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Medical help

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by Booboo2016, Feb 25, 2017.


    Booboo2016 Member

    Hi to all. Just asking pain suffers what strains best for good night rest. As I have neck and back problems. Back Wakes me up pain suxs During day time I smoke Malawi Just need night time strain. As I live down under Where still a decade behind. On saying that there allowing it for terminally ill. is Great news for many suffering. Peace out

    ltecato Active Member

    Try an indica or autoflower strain. I've grown two tiny crops of Dr. Feelgood (Short Stuff) and my wife uses it for pain, a lot. Also Granddaddy Purple (GDP) appears to be good for her migraines.

    Sattva Member

    Yes! Indica is good and Itecato is a right about GPD This is always been my go to for pain... You have to know that pot is not this great pain killer... For me to get a whopping four to five hours a sleep at night, I have to take a 10 mg Hydrocodone, a Ambien and a whole lot of smoke... It's true what they say... "Getting old ain't for sissies"

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Have you tried eating cannabis? When you ingest it that way, it takes 1-2 hours to come on, but it lasts much longer so you can sleep all night. It also has more of a body effect, so it will help more with your pain.

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    Sattva Member

    Yes I have... I ate it for a long time until it started upsetting my stomach... But thank you for trying...

    doraneanang New Member

    Ok try 2:1 CBD with low HTC.if it is rare I can tell were to get

    Sattva Member

    Thank you my friend!

    doraneanang New Member

    Do you want to try? bet you it will best for you

    Sattva Member

    I would definitely like to try it... I just don't know where to get it!
    Sarah Lewis

    Sarah Lewis New Member

    You can try indica dominated OG Kush strain.It is known for its high THC level and gives relief against pain and muscular spasm

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