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Marijuana sizes nickle,dime,oz,ect

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by crazyninjakittie, Jan 22, 2008.


    crazyninjakittie Active Member

    I usually don't buy weed and I live n northern cali. i need 2 know how much I can get 4 $25. I only want 2 know about norcal so don't post something from some place lk ny. pics would be nice also of a dimebag. I got 2 buds n a dime that were very very strong. they were about da size of the end of my thumb each. is this right?

    GIJoe8383 Well-Known Member

    25 dollars worth is a 16th of dank or a quarter of schwag....

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member


    crazyninjakittie Active Member

    how much is a gm. i mean is it about 2 buds. also how big is a quarter cuz my friend had a bud da size of a fist with buds filling a ziplock bag. i no he had more than a 1/4. i was told about 25-30 thumb size buds was a quart. idk im confused lots of pics would help me.

    NYCJB Active Member

    It all depends on how dense the buds are, usually a dense gram is about the size of the tip of your thumb. If you get that fluffy shit, I like to call it cotton candy =D it can be almost double.

    goodgreen Well-Known Member

    ur gettin jiped. u should atleast get 1/4 of an oz

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    ya this is right.....bud prices range, but a average price is 50 bucks for an 1/8 of dank......

    manofrainbows Active Member

    well that will not get you much about 2 good bowls if your lucky as it cost more out here than wa where i use to live but norcal is my new residents

    wes87t Active Member

    I have a good idea. Maybe someone can actually weigh these values out, take pics, and then post them up for people to compare to. Of course, weight depends on a lot of factors... but it should help clear up the confusion for the people who keep asking these questions. Also.. don't bother putting up "prices", since price varies with location, and this is the internet, so yeah....

    I dunno, or you can just totally ignore this post.

    SpyderWhite17 Active Member

    sounds like whoever asked this is like 13 years old cuz they are trying to be cool using "da" and if you are of age to post on here you would know by experience no wouldnt try to act all gangster
    words are mouth fulls, actions split skulls

    DrGreenFinger Well-Known Member

    "...act all gangster..."??? wow! did ya read HER name? zat wut it iz wen ya shortn words, gangsta? ;-)

    crazyninjakittie Active Member

    i just wanted some real help. because ive seen alot of varations in the sizes of bags. one guy i got half a bag full and another i got a handfull. it pissed me off because i knew it wasnt a 1/4 but i didn't know by how much. it looked like a small 8th. i got hella mad and ended up getting my weed. i can't always have a scale though so i have 2 guess. i buy with other people because he likes 2 do shit like this.

    IslandBoy Active Member

    You forgot about Lids...are you old enough to know what a lid is?

    Prices may vary, some settling of contents may occur during shipping.

    crazyninjakittie Active Member

    im not 13! im over 18 and i also use a mmid. a lid is a mason jar full right? like an half o 2 an ozzee. i usually buy 8th 2 an 1/4 though. the most ive had would b 1lb but i grew it. i usually grow so i dont have 2 pay. its weird. diffrent dealers give diffrent ammounts. i grow now so i dont have 2 pay at all. does anyone in norcal want 2 buy. i got hookups i grow. $10gm for purple starz. i made it from purple natzi from germany and a potant sensi star mix called morning star. its good!

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    Here we go, let me break down my scheme for you. Every once in a while I'll buy an ounce and sell it. These are my set prices, but they can fluctuate depending on how well I know a person or how much I like them. Keep in mind that I'm a pretty generous person.

    Nickels - 0.3 grams
    Dimes - 0.62 grams
    Dubs($20) - 1.32
    $45 - 3.5(Eighth)
    $80 - 7.0(Quarter)

    DrGreenFinger Well-Known Member

    pretty cheap. what strain?

    DrGreenFinger Well-Known Member

    you're kidding, right? tell me u r not trying 2 sell 2 strangers here.:confused:

    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    wooow you're a genius, trying to sell weed to people on a CANNABIS GROWING FORUM. We don't need your weed stop trying to be like your favorite rapper.

    I really doubt you're over 18, trust.

    crazyninjakittie Active Member

    im just saying if your up there ask for me. i can make discounts because i hate the price of weed. i get some free so i share. i just want to share some good cheap weed. im sorry sometimes i smoke my bong and then get on this site. i was just trying to make weed a easier thing to buy. in my area its $10gm for good weed.we love our neighboors and we sell honest amounts. my dealer usally has a scale and gives me a .6 more on little bags and a gm more on big bags.oh yeah fuck off! im 18 and weed is illegal!

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    Just got some trainwreck. Pretty bomb, just smells a little funny. I don't sell weed to make a profit, I sell it to hook up people that don't have the same connections to good bud as I do. A profit is nice, though.

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