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marijuana + strattera?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by mr.man, May 31, 2008.


    mr.man Well-Known Member

    hi, my son is 16 and hes been takeing straterra since he was 15 ok, he knows im growing and wants to smoke some of my weed but before i let him (iv looked everywhere for this question) does marijuana and strattera interact badly? or will it just do nothing?

    bonz Well-Known Member

    should realy ask a doctor, people here shouldn`t be giving medical advice were not medical doc`s just marijuana doc`s lol

    mr.man Well-Known Member

    i live in america not in amsterdam

    mr.man Well-Known Member

    this is about marijuana, and i thought maybe somone takes it or knows someone who takes it

    AlphaNoN Well-Known Member

    While we aren't doctors, it is a bit awkward, possibly dangerous to actually ask a doc if it's ok to let your kid smoke pot.. There are no physical interactions between marijuana and other drugs, smoking pot isn't going to cause seizures, heart attacks, liver damage etc. But it may have some pharmacological impact (ie. making the stattera less effective.)

    If you want an opinion from someone who's been on ADHD drugs; do your kid a favor and throw that shit away, the ADD epidemic is motivated by a combination of drug company profit margins, the educational system's inability to cope with children that don't fit "the mold", and plain lazy parenting. Whatever the reasons may be, thousands of generations of children grew up without the need for mood altering drugs before the inception of ADHD, we've let a handful of people dictate what a normal child is to the entire world.
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    bleezyg420 Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt let him, unless you want to fuck his life over so he has to spend his lunch money on nugs

    rkm Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%. Now if my child got to that point to where doctors were pushing my child onto that shit, I would decline and go home. Sit down and seriously contemplate letting my kid give weed a try. It certainly cant be anything worse than what the doctor was going to give.

    Hank Well-Known Member

    Letting your kid smoke weed as an alternative to medicine is looked down upon by many. Although it might be more effective with less side effects it's still looked down upon.


    leafysmell Active Member

    I am NO doc but i wouldnt let ur kid SMOKE weed, if anything if i was going to let my kid use weed i would try food cannabis foods for 1 its easier to control the amount he is having. Just a thought.
    sir smokesalot

    sir smokesalot Well-Known Member

    My wife takes adderall which is different chemically, but smoking helps cut down on the moodiness, the shakes from it bieng a stimulant and helps increase her appetite. it is definitely good to help balance out the side effects of the medication.

    if your trying to counteract some of the bad side effects of the meds than it is a good way to go just in my opinion, but you should look into cannabis foods not smoke.

    if he wants to just get high tell to go grow his own:mrgreen:

    makinthemagic Well-Known Member

    Straterra doesn't have a lot of interactions with any legal drugs so I doubt it would cause problems with mj. In my experience w/ mj and adhd drugs, the combination may cause a slightly stronger buzz and changes in appetite and sleeping but nothing serious. I doubt the mj will improve your kid's adhd symptoms and will probably make them worse. Wait on him smoking till he goes to college.

    bleezyg420 Well-Known Member

    I just think its a terrible idea, if he has never smoked before, and your the one showing somthing that you know hes going to love.

    SocataSmoker Well-Known Member

    Nope sure doesn't have any effect, I was on it for a few months around the same age until I called bullshit, and started smoking again. I've been ADHD since I was 6... got of meds for a while at 14, smoked a joint one morning before school and found it worked great for my ADHD... mom tried getting me to take Strattera instead of the ganja but it had no benefits and made me extremely lazy/unmotivated so out it went!

    rkm Well-Known Member

    IMO, when it comes down to weed or some pill manufactured in some lab with who knows what chemicals in it I would lean towards weed if the situation calls for it. I am not condoning giving kids weed or anything but I do condone giving them medicine if they need it. I say sure let them take a toke the first time, if it helps then sure seek other avenues of getting them the THC rather than smoking it. At the same time you can teach the right way to use pot.

    cyks Well-Known Member

    This drug is not like other ADHD medications.
    This drug was marketed toward depression and anxiety and it alters the basic chemical responses within the brain.

    This doesn't make my opinion any more different alphanon's. That stuff will seriously muck up someone's emotional responses and there is absolutely no way it was adequately tested (think zoloft).

    Marijuana might intensify the drowsiness, but that is nothing to be worried about because these two drugs alter the brain in two fundamentally different ways. If anything, your child would feel the effects of MJ more closely than someone not taking jetfuel for neuroreceptors.

    wackymack Well-Known Member

    let ur kid smoke,it has no interactions,im on adhd meds but it will not harm him,it will cause him to relax even more and become slugish

    fishsnacks Member

    Strattera (atomoxetine) is a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor antidepressant medication used in the treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Activity) in children, teens, young adults and adults.

    Unlike Ritalin, it is not a stimulant, working instead on a series of neuro transmitters in the brain -- the neuro-epinephrine system, your body's own stimulants.

    And there is the problem for you right now -- marijuana also works on certain neuro transmiters in the brain...including it is believed the neuro epinephrine system as well as (it is known) the serotonin system.

    We know these drugs like Strattera and the medications for aantidepression like paxil and Prozac (Serotonin reuptake inhibitors) work, but we have very little idea how.

    Any discussion of the mechanics of action of psychotropic medication -- which would includeee Strattera and marijuana in this context -- needs to maintain a healthy respect for our ignorance.

    So should you toke up? Not a good idea until you have been stabilized on your medication, which can take a few weeks.

    Sorry for the downer my friend but give the new medication a chance to reach it's "normal" level before you start smoking again.

    pinkjackyle Well-Known Member

    adhd can b misdiagnosed , if ure kid is pissed at u or ure significant other and wont talk about it maybe its "im gona get back at u syndrome" my experience as a big brother/ mentor , b&g club . best of luck and b a friend a best friend , that doesent necessarily mean let him use cannabis

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