you can maximize the grow op

    What are some of the things you have to do to obtain a California grow license?

    now you may want to know why i am asking this well my girlfriend has
    Epilepsy and i really don't want to lose her and i hear that organic is the best way so what is better than marijuana

    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    its not hard at all to get a license in cali....and the best place i know of would be oakland...they have around a 70 plant limit right now....the pacific northwest is also good if you can swipe up a few acres backing up to the redwoods....

    HarvestMaster Active Member

    Get onto your local medical marijuana website and find one that is closest to you....They will let you know what qualifying conditions your need to obtain a license and what exactly you need to do. Cali is good for medical but also oregon and washington just depends on what your wanting to do

    raidercelticfan Well-Known Member

    if she has epliepsy shell get a card no problem, have her call medicann 866-632-6627, oakland is cool 72 in 8x8 area, humbolt is better 99 with no sguare footage delnorte county is also 99, eldorado is also good 10 veg 10 flower and 20 outdoor

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